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Vinylmation Collectors Unite!!

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by Princess_Nikki, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. kbushue

    kbushue Ears Earned!

    Anyone know where you can send design ideas for vinylmation? I know they pick some artists to do freelance collector designs, but I'm having trouble finding any information on it.
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  3. Tinkerboy00

    Tinkerboy00 New Member

    Available for Trade:
    Holiday Tourist
    Urban Series 7 - Dizturb
    Animation Series 1 - Dodger (Oliver and Company)
    Park Series 6 - Adventureland
    Urban Series 7 - Spagetthi and Meatballs?
    Red Mickey - Design Your Own
    Toy Story Series - Jessie
    Silver Knight
    Disney Villians Series 1 - Kaa from the Jungle Book

    Good Luck Bad Luck Keychains:
    Cherry and Lemon
    Snake Eye Dice X2
    Computer Happy Face Symbol

    Park 1:
    Cinderella's Castle
    Haunted Mansion Wallpaper
    Red Balloon Chaser

    Park 2:
    Snow White
    9" Pooh and Piglet
    9" Test Track

    Park 4:
    Kungaloosh Chaser
    9" Epcot World Showcase

    Park 5:
    Sorcerer Mickey
    Haunted Mansion Clock

    Park 6:
    MK/Epcot Street Sign

    Cutester 1:
    Cinderella's Castle

    Cutester 2:
    Blue Candy/Chocolates

    Holiday 2:
    9" Halloween Graveyard

    Miss Piggy
    Swedish Chef

    Big Eyes:

    09 LE Holiday:
    Candy Corn

    10 Cinderella's 60th Anniversary

    10 - 9" Day of the Dead

    Star Wars:
    Princess Leia
    Darth Vader

    Cruella Deville

    The Land Epcot
    Spaceship Earth 2000
  4. jeanigor

    jeanigor <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tia

    Which one is the Holiday Tourist?

    And the Sorcerer Mickey like this one?
  5. HowieHowie

    HowieHowie New Member

    I'm thinking Summer Santa which happens to be the chaser.

    Here's my list:

    Have: All figures come with tin/card unless otherwise specified. I have no boxes for any of these. All tins have tins with figures never opened.

    Special Tins:
    Liberty Minnie x2
    Taxi Tin x4
    I <3 NY x2

    Other Releases:
    Able to pick up Spooky Series
    Mexico Flag never opened

    Urban 5 Set of 11 x2 (both with cards)
    Robots Set of 11 (with cards)
    Toy Story Set of 12 The following in the set have cards:
    Army Man
    Big Baby
    Dr. Porkchop

    Circuit Bot
    Abe Lincoln
    U7 Zombie Bunny
    Dr. Porkchop (no card)

    Urban 2:
    Glass Half Full

    Toy Story:

    Park 5:
    Pirate Helmsman
    Anibus (no card)

    Park 6:
    DL Paris
    Runaway Brain x2

    Cutesters 2:

    Holiday 2:
    Mardi Gras

    Muppets 2:
    Link Hogthrob

    Star Wars no cards for the series:

    Urban 6:
    Green Thumb (no card)
    Gumball combo NIB

    Urban 7:
    Speghetti and Meatballs

    Autosonic Bot

    Pirates no cards with series:
    Hook Pirate x3
    Top Hat Pirate

    Phil (no card)
    Fairy Godmother (wand but no card)
    Bolt NIB
    Genie x2 NIB
    Merlin x2 NIB

    Disney Afternoon:
    Bonkers x3

    Wants: Cards are not necessary but I prefer them if available.

    Park 1:
    Balloon Chaser
    Fireworks PRIORITY 1[/colo]

    Park 2:
    Snow White
    Lion King
    Mike Mouse
    Pongo Chaser
    Crossroads (haha yeah right)

    Park 3:
    Carnotaurus (again, haha yeah right)
    Test track combo WDW (again, haha yeah right x3)

    Park 4:
    Peter Pan's Flight (again, haha yeah right x4)

    Urban 1:
    Gold Chaser

    All 3 Cast Chasers

    Urban 5:
    3D Chaser

    Star Wars:
    Ghost Obi Wan

    Park 6:
    Road Sign Variants
    Wet Paint Variants
    MK/EPCOT Road Sign

    Urban 6:
    Texting (variants)

    Urban 7:
    Penguin x2
    Alien Variant
    Paint Splatter Variant
    Rotary Phone Variant
    Cyclops Variant

    Dirty Pig
    Nightcap Prisoner
    Skeleton Helmsman
    Dirty Foot Pirate

    Lion King set of 12 (have robots set of 12)

    Sports Jr.
    Home Plate

    Small World Jr.:
    Clock/Sign Chasers

    Jr. 1:
    Lightning Bolt

    Cutester 2:
    Bubbles (variant)
    Candies (variant)
    Green Apple PRIORITY 2

    Aulani Exclusive


    DCL Chip/Dale/Aquaduck
    Disney Dream Admiral Donald (trade for bonkers)
    Any other Disney Afternoon set (except Bonkers or Doug)

    Cinderella Tin
    SF Bridge
    London Taxi Tin
  6. Tinkerboy00

    Tinkerboy00 New Member

    yes that is the Sorcerer Mickey I want.

