2 more parks


Mar 21, 2001
i heard something that with the land universal has bought they will be building 2 more theme parks on it is this true? I hope it is true i would love to see 2 more universal parks.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!!
:D :D
It's almost confirmed that there will be at least one more theme park, on the 2000+ acres of land they bought from Lockheed Martin. The original plan when they were designing IOA was to have 4 parks. I think they're not confirming that since they want to see what the market will bear. With rumors of a 5th Disney park, a Six Flags park, a park near Beltz's (sp?)Factory Outlet mall with some new coasters, it could be a pretty crowded field.

There's been some rumors about the next park being a Universal's America (similar to Disney's America) park, but I haven't heard anything recently. Expect more resorts, golf courses, and more nighttime entertainment complexes on the new land.

Seeing that Universal Creative just moved it's offices to Orlando from California, means that things could be on the move shortly. :eek:
Don't expect to see any "new" parks on that property for several years. There's a tremendous amuont of development work going on now, but none of it has anything to do with park construction.

FYI - Creative doesn't make the move until July 1. They're focus is closing out Osaka and expansion in Spain. You will see expansion in the existing parks before there's any thought of starting another park.
The speculation I've heard about the Martin Marietta site has more to do with hotels than theme parks. The site is near the Convention center and one of the big gripes of attendees at events there is the lack of nearby hotels.

Golf courses are another good bet.

I also recall hearing something about toxic cleanup needing to be done at the site. (It was an aerospace factory after all.) Earl may know more.o

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Orlando: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
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yes i heard about the toxic cleanup also they said they wouldnt be done cleaning it up until around 2004

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D
i was just wondering universal said they will have 2 more hotels after thr royal pacific resort would they be on the first property area or the 2000 acre property?

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!
:D :D
That would be neat!



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