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Tinker Bell ½ Marathon Weekend ~ 2014 Check-in!

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by kim3339, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. kirstie101

    kirstie101 New Member

    I'm doing something similar to you, loosely based on Galloway. I do 2 short runs during the week which are 30 minutes/2.5 miles. One long run on the weekend. Yesterday was 7 miles. I add .5 miles every week. I try not to do intervals during my short runs but always do them on my long runs. I'm doing 2:1's for at least the first half of the long run. As I get closer to the end I let myself run longer if it feels right.
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  3. LuvSulley

    LuvSulley New Member

    I'm loosely following the Galloway training schedule. I didn't do the short runs last week cause I was sick so I did 3 miles Saturday and Sunday. Its hard for me to stay on track when there's too many rest days so I plan to do more runs than the schedule says.. at least 3 30 minutes on weekdays and then the mileage specified on the schedule on Saturday or Sunday. I am doing 3:1 intervals right now and plan to increase the running interval by 1 minute each week.

    I have a question.. when I signed up for the 1/2.. i put my time as 3:30.. does that mean they will put me in the last corral? I didn't realize that the last corral is bad because you won't have a "cushion."
  4. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    Changed it for you.

    I officially start training for Goofy and by default Tink this week. I'm doing Hal Higdon's Intermediate schedule b/c of the back to back for Goofy. It has me doing 5 days of running and 1 cross w/ 1 rest day. I'm altering it until my knee's back to 100% so a little less during the week and only 4 days. First 6 weeks are okay, but week 7 it ramps up and is the 1st big one, 6 on Sat and 15 on Sun. :scared1:

    Usually they'll put you in the last corral. You can request a time change to move you up in corrals. I believe as long as it's over 2:45 you won't need a race time for the change.
  5. BabieDuckie

    BabieDuckie New Member

    Oh boy... I did the same thing, put my time in as 3:30 because it's my first race ever. I wasn't sure how the corral placement was going to work. It made sense to me that if you're a faster runner, you start later, but I guess that's not the case. I think I need to change my time!
  6. LuvSulley

    LuvSulley New Member

    How do I request a time change?

    BTW, I hope your knee feels better soon!:flower3:
  7. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    Try this one: DisneySports@TrackShack.com and if that one doesn't work there's this one: disneyland.half.marathon@disneysports.com

    Thanks! I think it's getting there, didn't do anything last week and didn't have any problems. Went to the gym yesterday and it's a little sore today, but I did some weights so that could be it too. I'm hoping 2 weeks and be back to 100%, we'll see!
  8. LuvSulley

    LuvSulley New Member

    Thanks! I emailed them so fingers crossed. For the proof of time, what are they looking for? Like do they want your finished time from any race with any distance? I am thinking about signing up for the 10k Awesome 80's run in San Francisco.. If my pace gets better and I can complete the half before 2:45, could I submit that?
  9. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    I'm doing that 1 too!! I got a flier at the Color Run and it looks like so much fun. For proof of time to get below the 2:45, I think they say they want a race over 6 miles, so the 10k would be perfect. I emailed them a while back and I gave them the race and results as well as pasted in the results from the race results page. They're usually pretty good about getting back to you, I think I got a response in 2 days.

    I have to email them too b/c I can't remember if I checked the C2C box for Tink. I'm pretty sure I did, but I figure it can't hurt and doing the races back to back I better get that beautiful medal! :rotfl2:
  10. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I'm doing the official training program but only sort of. My long runs were already longer then the weekend long ones so I'm just going longer then they suggest and creeping my distance up slower.

    This weekend I went 9kms so about 5.3 miles if my math is correct. I have a 10km race on Oct 13 (I think thats the date) to use as my proof of time so I'm hoping for a fast run. Fingers crossed!

    I'm also doing 3x30 min runs during the week and one day of cross training. We'll see how it goes.

    In terms of intervals - I run straight through for runs 10km or less so right now thats what I'm doing. Once I get over the 10km mark I'll go to 10/1 - run 10 mins and walk 1 min. My times are faster if I do that vs running it straight through.

    I'm seriously considering doing the Wine and Dine 1/2 in WDW in November to get my C2C. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think I really want to do it. I can hear my bank account crying already!
  11. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Oh - I did the Color Run a couple of weeks ago with my kids and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

    If you have a chance - do it!

