2-Bdrm Dedicateds at BCV???

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
I just read on another thread that all of the 2-Bdrms at BCV were expected to be Lock-offs. This was a specific question I asked my guide on February 3rd and he told me he had that information but couldn't find it at the time I asked him. He said from his memory it was something like 74 dedicated 2 bdrms and 76 lockoff 2 bdrms or the other way he didn't remember exactly but said it was something like that. This was a major factor in my purchase because I didn't want either of my two kids to have to sleep on a pull-out because I knew there would be arguing. Does anyone know this answer for sure??? Thanks.
I was told that BCV will have dedicated 2BR's (as does VWL), but I don't know how many villas will be this way. The room models we saw on the tour of BCV look great. The changes made make a nice difference!

i am looking at buying from the bcv and just got the plans from disney.. my question is what is a lock out?
First, welcome to the DIS! If you have any questions along your DVC journey, read the FAQ and feel free to ask on these boards. We're a helpful bunch!

A lockout - or lockoff as it is also sometimes called - is just a different configuration for the two bedroom units. The two bedrooms are essentially a one bedroom plus a studio connected together in all the DVC properties. There are two configurations: a lockoff, where the two rooms are connected with a locking door (much like adjoining hotel rooms) and a dedicated, where they are simply connected with a doorway.

In the case of the lockoff the room could be split up into a studio and a one bedroom upon demand. Or, some people renting a two bedroom with perhaps friends or other adult family members may wish to have the option of dividing the rooms but still remaining neighbors or to keep the ability to gather in the common living area but keep the bedrooms and baths private.
The other differences in a lock-off vs a dedicated is that a lock-off has a pull out sofa and a queen bed and has a doorway to go out into the hallway of the resort since it could be used as as seperate studio. The dedicated 2-bdrm has 2 queen beds and does not have a door to go into the hallway of the resort. I don't remember for sure, but I don't think the dedicated 2 bdrms have the extra microwave and fridge either.
I don't remember for sure, but I don't think the dedicated 2 bdrms have the extra microwave and fridge either.

No, they do not.

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