2-way Radios and Walkie talkies?



About the 2-mile range 2 way radios, just wondering how many of you brought them along to use in the parks. Were you even able to? Did you have a lot of interference and noise?
We used the Motorola Talkabouts with subchannels. They worked great in the parks and at the resorts. We just worked out a code and rang each other. Great when we let the older two kids go off on some rides across the park while we took the 3 yo on rides in Fantasy Land.
I know I've read some other posts about the radios and that you should have the subchannels. DH just bought some and I don't think they do. So my question is, will we still be able to use them for an occasional touch base? What we've done with cell phones in the past is to leave them off until a pre planned time (e.g. we'll touch base at 3PM) Then at 3pm we turn them on and leave them on until we get ahold of each other. Just helps us to synchronize a meeting time later. If other people are on a channel, can we cut in and talk in between them? (We Wouldn't be rude, but as a said, just a quick touch base) I'm worring we'll designate a channel and not be able to get a work in egdewise and not know how to switch to another channel.) Any ideas?
With the sub codes you only hear those people on that channel and code. Without it you hear everyone on the channel all codes and no codes.

It will work but you will hear more noise.


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