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Will I be disappointed with Wonder?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by cmyers2, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. cmyers2

    cmyers2 Earning My Ears

    We have only cruise the dream with its great kids club and aqua duck. Will we be disappointed with the wonder?
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  3. kapoof

    kapoof Mouseketeer

    I am kinda wondering the same thing.. My problem is we cruised cl on the dream but the wonder and magic don't have lounges...big bummer.
  4. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    I think all the ships are great. I think the new ships have the bells and whistles and the older ships have the classic, more cozy feel. If you go into it to compare the Wonder to the Dream, the Wonder can't compete. Sail on the Wonder to see the Wonder and you will have a great time. The perfect ship for me is probably the Magic with the referbishes, but haven't sailed it yet. My second is probably a tie between the Wonder and Dream.

    Hope this helps.
  5. rab1022

    rab1022 Member

    Absolutely Not!

    We had previously only sailed on the Dream 3 times and took the Wonder last February. We had the same concerns going in, but the time and price fit for the Wonder. We came away preferring many aspects of the Wonder over the Dream.

    Like the PP said, the new ships have the bells and whistles, but the Wonder does not lack any of the Disney "Magic". We enjoyed seeing the new shows and the kids still loved the kids rooms. To us, the Wonder felt more personal whereas the Dream always seems a little too crowded and rushed.

    All in all, it is still a DCL cruise!
  6. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

    If you're expecting to be disappointed with the Wonder, you will be.

    The Wonder is still in great shape, and I'd rather cruise to the interesting places she visits than the same ol, same ol Nassau the Dream goes.
  7. scrappinginontario

    scrappinginontario Mouseketeer

    My first cruise was on the Fantasy and the next time we're going on the Wonder.

    I'm choosing to look at it as a whole new WONDERful adventure and see everything this ship has to offer!

    To me it's like trying to compare 2 of the Disney parks. They're all so different and there are things I love about each of them.

    Will board the Wonder with an open mind and be thankful that I'm on a Disney cruise again when I didn't think it would happen!!!

    WDWFANCBIIIME Mouseketeer

    I had only been on the Dream and I just got off the Magic last week and I was incredibly pleased! I know she just got "reimagined" but the thing I liked the most was the classic intimate feel of the ship :) If you have kids I think the clubs especially are better on the classics because there are far less people on the ship!

    Not to say I don't love the Dream (I am sailing on her in October) but we loved the Classic ship so much we rebooked for February 2015 :) Like others have said the ports are generally a lot better on the classic ships too :thumbsup2
  9. ultimate_ed

    ultimate_ed Member

    We went through exactly this path - first cruise last summer on the Dream followed by a New Year's Eve cruise on the Wonder.

    Expectations are certainly key. While the Dream is newer and all, I really came to appreciate how much easier it was to get around on the Wonder with it being shorter and...shorter? No wait - not as long and not as tall as the Dream.

    Certainly the kids clubs are nicer on the Dream, but my kids still had a great time (one Oceaneer aged and the other Edge aged) because of all the other kids they got to hang out with and the activities that went on.

    The one thing that I definitely like better about the Wonder is that the upper forward deck is all ages and not an adult only area like on the Dream.
  10. Tsunami

    Tsunami Earning My Ears

    The Dream was our first DCL cruise and have since been on both the Magic and the Wonder. I would take the smaller ships any day as I'm not a big fan of crowds and the Dream felt so much more crowded, all the way from the pools to the princess lines. I know you'll have a great time no matter which ship you're on.

    WRUNDELL Earning My Ears

    I would not be surprised if you came of the Wonder and preferred it over the Dream or Fantasy. Like others have posted it lacks "bells and whistles" but that is one of the things that makes her a "classic"! A smaller ship means fewer people which also means the crew will more than likely remember your face as the cruise goes on!

    The shows are just as good on the Wonder. The kids will have just as much fun in the clubs. And the adults will love their areas and nightlife as well.

    I have been on the Magic, Wonder, and Fantasy and I love all three, but if all things were equal, I would choose the smaller ones every time!

    Go with an open mind and you will have the cruise of a lifetime!
  12. ARC

    ARC Member

    What about the Kids Clubs specifically? We are going on the Wonder to Alaska!! However, my DD(9) is worried that she is not gonna enjoy the kids clubs on the Wonder as much as she does on the Fantasy. Can anyone help me with details on this?
  13. jrabbit

    jrabbit DIS Veteran

    I see this question a LOT!! the Magic and Wonder are terrific ships and the CREW's are First Rate!!! They make the cruise, not the ship!!

    So I don't think anyone would be disappointed in the Wonder after sailing the Dream.

    But if you have sailed the Fantasy then sailed the Dream, you WILL come away disappointed. Several reasons for this ... The Fantasy is a noticeable step UP from from the Dream and the Dream is only 3 or 4 nights.

    Frankly, going from the Dream to any other DCL ship you should NOT be disappointed. Each ship has its own personality and unique charm.

    If you go in with an open mind and not comparing "this vs that" and take each ship for what it is, you will come away happy and with a good vacation.

    WRUNDELL Earning My Ears

    I have a 9-year old son and he loved the club on the Wonder as much as he did on the Fantasy! Think he may have enjoyed it even a bit more. Think there is more personal interaction since there are fewer children and don't worry, the counselors do a great job and will make it a special trip for your child!
  15. Ofinn

    Ofinn Mouseketeer

    Honestly I have sailed on the Dream and the Fantasy, and I really didn't see a big difference. The ships are almost identical. The way people talk on these boards I was expecting to completely "Wowed" by the Fantasy. I honestly was a little let down because I didn't see the difference. I love both ships, but I really don't see why people think the Fantasy is so much better than the Dream. The differences are pretty subtle.
  16. holula

    holula Mouseketeer

    The service is what makes the difference for us. The Dream is by far and away our least favorite ship because we had terrible service on her. She is a beautiful ship but the service was so bad that without FLR we won't sail her again. The Fantasy has had better service (for us). I also like the adult areas better. But it is really the crew that makes the cruise for us. :)

    That said. The Wonder is my favorite ship. I love sailing her more than any of the other ships. :) If you go in thinking that you will be disappointed and you will miss XYZ then you will. If you look forward to the cruise then you will have an amazing time!
  17. jrabbit

    jrabbit DIS Veteran

    On the Fantasy vs. Dream
    The Adult pool Area is better on the Fantasy
    Satellite Falls on the Fantasy is a WINNER!!
    Heck, Deck 13 forward - win for the Fantasy
    Aqua Lab on the Fantasy

    The Bathrooms on the Fantasy in the Adult Entertainment District - the Tile/mosaic Flamingo Dancers are Stunning.

    But other than that they are the same.
  18. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

  19. bats

    bats Enjoying Bahama Mama's

    Adult area for me is far better on the Fantasy. Everything else was the same for us but Satellite Falls was a definite plus for us. The Dream is my least favourite ship with the Magic coming an easy first. Mind you, I'd jump at a chance to be cruising on any of them ... They all have their good points.
  20. Purplejewel

    Purplejewel Purplejewel

    Unless they have changed anything, the Wonder has a fantastic two level Cove Cafe. My DH and I sailed on her years ago and we spent quite a few sea days sipping coffee and/or eating snacks popcorn:: on the upper level of the Cove Cafe and just people watching or gazing at the ocean waves. It is the only Disney ship that has a upper level to the Cove Cafe. I wish all of the ships had this because it was a very pleasant retreat.
  21. Cove cafe is still there. It's one of the onboard wedding locations. I believe I read that it was added for more indoor viewing area for Alaskan cruises.

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