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  1. A

    Disney in November

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this page, and I’m hoping to get some insight from you all! We have a trip booked for Disney world November 8-18th but are considering moving it to later in November due to Jersey week and wine and dine I think it is? Do you think we are fine keeping those dates as far as...
  2. A

    Tips for tent camping in August?

    We’re planning a trip in August and were wondering if you have any tips on staying cool in the tent at night. We’re thinking of bringing fans, and figured it would help. This is the only month we’re able to go, so any tips you have would be great! Thank you!
  3. D

    Christmas in January????

    CP Alum here! I'm bringing a friend with me just after New Years and Christmas is her favorite- just wondering if any Christmas things will still be going the weekend of the 4th/5th? Frozen Holiday Wish, will they be playing Christmas music, sunset seasons greetings etc....
  4. mickey765

    Tips on Touring Strategy!!

    We are going to MK for one afternoon as a cruise ship excursion in March 2020 for a party of 4. My estimates on time is 1:15 to 7:30. Fastpasses: 1:30 - Space Moutain, 2:30 - Jungle Cruise, 3:30 - Peter Pan's Flight (will this be too difficult to get 30 days out?) 1:15 - Laugh Floor Space...
  5. J

    Had Some 3D Printed Wall Mounts For Mickey Ears Made

    Worked with a local 3D printer to come up with these beauties for my ear collection.
  6. G

    2 year olds and the Parks...

    Looking to bring my daughter to Disney for her 2nd birthday (with friends with a 2 year old as well) next September. We are booking our DVC resort soon, but we have yet to use our DVC membership yet. Our “Home” is Animal Kingdom Lodge. From what I can gather, seems like a good choice for the...
  7. T

    Questions in regards to the DCP

    I already posted this on Reddit but I figured I'd post it on here as well to get as many opinions as possible Hello, So I mostly made this account just so I could ask questions about the DCP. I am currently a sophomore in college and next year for my junior year, it is required that I do an...
  8. B

    Baby Centers WDW

    Hey everyone, just wanting to get an idea of the prices inside the baby centers? We are taking my what will be an 8 month old at the end of this month. Just trying to get an idea. Thanks!!
  9. J

    Disney World Universal Split Trip

    We are headed to Orlando for a family trip (2 adults, & kids; 12, 11, 8) next year. We went a couple of years ago but only did Disney; this time we are making it a long trip and want to work in Universal as well. I need help figuring out the logistics of it all. We do not want to stay on...
  10. M

    Disney Field Trip for College Science Club Advice

    Hey guys, I recently joined my school's science club and should become president in the fall. I am considering having the club do a Disney tour that is science-related. Currently, the club consists of engineering, physics, life science, and health science majors. So far the tours I have found...
  11. C

    First trip back for a while, couple questions/advice seeking, Galaxys edge opnions

    First time posting on here. I have been to Disney my whole life but with recent years my anxiety has gotten alot worse and this trip is going to be a big one with its going to be celebrating my birthday the first day we go to the parks as well as my first big trip being a man ( i'm female to...
  12. Heatherhy01

    Our "We're with the band" Trip!

    Hi everyone!:hippie: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather, 44 year old Mom of 2 daughters, married to her first love for 20 years this year and all around Disney lover! I love all things Disney but my favorite all-time character would have to be that little purple...
  13. M

    What day would be best to attend MVMCP?

    We have 3 parties during our trip. We ruled out the Friday but we are stuck on choosing Thursday, 12/12 or Sunday, 12/15? What day would be better based on experience? We never went before and super excited.
  14. A

    Would I be entitled to the DAS

    Hiya! I was wondering anyone could help me Long story short I have LQT which is a heart condition (it doesn’t effect my ability to use most of the Disney rides yay) but does leave me feeling exhausted very quickly. I plan for this accordingly with well spaced out fast passes and all my meals are...
  15. J

    Disney World March 2020

    Hey all! New to the boards. Huge fan of DIS Unplugged! Was hoping to get some advice for an early visit in 2020 for 4 adults. My dad has a business trip to Orlando from Feb 23 - 26th. We have scheduled a few Disney stays around these business trips in the past and I'm trying to find the least...
  16. Meghannprincesspie

    DLCP Reunion PTR

    Hello! My name is Meghann and this is my first PTR/TR! Who: Meghann (Me) AKA: Meg-hann Solo I am a 25 year old high school English teacher. I did a college program at Disneyland in spring 2013. Jordan AKA: Jor-Jor Binks Jordan is a 28 year old insurance agent. She also was in the Spring...
  17. P

    The waiting for Disney blues

    Just venting...the last time I was able to go to Disney was in 2002. My fiancé and I are getting married in July. Due to budget constraints, we are going to wait to go on our Disney World honeymoon/anniversary trip. With all of the upcoming changes (rumored and otherwise) for the MK 50th and...
  18. A

    Seeking Disney employees past and present to answer one question for INSIDER article

    Hi all! I'm a writer with INSIDER looking for Disney employees past and present to tell me the ONE Disney souvenir you think is actually worth buying and why. Please let me know if I can use your first name/location in the article, or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. And please let me know...
  19. Main St. Gals

    Gift cards in parks

    I just saw a Madame Leota gift card on instagram and the poster said they found it by HM. Does anybody know if you can buy just the gift card without loading money to it and if there are anymore fun and unique gift cards circulating in the parks? Thanks so much!
  20. Main St. Gals

    Main Street and Mickeys and Mermaids, oh my!

    Hello, Disboards world! I've got a lot of Disney excitement and I can't keep it contained, so I figured a little pre-trip post would help vent some of that steam! Our upcoming trip is at the beginning of September and our giddiness is getting hard to contain! In the past years, we've flown. Not...


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