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Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party Information

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Hunclemarco, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    Got a few pictures of the dessert party. (sorry ...taken with the iphone)
    These pictures were from April 26, 2013:
    This is where you will enter the party. They will bring out a podium and from there escort you to your pre-assigned table. A line is formed from this point going upward toward the noodlestation counter.

    These pictures show the table locations, and that they are all pre-assigned with lables on them. There is a maximum entry of 210 people. For this evening, there were about 34 tables, 190 people.



    Drink Station
    Beverages include hot coffee (regular/decaf), tea (hot/iced) lemonade, and whole milk.



    Ice Cream Topping Station


    We were there one time, and felt bad for the CM's. Many complained about their seating. So I wanted to share some photos so people know AHEAD of time what to expect.
    Seating is preassigned before you get there. It's best to get there about an hour and a half before the fireworks begin.
    These pictures are taken from the back wall (yes, our spot). You are instructed to stand at the railing for a better view of the fireworks/ soforth...

    You notice the ceiling at the top...that is most of the location where the dessert party is located, only 3 to 5 tables not under the roof.

    For 190 people, everyone seemed to have a good place at the railing to see the show.

    Here is a general view of how the fireworks will appear from the dessert party location . The fireworks were designed to be looked at from the front of the castle, but this view isnt bad.


    Many ask how well you can see the parade from the dessert party location. First picture shows an actual distance, and the 2nd shows a close up of just how much of the float you see. Notice the Disney sign, much of it is covered. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out that great.



    Now some pictures of the desserts

    Additional Pictures can be found by clicking here on Post 393...some labled desserts. Feel free to add pictures to your comments!
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  3. Bellabully

    Bellabully Official Disney Addict

    Thank you for sharing photos. We are going next month for the first time and glad to have some pics to prepare us as to what to expect. My mouth is watering looking at the desserts:lovestruc
  4. the little marla

    the little marla you're not getting cold fins now? are ya!

    june 15th we will be there! it's our 4th time and i love it! :teeth:

    MOUSEANDALL New Member

    Thank you for posting that. Makes it a little bit easier to make a decision whether to go or not. :goodvibes
  6. kgsmith

    kgsmith New Member

    Thank you for sharing your photos. Just waiting for August to open!:goodvibes
  7. buffettgirl

    buffettgirl The whole tag thing, so 1990's internet *****. Why

    oh thank you!

  8. nikkistevej

    nikkistevej New Member

    Thanks for posting!!! Looks yummy!!:cool1: C'mon November!!!
  9. immortalxkiss

    immortalxkiss BOG Needed: November 2!

    Thanks for posting the pictures :)
  10. jenandjuice

    jenandjuice New Member

    ditto! :goodvibes
  11. Heidi Lou

    Heidi Lou The Mouse's Biggest Fan!

    I am so glad you posted pics bc i was so curious about the view. I do have a question though due to getting different answers EVERYWHERE i look or every person i speak too that works for Disney. I was told the quicker you call when it opens the better seat you get(like they assign tables when you make the reservation.) If that is the case, why get there so early? or is it more of a first come, first serve situation (sooner you get there the better the seat)? Any advice would be so helpful....it is stressing me out!!!
  12. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    What I have heard is the earlier the reservation the better the seat.

    As far as getting there early, once the desserts are gone, they're gone! Also, most eat dessert before watching the shows.
    The party starts with 3 tables of desserts. In the 2 I have attended, one half a table was left with food, basically cookies or brownies. So, getting there earlier assures you'll get a good sampling of desserts :)

    Edit to add... some have seen the desserts replenished
  13. SenecaWolf

    SenecaWolf I let my mind wander and it didn't come back!

    I was lucky enough to book on the day reservations opened (didnt even realize it lol) and we were at table 101. We were first row near the rail and 1 table from the desserts. (the photopass lady was right near us). So I believe that early res gets better seating. Early arrival makes sure you get to try all the desserts because as soon as your in you can start sampling. Oh those mango shooters were amazing, so was the creme brulee, and the cannolis, and....oh dear, now I'm hungry :goodvibes
  14. Scrappy_Tink

    Scrappy_Tink New Member

    I was concerned about the "overhang" when I made our reservations for last December, but it ended up the best thing ever because it was raining!!! The desserts were great, and as op said, you can always move to the railing for the fireworks. Probably the only thing I don't concur with is arriving 1.5 hour early, IMOHO that's way too early...I'd say 45 minutes tops....but that's just me!
  15. Heidi Lou

    Heidi Lou The Mouse's Biggest Fan!

    Finally, answers i trust. Thanks a million:yay: now hoping to get in early for the end of august!
  16. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    Understandable. ...lol, I was told to get there about 1 hr before the fireworks, but didn't want to mislead anyone, and the line does start to form then, so that's where I get 1.5 hrs from. Last night, they let us in around 8:40. We were able to see the parade, memories, and the fireworks, and of course dessert...

    I also agree 45 minutes wouldn't be too late;

    Oh and if I can add this, parents, please supervise your children at the dessert table. We saw some starting to handle many of the items on the tables, not too sanitary. Ok, off my soap box now
  17. MissPrice

    MissPrice Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee!

    Thanks so much for the info and pictures. All the deserts look soo scrumptious. I'm hoping I can snag a reservation for January. Thanks again -Amanda
  18. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    Thanks for shareing! :thumbsup2

    Excellent piictures
  19. budafam

    budafam New Member

    We just did it on May 4th and we absolutely LOVED it. I booked within minutes of the window opening (got lucky I guess) and we had a table right up against the railing. No one even attempted to stand in front of us so our family got to sit and enjoy the fireworks. We were there well before they opened. We were able to go back up to the buffet 3 or 4 times. I dream of the mango shooters :)

    I would do this again. The view isn't the greatest but Tinkerbell flies right over you (that was the first time we ever saw her fly so it was a big deal). The cost is a bit much but it's worth it for the yummy desserts and all you can drink :)
  20. czmom

    czmom New Member

    Can you see the electric parade from the terrace?

    Thanks! :goodvibes
  21. GraceMonica

    GraceMonica New Member

    Ahhh! I'm dying just looking at these pictures! I asked my BF if he likes desserts and I got a big 'well DUUUH!' SO it looks like when we go next year, I'll have to book this!

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