    But you can't use it as proof of time because they don't time the run! In their own words "we don't even own a watch" LOL! Most people were walking/running/rolling on the ground playing in the "colour". Was just a fun thing to do, but don't think of it as training or prep for a "real" race.
  12. jessicaerv

    jessicaerv New Member

    Just checking in. Completed my 5k on Sunday in 48:10, about 8 minutes slower than I was hoping for. I programmed my iPod for 5k distance, and imagine my surprise when it announced "Congratulations, you just completed a 5k!!" when the finish line was nowhere in sight! :eek: Turns out the darn thing needs to be recalibrated; it said I ran 6k when I really only ran 5. I was pretty disheartened when this happened, because it means that all along I've been training and thinking my pace is X when really it isn't even close. I have to hold on to the positive thoughts that at least the improvements that I've been seeing are correct -- if I improved by 1 min/mile, then that really happened. It just wasn't from 15 min to 14 but 16 to 15. Ah well. Still, progress is progress.

    This morning I ran 30 minutes straight on the treadmill. That made me do this: :woohoo:
  13. LuvSulley

    LuvSulley New Member

    Cool! Are you planning to dress up for the 80's run?

    Were you using a app to track the distance? If so, which one? I been using the free Nike one and I think its saying I ran further than actual too. Anyone have any app recommendations for keeping track?
  14. longhorns2

    longhorns2 New Member

    Nike Apps are pretty bad, it's true. but now that you know this, try to keep it in mind when you are running those long distances. Use it as a guide, but running a race or running a known distance (like a marked trail or something you can drive and measure) will help if you are really wondering your pace.

    My half in January last year - yeah, Nike GPS had me doing 14.4 miles instead of 13.1. Boo!

    I still use Nike, but if I am on the treadmill I use that distance as my true distance. Sometime Nike will let me calibrate a run afterward, so I will change it then. But it doesn't always- so I know my mileage is often off.

    I ran a 5K in 35 min on Tuesday. Um... no, I didn't. I know I didn't. But it *was* faster than any other Nike tracked 5K I have done, so I took that to be improvement.

    I don't think any of the phone apps are perfectly accurate. I have major issues in my area with RunKeeper as well. It could be a better signal in yours though- might want to check it out. A Garmin should be pretty spot on though- but I haven't the $$$ to get one. So I'll just mentally adjust my Nike and make it work.
  15. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    there is a site called map my run dot com (you can figure that out I'm sure) that you can plot your run to get an exact distance. I know its not the same as having something with you or giving you real time pacing or anything like that but its great for figuring out distances and plotting routes.
  16. MotoXPrincess99

    MotoXPrincess99 <font color=darkorchid>Yep, mine is new too<br><fo

    I use the the Nike+ app ( I think I paid for it) and its seems pretty accurate. It uses GPS to measure the distance run. It also uses a pedometer so you can use it on the treadmill too.

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  17. jen541

    jen541 New Member

    There are two Nike apps. One is gps and one is not. I have the one that is not.

    Instead of distance being gaged by gps, I have a sensor in my shoe that talks to my app. The distance came out almost perfect when I did never land 5K. HOWEVER, this is because I calibrated my very first run in the most accurate way. Instead of on a treadmill ( or instead of using factory setting) I started at the start line at the high school track field, ran 4 laps at a CONSISTENT pace (doesn't matter what pace as long as doesn't vary) to the same exact start line... Staying in the SAME LANE the whole run. This is the best ad most accurate way to calibrate because the track field is Pre measured to perfection.

    Now, if there were minor differences in a race than it is usually because I took extra steps to use a restroom, stop at a station...

    This has worked very well for me. HTH :)

    Live to run, can't wait for never land 5K 2013!!!!!
  18. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    I did that 1 in July and had a blast!! I can't wait until next year's, it was the most fun I've had at a race ever.

    Congrats on the 30 min! And remember what you said ~ any progress is good progress plus you still have 4 months to go. You'll totally be ready for the 1/2.

    Kinda. I bought a cheap neon shirt at Michael's that I'm going to cut up a little and found some cheap jelly bracelets and neon glasses to accessorize. Thank you Halloween!
  19. Shananana

    Shananana New Member

    I'm doing the 80's run down here in San Diego... I have an "I :love: the 80's" shirt - neon pink, of course. That will be fun!
  20. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    Aaawww!! SD, how I miss you! Where do you live? I used to live in North Park just overlooking Balboa and I miss it so much. :sad1: I always say if a job opportunity opened I'd move back there in a heartbeat. I used to get my fill w/ the RnR races, but they charge waaaaay too much. But I signed up for the SD 1/2 in March.
  21. indygirl99

    indygirl99 New Member

    Hi all DH and I just got in late last night from our wonderful vacation at DLR and I am now trying to catch up on all things email and such.

    Am a little off on the Tink training but with my "mileage" my legs didn't get a rest. 2 of the days we walked 9.5 miles and the rest was 7.25 to 7.8 miles.

    We did make it to the power walk 2 of the days we were there and it was a fun time. Sally kept the pace up. :yay: We walked at 16 min mile one day and the other day was a 15.5 min mile.

    I will get my runs in today and fri and then on Sun I will run the Race for the Cure 8K then I should be back on pace for the training. :dance3:

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