2022 cruise release?


Oct 9, 2000
Does the Wish starting to sail that summer impact anyone’s choice of booking in the Spring?
yes. I was thinking late April early May. But now I’m looking at late February early March. I don’t cruise in the summer months except I did depart once on August 31st. Too many kids and prices out of my budget. I’ll be looking at Wish when the prices are better than summer prices.

Ila Sikorski

Earning My Ears
Jul 3, 2017
Does the Wish starting to sail that summer impact anyone’s choice of booking in the Spring?
Yes, we were going to book a 7 night SWDAS in January or February but will now just be booking a 3 or 4 night and saving a longer sailing for hopefully fall on the Wish. If they start with 3/4 nights out of PC on the Wish, we’re hoping to book a B2B.


DIS Veteran
Mar 2, 2018
Does the Wish starting to sail that summer impact anyone’s choice of booking in the Spring?
There is a chance that they might send Fantasy over to Europe (along with Magic) for the summer. (Wish will then take over Fantasy's itineraries in the Caribbeans.) They haven't yet released Fantasy's sailings past April.

Two ships in Europe will possibly open up a ton of new itineraries on that side of the pond.

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  • jdb in AZ

    It could end up curdled
    Feb 11, 2011
    We're looking forward to the Wish but will wait til after that first summer when the kids are back in school and (hopefully) the prices will be tad lower, and the "kinks" will have been worked out.

    Sure hope their itineraries will be at least a week long.

    tink too

    DIS Veteran
    May 27, 2005
    So excited to see these sailings are going on sale soon! Now to try to convince DH to take a DCL cruise again...

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  • FigmentSpark

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 9, 2016
    Esp if they continue with the way they are doing it now. In BC, due to Covid, they have broken down the high school into 4 terms instead of 2 semesters, meaning they get 2 classes every ten weeks. So missing a week means they miss a LOT. If they continue with this for the 2021/ 2022 school year, we can kiss our November 2021 cruise goodbye as she would miss too much.
    If they are doing quadmesters in 2022, it will be because people still need to social distance. For me, that would mean I probably wouldn't be cruising, either. Book and hope for the best.


    Dec 22, 2017
    I just re-booked our Jan 25th sailing to 2022. I was waiting to see if Disney cancelled so we could get the OBC, but we have a small window of availability to sail and I didn’t want to risk missing it. Good luck to everyone hoping to sail soon and to those booking 2022 cruises.
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