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  1. cbg1027

    New FL Resident Ticket Special Question

    I am considering purchasing one of these new FL Resident tickets: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/special-offers/florida-resident-disney-magic-flex/ BUT...it says "can be used at any one of our 4 theme parks on non-consecutive days throughout the offer period". Non-consecutive days?!?!?! So...
  2. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Walt Disney World Reopening & Discounts | 07/13/20

    In this episode, John and Kevin discuss the reopening of Walt Disney World, including their experience at the reopening, along with current discounts for those looking to plan a Walt Disney World Vacation!
  3. P

    Disney World MUST-HAVE Breakfast

    My husband and I are going to Disney World in January. Since Epcot is not opening until 11 am (based on park hours on disney.com), we want to go to a table service breakfast in the morning before rope drop. We have never had Disney breakfast anywhere (besides food court at Port Orleans...
  4. P

    Disney World MUST-HAVE Breakfast

    My husband and I are going to Disney World in January. Since Epcot is not opening until 11 am (based on park hours on disney.com), we want to go to a table service breakfast in the morning before rope drop. We have never had Disney breakfast anywhere (besides food court at Port Orleans...
  5. MiraclesTakeTime

    Good Neighbor Hotels

    We have a on-site vacay package booked this fall, but with looking our dining package deal, and looking at re-booking next year, I'm trying to figure out what the point is at re-booking on-site? If there's no dining plans and no discounts, and I can't transfer my 35% discount... It seems like i...
  6. J

    Bar Package Question

    For any past Disney Brides...I’m planning on a 4 hour reception and I asked my consultant this question, but she was not very clear. If I have a 4 hour bar package and use an hour for the pre reception that leaves me with 3 hours for the reception so will Disney allow me to close the bar for an...
  7. J

    Disney Wedding Pre-Reception Venue Fee?

    To anyone who has had a wedding Disney World, do you know if I would have to pay a separate fee for the venue? I'm planning on getting married in the Wedding Pavilion and have my reception at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms. My consultant told me that my pre-reception would be held in the...
  8. S

    How long should I budget for Oga's?

    Hi, I will be traveling to Disney World mid to late January 2021. I'm hoping to secure a 5pm reservation at Oga's Cantina when my reservation window opens. I'm also planning a dinner reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-in around 6:15 (assuming they do bookings in 15 minute increments). Do you think I...
  9. G

    The Future of Fingerprint-Biometric Scanners at the Disney Parks

    Does anyone think that Disney will remove the fingerprint-biometric scanners or let guests forgo scanning fingers when Walt Disney World reopens?
  10. D

    Has anyone else been told to keep their reservation?

    Hi all, I spoke with WDW Reservations yesterday about my 10 day stay in mid-May. I was inquiring about moving it, what would and wouldn't change. I expressed it would be a hassle to re-book all the extras but I would rather get a start on it so I dont miss out on reservations and what I could...
  11. DisneyFansInNYC

    Dapper Dans video posted on Instagram

    I just watched this video of the Dapper Dans singing on Instagram and found it on Youtube. It gave me the chills and wanted to post it to bring a smile on people's faces as we need this. Enjoy these wonderfully, talented Dapper Dans.
  12. J

    Returning ShopDisney merch to Disney Parks?

    I ordered a WDW hoodie on ShopDisney but it is way too big. The tags are still on it, and it hasn't been used. I have a trip coming up to WDW in just over a week. Will Disney Parks stores like the World of Disney allow me to exchange the hoodie in-store for a smaller size? I know they sell it...
  13. R

    First time Disney family (2023 with 5&7 y/o)

    Hello! I stumbled upon this today and I know I’m crazy early, but I’m planning a 2023 vacation to Disney World. My kids will be 5 and 7 and since it is in 2023, I’d love to get some insight now on how long we should plan on going for and everyone’s must-do experiences for younger kids. Is this...
  14. J

    New 🐝— WDW car rental different drop off location

    Hello, This is our first trip to WDW, Florida . We booked tickets to Tampa , I need to rent a car at Disney world and return it at Tampa airport after 2 days roaming around Orlando, not sure I need to pay extra $ at Disney than renting at airport . Is it ok to return the car in different...
  15. Emie06

    Disney World first-timer and first solo trip ever

    Hello! I've always wanted to try travelling solo and I love Disney so I've decided to celebrate my 30th birthday at Disney World!!! I've been to Disneyland twice with my fam and I LOVED every single second I spent there. But I haven't been to Florida, so that makes me a bit nervous, oh and did...
  16. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Traveling to Disney as an Adult with Special Needs | 02/03/20

    Fans of the DIS Unplugged may remember a very popular episode from 2011 featuring Tracey Heinrichs' son Ben in which he talked about traveling to Walt Disney World with special needs. In this episode, Ben returns after many years to talk about how he visits Disney now as an adult!
  17. P

    Frequency of New Magic Bands

    Hi all! I’m going to Disney World for the first time this September. I’ve been looking at all the magic band options, both available online and through the store at the park. I like a certain design, but I’m not crazy about it. What is the frequency of new band designs coming out? What I’m...
  18. W

    No longer available

    No longer available
  19. A

    Disney in November

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this page, and I’m hoping to get some insight from you all! We have a trip booked for Disney world November 8-18th but are considering moving it to later in November due to Jersey week and wine and dine I think it is? Do you think we are fine keeping those dates as far as...
  20. A

    Tips for tent camping in August?

    We’re planning a trip in August and were wondering if you have any tips on staying cool in the tent at night. We’re thinking of bringing fans, and figured it would help. This is the only month we’re able to go, so any tips you have would be great! Thank you!


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