direct purchase

  1. pkrieger2287

    Rumor: Disney Vacation Club Sold-Out Resort Prices on the Rise

    Disney Vacation Club sold-out resort prices are on the rise, with Grand Californian going to $295 per point!
  2. Apeters430

    Minimum for direct benefits raising on 10/1

    Was told today that the minimum for blue card is raising to 125 points on 10/1. I’m sorry but WHAT??!! What are they thinking?? Most direct benefits are absolutely useless right now. You can not even buy an annual pass if you’re a new member. I kindly told my rep “No Thank You” and went back to...
  3. L

    Riviera Direct

    Would any of you be tempted to purchase Riviera direct? $25 off per point for 200 pts or more. It amounts to not much more than the SSR contract I was looking at direct. I’ve been pretty certain I would stay away from RIV but the rooms look beautiful in the videos I’ve seen. I know I would...
  4. I

    What's the best way to purchase Direct combined with Resale DVC?

    I have been trying to sort through all of the info on how the direct and resale work and specifically how they work together. I am interested in buying DVC, but would like to purchase 100 direct for the perks but save on the rest of the points by purchasing Resale. I know there is plenty of...
  5. L

    DVC resale/availability question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying DVC, and have looked at both resale and direct (and a combo of both). I thought about doing direct to maintain the benefits and potential for booking at riviera/future resorts. However, it seems that only members with certain resorts as their home resort will...
  6. R

    Direct Purchase Old Resorts

    Hi, I was looking for 200 direct points for one of the old resorts. I am purchasing cash no finance. If Disney have the 200 points I was wondering if I should ask if these could broken down into x2 100pt contracts, but looking for advice if this is advisable or not, or even if they can break...