2019 park hours?????


Mar 24, 2002
I have a feeling this has been discussed but I cannot find it anywhere.

We are heading to wdw for family trip #8 June 14, 2019. It has been 4 years since our last trip.

As many will note from my previous food reviews, I like to plan ahead. My strategy is very heavy on determining sit down meals and getting them booked early. I then work everything from counter serve to fast passes around that because we know where we will be on various days.

The problem I am having is that they seem to only be showing park hours 6 months out exactly. I will be booking in the middle of December for our trip and need to know what is open when for the next 9 days also.

I am worried more than usual because it seems like we are leaving right at the time wdw switches to summer hours so I cannot look at previous weeks to be 100% sure which parks are open early on a given day of the week.

Does anyone know where I can find this or will i just have to take an educated guess based on the previous week and just make changes on the fly for the 9 days after my booking window opens?

Thanks for your help in advance!


DIS Veteran
Jun 19, 2015
Disney can and WILL change park hours right up until the week before. (Sometimes in the summer, the day before)
All you can do is look at historical evidence, and follow a few planning websites.
Ie, Touring Plans.
We all struggle with this, I think everyone pretty much figures out where they want to be based on their 180 day info and works from there.


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