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The Official 2010 MNSSHP- Tips,Tricks and a few Treats !

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Turtle31, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. serene56

    serene56 Mouseketeer

    I thought it was 40% -BUT it is for photos ordered off the MNSSHP photopass. We were given a special card for the party and if we wanted to order any special photos off that card it will be 40% cheaper.

    Yes we were able to combine all our cards/
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  3. onnawufei

    onnawufei The Girl With the Ninja Turtle Tattoo

    When we were there last week I didn't remember to look for the ghost popcorn buckets during the parties, but on 10/8 I saw them for sale at Animal Kingdom. I thought that was a little strange.
  4. bigtony777

    bigtony777 Disney Veteran

    I want to share from our experience with this 40% off photopass offer from last year. Many probably alread know, but it is only for individual photos, not for a photopass CD. I think the best option right now is to pre purchase the photopass CD for $99. You have to do this before the first picture is taken that you want to put on the CD.
  5. petals

    petals Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!

    It's 40% and if you get the photo book or something like that you can get 40% off all your purchase and photos but you can't use it for photocd
  6. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    If you order your photos online after the party, you can get 40% off all photos (not downloads) ordered at that time.
  7. jenniferma

    jenniferma Mouseketeer

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can have my DD9 see the headless horseman AND have DD3 have her photo taken with the Seven Dwarfs? I plan on waiting in line for the Dwarves around 6:30...could I have DH take the kiddos to the horseman and then immediately meet me after to wait for the Dwarf pic?

  8. blondietink

    blondietink Mouseketeer

    40% off works for me if they come out nice! :thumbsup2
  9. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    The headless Horseman only rides right before the parade, he doesn't have a meet n greet.
  10. Carolwoodpr

    Carolwoodpr Mouseketeer

    40% off does sound nice! I can't believe how close our trip is now! A few days ago when I checked the weather it was raining every day of our trip, and all day the day of our party. Every day since then I have checked the forecast and it changes daily. Today we get sunny days all day each day we are there. We can handle rain, but don't want it on Saturday because we have the Wishes Dessert Party, or Sunday because of the MNSSHP.

    We leave Tuesday and I can't wait!
  11. squirrel

    squirrel DIS Veteran<font color=deeppink>

    I have been at WDW for the past two weeks no rain at all.

    Get in line earlier for the 7 dwarfs. We arrived at about 6pm and they hadn't even started the line. By 6:30 the line was set up and there were a lot of people in it. The regular day guests thought it was a line to meet Ariel.

    I found our party date Oct. 11th wasn't as crowded as last years party earlier in October 2009. Much better candy this year also. Didn't see any tootsie rolls though. My niece got a lot of candy and we gave at least a half bag away as there was too much for us to take in our luggage.

    We found the Mickey ghost popcorn buckets at Animal Kingdom near the Oaisis. They sell out quickly when they are out. I got mine later in the evening, but the CM had to look to see if they had anymore. The person behind me knew that they just got some in as she had talked to another CM.
  12. Nutz4Dizney

    Nutz4Dizney Mouseketeer

    Before I left for my vacation I checked the weather and it was pretty much rain EVERY SINGLE DAY of my 11 day vacation.
    The first day we were in the pool and this HUGE black cloud came towards the pool area. Just after we decided to come out of the pool and dried off the lifeguard told everyone else to get out.

    Just after we got back to our room it pooured like crazy. We took showers and hung out a bit. We were not going to let a little rain bother us so we put on our ponchos and headed to DD and shopped like there was no tomorrow.
    While we were down DD it basically stopped rained just sprinkling so no big to us.
    The next morning it was dry and every day after that was BEAUTIFUL. There was even a hurricane or tropical storm of some sort supposed to hit us. But it did not rain at all the rest of our vacation. I will never get all crazy about the weather before I leave. I will take it 1 day at a time during my vacation.
  13. Carolwoodpr

    Carolwoodpr Mouseketeer

    That is exactly what I am doing. I do check every day to see what to 'expect' and how to pack, but for the most part whether it says rain or shine we will pack the same. We will bring umbrella's and if we happen to need ponchos we will buy them.

    We did decide that we will rent a locker so we can bring jackets for the evenings and not carry them around all day, bring extra drinks and so on. This is our first non stroller trip. I am thinking it is harder on us than on our son :) Two more days, none of us can wait.

