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Snake on Space Mtn

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by butsy113, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. DizBelle

    DizBelle <font color=darkorchid>CSI: Can't Stand Idiots<br

    "Snakes on a Train! (Space Mountain roller coaster train that is)"
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  3. MIKEYD820

    MIKEYD820 New Member

    When I saw this posted, I had to call my Uncle who has worked for Disney for over 20yrs. He is in the legal department and is often the "first contact" when accidents happen in any of the parks.
    I remember as a kid many times while we were visiting he would get called away and have to handle incidents where a guest was injured. I remember once he had to go handle a situation where a guest from anouther country got severly burned when a portion of the old electrical parade came in contact with this poor lady.
    I asked him about a snake bite on Space Mountain and he said that as long as he has worked there no one has ever been bitten by a snake on this ride.
    So as far as I am concerned, this is a bogus post.
    Until I see an actual incident report from Disney I call BULL!!
  4. kristie64063

    kristie64063 New Member

    How do you know? There's actually "no way" you can prove it didn't happen. It was just as likely to happen, as not likely to happen...

    It may be unbelieveable, but it's completely possible, and while it maybe can't be proved, it can't be proven it didn't happen.... Just b/c a CM didn't know ... Do you really think Disney lets every little intern know what's going on there?

    Someone also questioned that where'd the snake go, the original OP post said they had to shut down the ride and found it dead at the bottom. No, it doesn't die from biting, but could possibly from falling.

    I could very well not be true, but it could also just as easily be true, it's not really all that far fetched, just because it wasn't on the local news. If disney didn't want the details out, they probably had a pretty goood hold on keeping them in. They make billions of dollars, lol....

    However, I do like the "this is a plot to make shorter lines" theory, lol!!! :rolleyes:
  5. DVCcurious

    DVCcurious New Member

    I was there in July.

    This is hard to talk about but... here goes.

    I was at Epcot and sitting outside eating some french fries. And...a squirrel. He ran up my leg to get to my fries. And when he ran past my lap....

    Well...he touched me. He invaded my personal space. I have been molested by a squirrel.

    Now I am so ashamed. Whenever I see a squirrel I get a funny feeling "down there".

    So beware of squirrels!
  6. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 New Member

    How do you know that little squirrel was after those fries and not something else?
  7. BayouMickey

    BayouMickey Green Grinning Gators Come Out To Socialize

    I know that squirrel! He's a repeat offender!
  8. kay1864

    kay1864 New Member

    Actually, no. The likelihood of a snake NOT dropping from the ceiling of Space Mountain is much much greater than that it did.
  9. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    Are you really, really sure that his target was your fries and not your um..., er.., oh nutz.
  10. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 New Member

    squirrels sure love those nutz don't they?
  11. nancyc

    nancyc New Member

    Enjoying this thread! popcorn::
  12. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    I'm more concerned about these ToT lap-falling creatures than anything else!!
  13. Chief Powhatan

    Chief Powhatan New Member

    I heard from my neighbors brothers cousins sisters Pilates instructors parole officer that this kind of thing happens all of the time at Toy Story Mania. So... everyone should avoid that ride...

    There is a twitter account called 'Cats of Disneyland'... someone needs to start one titled 'Snakes of Space Mountain'.
  14. BayouMickey

    BayouMickey Green Grinning Gators Come Out To Socialize

    Snake mountain coming 2015

  15. princesspiglet

    princesspiglet New Member

    Ok, to be serious, I contacted my friend Beth who's daughter is currently working at SPM in the CP. She was on from 7-4 the past two weeks with Thursday and Sunday as her days off and she said that this did not happen on her shift, nor did she even hear of this happening from other SPM CM's. She rooms with two others and they know nothing about it either. :confused3
  16. Urugami

    Urugami DISdad #690

    Nah.. this has to be a Muppet Movie...
    Snakes In SPaaaaaaace!!!!

    Glad to hear the bitee will recover, but I gotta invoke the DIS Dads rule..
    Pics or it didn't happen ;)
  17. PeterPanic

    PeterPanic <font color=royalblue>I hate the squeeze thingy. I

    Spiders are everywhere not just Florida. Scorpions in Florida are very small and not venomous. They do bite and that can hurt but they don't have any dangerous things involved. They are rare, but, like all those little lizards, can get in anywhere. But you are not likely to see one.
  18. lvstitch

    lvstitch Yankees Rule

    Maybe he did get bit but not necessarily in the way he said it happened. :confused3
  19. PeterPanic

    PeterPanic <font color=royalblue>I hate the squeeze thingy. I

    To ease your mind, go back and reread that particular post. The poster said that they didn't see what it was, they felt it, grabbed it and threw it. For all they know they threw some kids toy that was dislodged in the ride. Clung to clothing might have had velcro on it.

    Point being that could have been anything. It hasn't been identified at all just spoken as a suggestion. You picked up on "spider" and stopped listening right at that spot. All we know is that something fell on someone and that someone grabbed it and threw it into the dark and still doesn't know what it was. I don't think I would worry about it much.
  20. PeterPanic

    PeterPanic <font color=royalblue>I hate the squeeze thingy. I

    That crossed my mind as well. And the posibilities with that are endless and absolutely amusing.:rotfl:
  21. Amanda999

    Amanda999 Member

    I stayed at POFQ late August this year. A big bug came in my (1st floor) room, so I called maintenance and they sent over (2!) men to get it out.

    Anyway, when I said I'm only staying in 2nd or higher floors from now on, they said they have removed a snake from the 5th floor (of another resort at Disney).

    (He was a real help, huh?!) But, didn't bother me - it's Florida, I figure.

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