1. SouthFayetteFan

    The Intersection of FIRE and Disney

    So a bunch of us that hang out on the "I Love Credit Cards" thread here on the DIS are also chasing FIRE. I figured I'd create a thread where we could discuss where love of Disney and FIRE intersect (we'll see how this goes, lol!) For those that don't know what FIRE is: 1) People who are or...
  2. Campfire-Movie Area at the Beach Club

    Campfire-Movie Area at the Beach Club

    Night time sing-a-long, camp fire and movie area at the Beach Club - Yacht Club. Located right next to the Flying Jib slide and straight out from the Beach Club Crescent Lake Entrance walkway. Start times vary slightly by time of year.
  3. Aloha show - Fire dancer

    Aloha show - Fire dancer

  4. FotLK fire man

    FotLK fire man

  5. Fire Station

    Fire Station

  6. Festival of The Lion King

    Festival of The Lion King

  7. Indiana Jones and Marion

    Indiana Jones and Marion

    I took this at the finale of the Indiana Jones stunt show. I personally love how Indy and Marion are shadowed against the fire and plane. It's a great show!
  8. Remember Indy Flames

    Remember Indy Flames


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