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Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Berlioz70, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

    Marilyn and Lucy's attendants are dressed in suits; but the agents I met earlier this week has props for themselves and the Guests. I was told that they've been out in the past; but I personally had never seen them before. Very fun!
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  3. truck1

    truck1 Growing older but not up.

    I have yet to see the MIB Agents. I just assumed that the suits with Lucy were the agents. Usually Ill see them over in front of Terminator area with the rest of the characters. There usually on the side walk or with in about 10 feet or so, and look like secret service agents.

    Any idea on what happened to Beetlejuice on Sun? My wife and I wnet over after the color run and they had canceled the 4 oclock show at least. I think it may have been all of them. (the sign didnt have any show times on it and the cm at the entrance told everyone that the show was canceled and that the cast would be out) The cast were doing pics in front of the theater and Dracula and Hop were missing when we went by on our way out about 415 ish.
  4. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

    Sounds like some the Performers weren't available for the last show?

    I was waiting for Blues Brothers couple years ago and we were told the show was cancelled due to Technical Difficulties... so the Performers came out for photos. There was only 1 brother. I guess that's a pretty big difficulty when you're missing half the brothers. :)
  5. truck1

    truck1 Growing older but not up.

    Could be. Thats what we were thinking. The odd thing was that all of the show times listed out front of the theatre were removed which gave me the impression that all of the shows for the day were canceled. Usually they leave them up until there ready to change them for the next days times.
  6. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

  7. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Active Member

    Awesome! My DS is gonna love that!
  8. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Active Member

    Where can u find the characters in US and IOA? Is there a site or a link to the list of characters and where to find them?
  9. truck1

    truck1 Growing older but not up.

    In US the depending in the characters they are usually in front of the Character store by DMMM and the block in front of terminator. Other places they are for the Blues Brothers are in front of the shop where they perform, Bettlejuice and his crew are in their own theatre by Disaster and during the day some of the parade floats will have characters by the horror make up show Intersection. Other characters will be near the animal show theatre and in the playland area. On the map it will tell you for the most part the times. I'm not sure on IOA
  10. Metro West

    Metro West <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue> Moderator

    Check post #1 on this thread. ;)
  11. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Active Member

    Thanks, will do!
  12. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Active Member

    Can u meet the Despicable Me Minions?

    Are Cat in the Hat and Thing 1&2 always out? Or is it more rare? My DS7 is little and very alive and he loves the characters...some super heroes, but more little "happy" or silly characters. LOL with the exception of the Transformers. Haha
  13. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

    Minions are at the Dance Party, which is all day.
    Cat & Things - yes, specific times listed on the map.
  14. Planning our first trip to Universal. I missed Barney on your link. Is he still there? I will have one very disappointed little girl if not.
  15. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

  16. Thanks for the inormation. That is certainly a relief.
  17. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Active Member

    Ok I will check that out on the map when we get there! Hopefully!!! My DS7 loves any silly guys + of course, Transformers, Spiderman, and whoever else we can find!!!! Thanks!
  18. deerez

    deerez Member

    My three year old would love to meet spongebob, is there anything else for him at universal? it would only be a one day one park thing? Also, are tickets cheaper online or at door
  19. Akwafunk

    Akwafunk Member

    My former three-year-old, now almost 5 loves Universal. There's loads to do at both parks - water play areas (curious george at US and If I ran the Zoo IOA) The Seuss section in IOA is just right for that age, as is the Jurassic Park play area and Pteranodon flyers (lines can get long here though). My little loved Hogsmeade too, depending on height, Flight of the Hippogriff may be in play. Oh! Also the storm acceletron (teacups) in the Marvel section.

    At the other park, there's Despicable Me (non-moving section depending on your kid's height), Woody's Nuthouse Coaster (near the Spngebob Meet and Greet), Fievel's Playground, and while we've not done it yet, the live animal show.

    There's more I'm not thinking of, that's just the stuff he likes.

    And yes - online is cheaper than at the gate.
  20. RMulieri

    RMulieri DIS Veteran

    Spongebob does meet and greets at the studios.There is plenty in both parks to do at his age
  21. deeluvsdisney

    deeluvsdisney Member

    We got autographs and had pictures made with Spongebob at the character breakfast at US

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