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Where is my FAVORITE DCL cast member?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by sdlong329, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. gumbypee

    gumbypee New Member

    How funny! He must have improved bc I'm a picky eater and everything I asked for was "no problem!!" and he was smiley and fun!
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  3. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

    Hello all! This thread has been very informative. I'll be taking DW on a surprise anniversary cruise on the Magic this November. We actually sailed in the Magic for our honeymoon back in 2000 and have been on other DCL ships but have not seen the Magic for 13 years.

    I see that "Sammy" is highly recommended as a server and Laslo Gion in Palo as well. Would anyone have other recent recommended servers if they are unavailable? Any stateroom hosts, bartenders, or other suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all your help!
  4. randomiam79

    randomiam79 New Member

    We've had Giuseppe too. I think it was November 2011 though, possibly April that year, they ask run together lol. We have pictures of him with us and remember him being very good!
  5. wcw57

    wcw57 New Member

    we had him in 2/11....he was okay, at best. of course he was hampered by Raquel who was brand-spankin' new...and terrible.

    nobody has any info re: Wayne, huh?
  6. KatMeows

    KatMeows New Member

    Anyone know where she is currently?!
  7. dbenlee

    dbenlee New Member

    In February 2013 we were on the Magic and had Strawberry (his name was Bennett, but said everyone called him Strawberry) as our server. Does anyone know if he is going to be on the Magic when she goes to Miami?
  8. Doingitagain

    Doingitagain New Member

    Tisa was on the Magic this summer before dry dock
  9. KatMeows

    KatMeows New Member

    I saw that...was wondering if she took time off or went to a different ship. *hoping*
  10. ScrappinGran

    ScrappinGran New Member

    We were aboard The Fantasy last October and had two wonderful servers. One was named Alvin (not his real name ), and a another guy named Ferdina. I believe Ferdina was going home, but not sure if he was leaving DCL, or just visiting. Anyone know if either is still on The Fantasy? We really loved Alvin. Ferdina did a great job too. They were a good team.
  11. Tiggrou

    Tiggrou New Member

    I met Grenville (stateroom host) and Reagan (head server) during my cruise in Alaska on the Wonder, last august. They were wonderful and made my trip so incredible!
  12. lovefromkatie

    lovefromkatie New Member

    On our 8/24 sailing on the Fantasy, our survers were Erhan from Turkey and Maria from Slovakia! Both of them were fabulous and made our cruise memorable. Also, if anyones teens have a favorite Vibe counselor, I'd like to share ours! Faye from South Africa was absolutely fabulous and always made us feel special in Vibe. She'd always greet us with hugs and call us her "New York babes." It's little things like that that I know me and my friends will remember forever. Something truly special that only comes with Disney magic.

    COASTIEandMATE New Member

    We were on the LA to Vancouver and then the Vancouver to Alaska cruises in June and just loved Grenville [stateroom host] He went above and beyond to fulfill every request and was so complimentary on the "dress up" nights that he really made our cruises so very special!! You would be blessed indeed to get him as your stateroom host!! Aloha, Karen and Ron :thumbsup2
  14. wcw57

    wcw57 New Member

    after some time I have come to the conclusion that Wayne, out dining room manager, was just a figment of my imagination....

  15. wl1117

    wl1117 New Member

    Sammy is awesome! He was our server on the Magic in October 2012. Sorry I don't have a backup server for you!
  16. michellekcm

    michellekcm New Member

    We had Wayne as our dining room manager on the Magic about 2 1/2 years ago, but I don't know anything about him since then.
  17. DznyCrzy11

    DznyCrzy11 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference wh

    We were on the Dream September 1-5 and also had Rex as our head server. There was a couple with kids sitting at the table next to us and he did a great job at entertaining them!!

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  18. wdw_monster

    wdw_monster New Member

    Derek the cruise director on the magic!!

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  19. wcw57

    wcw57 New Member

    yep.....we were there in Feb of 2011. Maybe he justpixiedust:
  20. IBelieveInTheMagic

    IBelieveInTheMagic New Member

    Too cool! :wave: We were 9/1 Dream cruisers and had Rexson as our head server too - my favorite yet! He came over to chat and asked if I had been on the Dream before (yes twice last year) as he recognized me "by my hair". :lmao: It's not the first time I've been told that, but anyway - he was so nice and friendly and just so genuine. I know most are awesome, but he was special :)

    He told me he might be on the Magic in January when I go with my family so I'll be looking for him. He's been with DCL for over 20 years but certainly doesn't appear that way!

  21. TempusFugit

    TempusFugit Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

    Thanks! We have requested him.

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