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The Official 2010 MNSSHP- Tips,Tricks and a few Treats !

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Turtle31, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Mr. Stitch

    Mr. Stitch New Member

    MNSSHP CHARACTERS - 2010 HUGE Thank You to Berlioz70 for supplying us with up to the minute details on these characters ! Updated Aug 16th

    The following list is still very preliminary. Remember to check back closer to the start of the parties for the most accurate list!

    Rumors indicate Cinderella's Carriage will be available in the Castle Courtyard.

    Snow White Queue


    Following Villains' Mix and Mingle
    Captain Hook
    Cruella deVil
    Dr. Facilier

    Treat Trail
    Mad Hatter

    Huh? We have been many times for the party, maybe this was in the thread already....so many pages....but,

    Is the Walrus not greeting this year on the treat trail. He is the only one we have missed every year. We have never seen the Hag out is she back this year??? Dr. Facilier (really??) this would be cool. One last one, I feel stupid, who is Glade?
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  3. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk Active Member

    Walrus was not out last year either.
  4. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 New Member

    Walrus was "retired" after the 2008 party and did not make appearances last year.

    Glade is the location, not a character.

    The formatting on the first post is hard to read, check out the direct link: MNSSHP 2010 Characters
  5. serene56

    serene56 New Member

    Could someone explain to me the SKYWAY in Fantasyland.
    Where is it exactly?
  6. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 New Member

    It is better known as Fantasyland Stroller Parking, located accross the way from Peter Pan's Flight and next to It's A Small World.
  7. serene56

    serene56 New Member

    oooo thank you
  8. sarah g

    sarah g New Member

    I need costume help..

    DS(6) wants to be Obi Wan Kenobe and DD(4) wants to be Princess Leia. (they are in a huge Star Wars phase right now. ) Any ideas for costumes that won't be so hot? Everything I see online is long sleeves and long pants and I'm afraid they're going to swelter at the party.

    I've been trying to convince them to be someone else, but it's not working!
  9. ILoveMyGirls

    ILoveMyGirls New Member

    one of my girls is going as a storm tropper or whatever they are called and we told her she is going to be hot but she doesn't care. i suspect after we are there awhile she will take it off. i'll have her in a shorts outfit under it.

  10. Queenie122

    Queenie122 New Member

    Unfortunately, I just found out my brother can't make our trip :sad2:

    And now I have an extra non-refundable ticket to the Oct 1st party. Is there a spot here on the DIS boards that one of your more seasoned members can send me to so I can make a post and try to sell it? I doubt anyone would buy it since you can still buy them from Disney so why take the chance, but I'd probably be willing to shave a few bucks off just to get rid of it. I already have it in hand so I can't even try to cancel it with Disney.

    Any ideas for me? Pretty please? :worship:
  11. DVC_Corrys

    DVC_Corrys New Member DVC Gold

    So, I haven't found this anywhere yet so I am coming to the WDW pros...

    We are going to be there the week of the first party, on Sept. 14th. Is the first party very crowded? We were trying to figure out if it is going to be nuts that trip!!

    Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Mrs D

    Mrs D <font color=red>I realize most people don't hear e

    The costumes you see at places like buycostumes.com are VERY lightweight and would be fine over a tank/short sleeves and shorts. My DS5 is just got his Captain Rex costume (he's not going on Mommy's trip in Oct) and is very excited about it!
  13. d23cndrela

    d23cndrela New Member

    I am not really sure what the crowd levels will but there is a thread for the sept 14th mnsshp for Disers to say hi! and what they will be dressing up as. That might give you a little idea on the numder of disers going.

  14. JerseyMamaBear

    JerseyMamaBear New Member

    Cant wait! Im going and Tinkerbell, my son is buzz my daughter is Minnie my 14 year old wants to be a banana :banana:? dont understand that one but hey as long as he dresses up and poor hubby is still not sure.
  15. Nezzaa

    Nezzaa New Member

    OMG!!! There are 49 pages to this thing and I'm only on 21 :scared1: MUST...GET...THROUGH...IT........MUST...PREPARE...FOR....MNSSHP..:surfweb:
  16. stampinot

    stampinot New Member

    I am going to the party this year mid October. Every time we go there is a shirt that is always sold out. I tried to call to purchase it, but they acted like they did not know what I was talking about. It is a shirt that is offered in stores even if you don't go to the party.
    Is anyone who is going early to the party willing to pick me up one? I can describe it. I would be so thankful
  17. Hunnybee

    Hunnybee New Member

    We are going Oct. 21 -- can't wait! :) I love reading all the tips!
  18. Nezzaa

    Nezzaa New Member

    Finally made it! :surfweb:

    And here are my questions: Is the haunted mansion done up with a Nightmare B4 Xmas theme for MNSSHP? Are there any special Jack Skellington photo ops?

    2. When are the Dance Parties?

    -Huge Jack Fan :love:

    PS- Thanks for all the great tips. Now, onto MNSSHP 2009...:surfweb:
  19. onnawufei

    onnawufei The Girl With the Ninja Turtle Tattoo

    The Haunted Holiday is only for Disney Land, which is also the only place (that I know of) that has Jack and Sally out as characters.
  20. smeecanada

    smeecanada New Member

    Bummer. Saw the Haunted Holiday at DL a few years ago. Didn't realize it was only done there. Was looking forward to seeing it next month. It's really cool.
  21. ChrisHartman

    ChrisHartman New Member

    Does anyone have a good experience of going on Columbus day in the past???? It just so happens that DS's birthday is the same day, so that's the day we got our tickets for....now I'm worried.

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