    I thik Howie is right. He was the chaser from Holiday Series 2. Santa wearing shades and sandals, etc
  7. Tinkerboy00

    Tinkerboy00 New Member

    Im super excited about the Alice in Wonderland set, I think I might have to get them all.

    Also, the MLB ones look great. I'll probably just get the Red Sox though.
  8. Tinkerboy00

    Tinkerboy00 New Member

    Here is my growing collection (started in April of this year) I'm now obsessed.

    I really want to get pretty much the whole Alice in Wonderland series when they come out.


  9. megsoro

    megsoro New Member

    I just started collecting! I have six of the Lion King set! I'm already addicted :) Can't wait to purchase more!
  10. Reginat

    Reginat New Member


    You have a great collection! Thanks for the posting the photos! You enabled me on 3! Have a wonderful day!

    Regina in NC

  11. trickiwoo

    trickiwoo Talk Disney To Me!

    So I went to the Disney Store yesterday to buy just 1 or 2 Vinylmations. But they were giving away free Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmations with each 3" Vinylmation purchase, so ummm... I ended up buying quite a few more than planned!

    But it ended up being so worth it, because I got the Villains Series 2 chaser!!!!!

  12. sceavis

    sceavis New Member

    I have a 9 inch New York City NYC Graffiti.Would Like a Haunted Mansion clock and would also take offers from any of the park series.Any other offer would be considered not collecting entire series just ones I like.I am new to all of this
  13. jeanigor

    jeanigor <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tia

    I saw the Alice set at the local Disney Store last night. I have to say I was far more impressed in person than I was with the pics over the internet. Guess DP will be getting vinyl for the holidays.:santa:
  14. eeyorelvr09

    eeyorelvr09 A rough road leads to the stars

    I think she is beautiful. I too picked her out while purchasing some V2 and Alice vinyls. I was so excited that I almost punched and man in the face while throwing my fists up in the air in excitement.

  15. jeanigor

    jeanigor <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tia

    Took advantage of the Friends & Family/Recycle promo at the Disney Store today. Bought the Villains 2 box set. I love getting the whole case. Next one up is Alice. :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes
  16. Tinkerboy00

    Tinkerboy00 New Member

    I need that chaser!! I love it.

    Ive got to pick up some Alice In Wonderland ones soon as I can get my hands on them.
  17. eeyorelvr09

    eeyorelvr09 A rough road leads to the stars

    Vinylmation for trade

    Urban 5
    Cuppa Tea
    Cuppa Tea- NO CARD
    Squiddy x3
    Knight x2
    Punk Rock x2
    Argyle- NO CARD
    Blue/Yellow Gears
    Red/Black Gears

    Naveen x3
    Quasimodo x3
    Fairy Godmother

    Villains 2
    Yzma x3

    Toy Story
    Rex Card Only

    Love Bot x2
    Security Bot
    Audio Sonic Bot- NO CARD

    Lion King
    Baby Simba

    Killer Queen Bee (U6)
    Dizturb (U7)
    Pepe the Prawn (M2)
    Clear Orange
    S&#8217;Mores (C2) NO CARD
    Gift (C2) NO CARD
    Turtle (HAL)
    How to Swim (HAL)
    America Sings (P3) NO CARD

    Vinylmations I Want

    Urban 7
    Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Retro Telephone
    Zombie School Girl
    Dark Side of the Mouse
    Pscyho Pink Bunny Chaser

    Park 6
    MK Epcot Sign
    DHS Clapboard
    DCL Lifeboat

    Any Urban 8
  18. crabbie1

    crabbie1 New Member

    I know its a long shot. My daughter started collecting the muppets first series when they first came out. Her very first one was kermit bless her. She was so thrilled. The only one we did not get was beaker and I am still in search of him. I hv looked on ebay and currently watching one . I dnt care how much he costs I just want to get him so she has the whole set. She has collected the seacreature set and we hv some odd park ones , lionking and a few from the Dream I bought last year. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
  19. jeanigor

    jeanigor <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/tia

    The Disney Store has a code for their 25th Anniversary that saves you 25%. It is HAPPY25.

    If you spend more than $75 (after that discount) you can add on the code SHIPTODAY for free shipping.
  20. Sorcerina

    Sorcerina New Member

    When I first saw them at DLP in December 2010 I did not like them at all.
    When I was back in February 2011 I bought the first ones and now I really love them. Not all series but a lot.
    My biggest problem is that DLP is 600km away and there are no Disneyshop at Germany at all and they only have some of the series.:sad2:
    To buy them at the Disneystore is no way as the shipping is extreamly expensive and you have to add tax and toll:guilty:
    So the only way to get some of them is ebay :sad2:
    Guess when I´m at WDW this October one suitcase will be full of Vinylmation:rotfl:
    Here you can see my collection.
    Greets from Germany:wizard:
  21. MandyTG

    MandyTG New Member


    I'm new to collecting, but I did just get these today and wanted to share with anyone who was interested. Also, free shipping today!

    I also have a question or two- Are there Vinylmations at the Halloween and Christmas parties? Also, are they exclusive? As is, you can only get them at the parties?

    I was also disappointed there was no Flower and Garden Vinylmation this year. I have seen some online, so are there not exclusive designs every year?

    Thanks, everyone!

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