    I ordered groceries today, got our gift cards in the mail last week and for the first time in a month because of a horrible headache with severe light sensitivity I donned a hat and sunglass (which I wear even inside because of the pain involved with light) and spent about two hours in the sun today. I handled it. Got burned, but with the dark glasses and hat the sun didn't make my head worse like light has been doing. I got a little bit dizzy, but the medicine that caused that should be out of my system by tomorrow.

    I am totally ready to go with hat and dark glasses in hand! Our very first Halloween Party at WDW. Last December we had our first Christmas Party and loved it. I have heard Halloween is even better, so I am so excited. Can you tell? I am rambling :)
  14. stephielela

    stephielela Mouseketeer

    I had heard a guest at POP sayign she had gotten hers at AK. I didn't see them at the other parks, but we didn't go to AK...
  15. ougrad86

    ougrad86 OU Sooners Football Fan!

    I think I am getting some items mixed up. We missed them at our last party. I thought Cinderella's Coach had the ghosts as the drivers (with Photopass), but now it sounds like the Hearse is the one with the ghostly drivers. And are the Hitchhiking Ghosts an effect added by Photopass? What should I look for when trying to find the place that they are?

    If someone could clear this up for me, I would appreciate it. I would really like to get those two ghostly pictures, and not sure which is what :confused3! Thanks!

    Planning to get the Photopass disc - too many pictures with somebody missing our last trip, and too shy to bother the CM's :rolleyes:

    Getting really excited now! Got together with my friend today to finalize all our plans, less than two weeks. Her DD is beyond excited :banana:! I keep writing myself notes of things to remember, to pack...I feel like I will burst before the two weeks are up :goodvibes !
  16. Nutz4Dizney

    Nutz4Dizney Mouseketeer

    The ghost is at the hearse carriage right in front of haunted mansion. There are TWO lines 1 for the ride 1 for the photo so make sure you get on the right line LOL

    The hitch hiking ghost are in liberty square if you are looking at the libery bell (the big boat) look to your right and you will see a photo pass CM there he is your ticket to the hitch hiking ghosts. They magicially appear when he uses HIS camera :confused3

    Cinderella Carriage is in front of the Pinocchio Haus in Fantasyland. if you are looking at Dumbo (with your back to castle) look to your left.
  17. ougrad86

    ougrad86 OU Sooners Football Fan!


    So it sounds like Cinderella Carriage is simply a picture of you with the carriage. I am much more into the ghosts!

    I think this Photopass thing is going to be fun! We won't be returning to WDW for a few years:sad1:, so these photos will be wonderful:)!
  18. jenscourt

    jenscourt Member

    FYI, when I took my picture in front of the hearse carriage by the haunted mansion, they photoshopped in a ghost driving the hearse carriage. I didn't know about the hitchhiking ghosts or else I would have gotten a picture there too. Next time! :hmghost:
  19. Mommy2Jameson

    Mommy2Jameson Member

    Ok! We've been the last 2 Octobers and it's been the same as you said except it was always Snow White instead of Ariel. Wonder if they are having Ariel on occasion since her meet and greet shut down?!?

    Honestly, I don't care who is there, as long as they Jasmine is there! My 4 y/o son LOVES her and tells everyone she's his girlfriend! Haha!
  20. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    I hadden thought of that, but it had always been Snow White for at least the past 7 years every time we went and DD finally had a Snow White dress to wear but then no Snow White. :(
  21. Praise2Him

    Praise2Him Mouseketeer

    Not sure if these have been mentioned, but we were at the Oct. 11 party and they were checking for wristbands before the 1st parade. The family on the curb in front of us didn't have them and were escorted out (they didn't speak English and I truly believe they didn't understand that they needed a separate ticket because I saw them later wearing wristbands).

    Also, when we went to ride the Haunted Mansion late in the evening there was a bench on the lawn behind the carriage and a "Lady Renata" was sitting there, entertaining the guests in line. She was hilarious! We stopped and listened to her for probably about 20 minutes and didn't want to leave.

    We had a great time, got lots of candy and did everything we wanted to (parade, fireworks, trick-or-treating, and a few rides) We weren't really interested in photos, except for 2 - Cinderella's carriage and the Stepmother/Stepsisters - because DD was dressed in Cinderella's work dress.

    I expected huge crowds that night, since it was the Columbus Day holiday, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

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