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Spring Promo Open to Disney Visa Holders

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by Momofonelittlemickey, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Pretty sure it was all deluxe except for monorail resorts. Maybe a view or two was limited but I don't remember those.
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  3. nicki.momof3

    nicki.momof3 Addicted to Disney Vacations

    Nicely said!
  4. Shaden

    Shaden Mouseketeer

    Awesome and congrats !!!!

    We were at CSR last year, it is great. And the kids are going to love the pool !
  5. And now the BCV through Disney are sold out (I did the studio villa vs. regular room and saved additional $500). So I'm glad I booked!
  6. Cinderumbrella - We usually do tix through Undercover Tourist too - I booked entire package this time through Disney just assuming there were the tix discounts. I hope I wasn't wrong!! Did you get info that the tix were in fact discounted and at what rate?? My CM on the phone just said that generally yes the tix were discounted but in the package so I guess they don't know??
  7. Disney-Kim

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  8. Butwhyistherumgone?

    Butwhyistherumgone? I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! A

  9. See my post on the previous page for the details of the ticket discount I was quoted. There is a discount & it is slightly more than the UT discount. However it wasn't enough for me to get locked into a vacation package. I prefer the flexibility of room only reservations.
  10. KBoopaloo

    KBoopaloo Mouseketeer

    Just called to double check that this promo won't save me any more than the Stay, Play, Dine package I have for March and the CM told me the computers are down and won't be back up for another 2 to 3 hours.

    Just FYI in case anyone was getting ready to call.
  11. Butwhyistherumgone?

    Butwhyistherumgone? I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! A

    7 nights at Coronado Springs ~ Jue 3-10th~ 7 day hoppers for 4 ( all adult prices)
    for $2540
    Price on web site was $3057 so I saved $518:cool1:
  12. pmaurer74

    pmaurer74 Mouseketeer

    me too and even booked CL GV since the CM said there were only 3 and a lot of regular GV room left.
  13. pmaurer74

    pmaurer74 Mouseketeer

    We booked BC CV GV for June 7- 14 with 8 day base tickets and regular dining plan. Regular price was $6,681 and with the promo = $5240

    for a total of $1,441 savings! If we did regular GV and no CL we would be "saving" $1,100.

    Does anyone know if you get Disney rewards when you buy gift cards?
  14. PolyAddict

    PolyAddict Our City Our Home...Finish Strong

    Did anyone get 30% off Beach Club for April?

    or CSR at 30%

    What was the biggest percentage off room?

    Our dates are April 21-25.
  15. alecshawn

    alecshawn WDW Fanatic

    We used the visa promo....saved. 20% at all star music....
    The ticket discount really is simply making the tickets slightly cheaper than using undercover tourist. BUT, it's still a good savings...we booked myw base. I'd say we saved about 5.00 more per ticket than using it. I think;). Bottom line...this is a good promo. The ticket savings is like getting a 6 day ticket for price of 5
  16. We got 30% off for April 14-19th, I think the nightly rate was around $295.

    So excited!

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