11 month booking window for early Dec dates


Earning My Ears
Feb 9, 2019
Hello new friends! I'm a newbie looking for some advice. I want to buy 100 points through the resale market. I've narrowed it done to Poly, BWV or BRV. We like to go the first week or two in December. I have learned that that is a very busy time to book DVC. Would I have problems booking a studio villa with any of these 3 properties right at the 11 month window? Thank you!


Nov 1, 2014
Possibly yes. Combine the most requested type of villa (studio) with the busiest DVC time and you may need to 'walk' your reservation to ensure you get your room. Poly has the most studios but many bungalow points are chasing those rooms.


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Aug 19, 1999
The first week of December is THE highest DVC demand week of the year at WDW, and the second week is the third highest (Christmas week is second). Moreover, studios have the highest demand of all size rooms during that and other times.

An owner of a resort can book up to 7 nights starting online at 8 a.m. eastern, 11 months out from date of arrival. You can add nights thereafter if you want more than a week. If you own at Poly or BRV, it is likely you will be able to get a studio for first week of Dec (or second week) as long as you book 11 months out, preferably at 8 a.m. eastern when online booking begins. BWV could have issues. BWV has standard view (which is lower cost), boardwalk view, and pool/garden view booking categories. Pool/garden rooms are the vast majority of rooms. For first two weeks of Dec, standard view and often boardwalk view studios can book full within moments after the 11 month window opens at 8 a.m. In other words, getting one of those for that time period can often depend on whether your computer communicates faster with Disney's computer than others at exactly 8 a.m. at 11 months out. Moreover, even pool/garden view studios can sometimes disappear at 11 months out for some of the days during that period, although those usually last for some time after 8 a.m.


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May 3, 2012
If you hope to spend most of your Decembers at BRV, then I would suggest making BRV your home resort.


Earning My Ears
Feb 9, 2019
Thanks for the great info everyone! I knew it would be tricky but not so "close to the wire scary" tricky. BRV is our favorite resort for Christmas decorations and the other 2 were in the mix due to locations and 2 showers at Poly. Luckily those 2 weeks aren't the only time we have available to go. Leaning towards BRV!


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May 3, 2004
If you are looking at a high interest week, the purchase where you want to stay is the best option.
That gives you the ability to reserve at 11 months. Does that mean you can get exactly what you want, probably not, but you have a really good chance if you pay attention to dates.
If you try to reserve at the 7 month window, its probably not going to work.


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