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Where to send a formal complaint?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by chimpwars, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Hi
    I also had a very bad experience with guest services on the Wonder. I filled out my comment card and they called me at home 2 days after the cruise. I also sent an email to:dcl.guest.communications@disneycruise.com
    and got a response back the next day.
    Good Luck!
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  3. sarahandgreg

    sarahandgreg Member

    I have to agree with the OP. Mum and I went on the 3 day bahama cruise. Mum is in a chair and on oxygen - DCL were AMAZING with this. However they were NOT amazing with the allergy issue - mum is ceoliac.
    After checking and rechecking with waiters we eventually got it right but the advice was flaky at best.
    Another girl on the boat had nut allergies - i heard her actually saying to the waiter " please, can you re check this as my allergy is serious and I think you are mistaken on the ingrediants of this dish" To which the waiter tried to brush her aside.
    Dont get me wrong, I dont think they mean to be like it but with some of the different nationalities on the boat( esp dining room staff) it can be difficult to make your point clear.
    Just my experience of DCL - on everything else they are first class - in my opinion :)
  4. disneyfan'08

    disneyfan'08 Member

    Can you please share your experiences with me? If you don't want to share it publicly, can you PM me? I'm sailing on the Fantasy in March and I'm kind of worried about how they're going to handle our allergies. I have Celiac Disease with extreme sensitivity to gluten and cross contamination, my mom has Celiac Disease and a soy allergy, and my brother has a peanut allergy.
  5. DVCisME

    DVCisME Active Member

    I have Celiac also and would like to know, if you could please post. We are cruising for a special occassion and this is our first cruise. I would hate to be terribly ill the whole time :sick:
  6. chimpwars

    chimpwars Member

    I suspect for gluten free you will be fine!! They kept giving her gluten free food (which is not her issue). I know there is gluten free rolls, many different pastas too, and I think GF free pancakes.
    We got a call from DCL before I even contacted them :)

    I can not say any more it's between DCL and us for now, sorry :(

    But thanks for everyone's help!!
  7. DVCisME

    DVCisME Active Member

    Thank you and sorry you didn't have a magical time.
  8. I just recently sailed on Dcl and I too have a food allergy. Our servers were very concerned and let me know everything on the table which contained my allergy. I felt very comfortable eating knowing they were on top of it.

    On the other hand, I have a complaint of unruly children. They have deck 5 to run around and be loud and crazy. The rest of the ship is for everyone! Guests should not have their cruise "ruined" because parents can't control their children during shows, dinner, and stop them from running up and down the hallways at times of night. And, why are children allowed in the 'adult only' areas?

    Anyone else notice these problems?
  9. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    If there are kids in the adult only areas, a word to the closest CM will do. I understand that kids in the adult pool area on the Dream is a big problem, mostly due to the layout of the elevators and the area surrounding the pool. I agree about controlling the kids in the shows, it bothers me that those parents don't seem to think it'll impact others when their "darling" wants to run up an down the aisles, or bounce up and down on the seats in front of others. :headache:

  10. Yes, the shows are in a theatre and should be treated with respect to the cast and audience! If children cannot be controlled, then they should watch the show on the tv in their staterooms.
  11. anniemck

    anniemck Active Member

    Yes you would contact the TA, as she is responsible for your booking, and by DCL paying her commission she is the one that is the contact.
  12. kuhltiffany

    kuhltiffany Active Member

    The newer ships both have separate allergy kitchens where they make the specialized meals to avoid cross-contamination. I've heard the older ships don't, which makes them not as well equipped for allergies. My DS has a peanut allergy and my DH has a gluten allergy, we've been on both the Dream and the Fantasy with no problems...

  13. Juney

    Juney Member

    I don't think that is true. Our first sailing was in 2009 on the Magic. When discussing my daughter's allergies, at different times both our server and the head server mentioned the smaller galley devoted only to passengers with allergies.
    I think it really helps with attention to detail, but I don't see how it can prevent cross contamination. The allergy chef would still be making my daughter's Peanut crusted mahi in the same galley as your son's grilled swordfish.

    We were told this again in 2011 on the Wonder.
  14. disneyfan'08

    disneyfan'08 Member

    I've sailed on the Magic once, the Wonder once, Dream three times and this will be my second sailing on the Fantasy. While I love DCL, I also have some concerns about sailing with them and how they handle food allergies. I do have to say though that we've found the newer ships much better than the classic ships at handling food allergies.

