A bit nervous about Poly....

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by NicoleK1974, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. NicoleK1974

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    Jun 13, 2012
    We stayed last year and loved it!
    My Mom called this afternoon saying she was reading all kinds of bad reviews from the last month or two about the "musty" smells, leaking mini fridges, overall dirty and disrepair of the rooms.
    One particular in Hawaii where we are staying.
    Please tell me these are just a bunch of negative Nellie's trying to crab about things.
    What are the chances of getting to change a LVR, 1st or 3rd floor room in Hawaii if there are major issues? Or would you just bring it up to the club level staff to have it remedied (musty smells, dirty, etc)
  2. kathie859

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    Jul 19, 2005
    OP, everyone has an opinion. Poly has a lot going for it (location, location, location) and the boat to the MK drops you right by security. Very, very convenient. The grounds are nice. Some people LOVE it for these reasons.
    I never noticed any "musty" smells--but did notice a few less than impeccable areas. (Think sticky tables, handrails, litter in hallway)

    Now for the bad. The Hawaii building is a mess. It's old, dated, worn--and the rooms are dark. The food in the CL is poor. The CL food service CM's are perfectly happy to allow dirty tables sit. Would I stay there again? Maybe--but only if they update the rooms and improve the food offerings. I just expect more bang for my buck. Our last stay @ WDW was this past late October. Our rooms (we had two) were on the main level with a nice patio seating area. My only other CL WDW experience is at the BWI and there is no comparison between the 2 resorts. I'd LIVE at the BWI!
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  4. shalom

    shalom DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2010
    You'll probably get more responses to questions about the Poly if you post to the Disney Resorts board. ;)

    When are you going? You're more likely to be moved when they have a place to move you, and more likely to be stuck with an iffy room if the resort is packed. While upgrades certainly happen, odds are you'll be moved to a room of the same level if they can do it.

    If you're club level you can ask the club level staff about those sorts of issues, but they may direct you to the front desk, I dunno. I would go to the front desk for that sort of thing, myself, but I'm not sure how Disney concierge works.

    I would tend to put more weight on your own experience last year that I would on reviews on the Internet -- there may be a particular room that's a problem (which you are not likely to end up with), or the complainers may not like the way the Poly smells. :p

    I admit I have heard rumblings about the Poly looking a bit shabby; OTOH, it's getting new soft goods this year, I think. There's a Poly thread in the Disney Resort Board you could ask at:


    Unless they have some bad news I don't know about, it seems to me that if you really liked it last year, you'll probably enjoy it again a year later. :)

    EDIT (Simulposted):

    Ouch. Looks like it may not be a bunch of Negative Nellies after all! :rotfl:
  5. NicoleK1974

    NicoleK1974 Mouseketeer

    Jun 13, 2012
    Sorry.....I didn't realize I put it in this thread....
    Don't know why I did it....I'm a dummy! :)
  6. spiceycat

    spiceycat dvc-blt

    Oct 26, 2000
  7. Brian Noble

    Brian Noble His Curmudgeonly Highness

    Mar 23, 2004
    Name any hotel---Disney or not---or for that matter restaurant, attraction, or show, and I can find dozens and dozens of scathingly bad reviews.

    But, at least in the Poly's case, there are also scads and scads of people who've had perfectly wonderful vacations there. It's true that sometimes unpleasant things will happen with housekeeping, etc., but if it does, give Disney a chance to fix it. Normally, they are happy to do so.

    And, yes, if you haven't posted the question on the Disney Resorts board, you should---there will be a lot more people there to give you their perspectives.

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