8/3/02-8/12/02 Dining- no reviews (yet)


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Mar 17, 2002
Just a quick rundown of where we ate. These aren't reviews yet, just a schedule. Reviews are coming soon.
Beaches & Cream for Lunch (btwn Y/BC)
Portobello Yacht Club for Dinner (DTD)

Quick B'fast at GF Concierge
Cinderella's Royal Table for Lunch (MK)
'Ohana for wedding rehearsal dinner (Poly)

The gents had b'fast at Chef Mickey's (Contemporary) while the gals had light b'fast at the GF Concierge
Lunch was a combination of our wedding cake/champagne and the GF Garden View tea service (GF)
Dinner was in the Private Dining room at Victoria and Albert's (GF)

Quick B'fast at GF Concierge
Lunch at Tusker House (AK)
Dinner was at Flying Fish (BW)

Quick B'fast at GF Concierge
Lunch at Tempura Kiku (Epcot)
Dinner at Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table (GF)

Quick B'fast at WL Concierge
Lunch at Brown Derby (MGM)
Dinner was at Citrico's (GF)

Quick B'fast at WL Concierge
Lunch at Concourse Steakhouse (Contemporary)
Dinner at Fulton's Crab House (DTD)

Quick B'fast at WL Concierge
Lunch at Coral Reef (Epcot)
Wine tasting at German Pavillion (Epcot)
Dinner at Bistro de Paris (Epcot)

Breakfast at Donald's Breakfastosaurus (AK)
Lunch at Rose & Crown (Epcot)
Dinner was at Jiko (AKL)

Breakfast at Boma's Buffet (AKL)
Lunch at the airport :(

I believe that's everything.
You've listed several I'm trying myself this time....I'm looking forward to your reviews.:)
Can't wait for the reviews, it sounds like you ate like a king. We're trying a bunch of these places on our trip in September, V&A's being the big treat.

Originally posted by The Chief
Sounds like you spent a FORTUNE!!!;)

Heh. Well, 8/5 was our wedding, so we had to do it up big- Private V&A room, tea, chocolate-covered strawberries on the Grand I Yacht for a fireworks cruise, etc. 'Ohana was paid for graciouly by my parents as the rehearsal dinner. From 8/7 through 8/11 we were on the Deluxe Magic plan. We had originally scheduled the V&A Chef's Table for Tuesday, since we were off plan (V&A is not covered by the DM plan) and were to eat at Flying Fish later on when we the DM plan went into effect.

Well, two weeks before we were set to leave, we got a call from V&A informing us that the restaurant had been bought out the night of our Chef's Table visit and we needed to reschedule. We were not please because the only time we could do it was when the plan was in effect, and thusly we'd have to pay for an unplanned meal.

Suffice it to say, several cast memebrs worked some serious magic and everything came out OK. But yes, we had been saving for this vacation and meals for quite a long time. The recap will list food costs as well, in case any of you have similar plans.

Any questions in the meantime, I'd be happy to field them or incorporate answers into our report.
Wow!!!! I can't wait to read your reviews! You ate at some wonderful places!

Congratulations on your marriage!

:earsgirl: Krissy

What a great week! Congrats on your wedding!
I can not wait to read your reviews
Add me to the list of those eagerly awaiting your reviews--.

V&A "bought out" one evening?? Now THAT must have cost a fortune!!!


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