    On one sailing of the Dream, they kept on trying to feed my mom frozen waffles that had soy in them. The first time she ate them. Thankfully her reaction is nothing life-threatening. The next day they tried to serve them to her again, this time I recognized them as ones I occasionally get at home and questioned them or they would have kept feeding them to her.

    Three times, I've ordered the grilled chicken salad from Royal Palace. First time it came with croutons sprinkled all over it and they weren't gluten-free croutons. I noticed it before I ate anything. Second time, I found some croutons hidden in my salad after I already ate most of it. They again weren't gf croutons. I never actually ate a crouton, but just from the cross contamination, I got really sick (stomach flu like symptoms, migraines, nerve pain). Our last sailing of the Fantasy, I once again ordered that salad and once again it come with croutons sprinkled all over it. At least this time they were all over the salad so I never actually ate anything and I avoided getting sick.

    We've gone through the order the night before, special order process every time for this meal. Something so simple should not be that complicated. I have no idea why they keep on messing it up, but it's become a joke in my family. At this point, in our family we've renamed the Royal Palace, the "Royal Crouton." :rotfl:

    We keep sailing DCL because overall the good definitely outweighs the bad. My mom is also wheelchair bound and there are not many places we can go with food allergies and a wheelchair that will be accommodating of our needs. We're also DVC members that have been to Disney World many times. This sailing we're hoping for no soy waffles for the person with a soy allergy and no croutons for the Celiac. :banana:

    **Our experience with food allergies is definitely not typical for Disney Cruise Line. We've spoken with restaurant managers and food and beverage managers and they say our experience is not the norm at all. They've been extremely apologetic and embarrassed at how many issues we've had. For some reason we just seem to have bad luck.
  15. MND

    MND Active Member

  16. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    We've never mentioned DH's shellfish allergy in 7 cruises and have never had a problem with the food anywhere.

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  17. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    We always attach an extra piece of paper, mostly to name outstanding CMs.

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  18. cgolf

    cgolf Active Member

    I have been on all four ships since I have been gluten free, and never had any issues when following the advice of the chefs either in the buffets or the MDR's or Palo. We have always had my reservation marked GF though before we cruised which I believe is the key for the MDR's and Palo.

    To those that have had issues in the past was the reservation flagged before hand or did you mention it once you were on the ship. If the reservation was flagged before hand I would be surprised if there were issues (mistakes do happen sometimes though, but should not happen continually). We just got off the Fantasy and did the galley tour and saw all the orders that were tagged for different allergies (The chef giving the tour was seemed very proud of how they handled the prepping of the allergy dishes). I highly recommend anyone with allergies take the tour if it is offered.

    Also I believe that they base the server pairings on allergy or non allergy diners, because some servers are more knowledgeable than others. If you mention the allergy once on the ship or as you order each night, I could see it not being handled as well, or they may not be able to get you set up with a more knowledgeable server.

    I believe that for all allergies (at least for gf) you place your order the night before, and the order is tagged to be prepped in a safe manner. Not sure how they handle the preparation if you don't have the reservation flagged and just do a special order each night.

    Also when the servers take your order the night before they work with the chef's as best they can to make up what you ordered. Many times this cruise I was able to eat many items on the menu, but found that they came minus a sauce or some component.

    My best advice is to make sure the reservation is flagged before hand, and on the first day, place your first nights order in the dining room that you eat lunch to verify that your allergy is flagged and this will also will help to get your first meal to the table quicker.

    Any questions pm me.

    Good Luck to all with food allergies and hope that your experiences go as well as mine have

  19. disneyfan'08

    disneyfan'08 Member

    We've always made sure our allergies were noted on our reservation. Before our sailings, we've double and triple checked to ensure they were noted. On the first day we always go to ensure sure that our allergies are noted. I guess we just have bad luck or something. :confused3

    The magical experiences and awesome food experiences definitely outweigh the few issues we've had.
  20. chimpwars

    chimpwars Member

    I told our TA multiple times to let Disney know (when I called Disney to be sure it was noted they had no idea!!) So I called Disney and did the forms well before we sailed!
    Apparently we fell thru the cracks :( despite all that
  21. DVCisME

    DVCisME Active Member

    This is something I'm worried about. My TA assured me she noted it but I don't see it on my paperwork. She also makes me nervous because she keeps messing up when we ask questions or when she tries to refer to us by name (but the names aren't ours :lmao:) Did you just call the main line?

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