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Running out of Elf on the Shelf ideas!

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by marlaine, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. marlaine

    marlaine New Member

    I'm running out of ideas for "Twinkle". He's done all of the popular things-McDonalds, swinging on the fan, reading to other toys, etc.
    Any unique ideas? :earsboy:
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  3. An_Island_Girl

    An_Island_Girl New Member

    Although not for everyone... Has he *peed* in the toilet yet? We placed a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet, and left a few stray pieces of toilet paper on the floor and sink of the bathroom... this has produced so many giggles at our house, and they always ask each morning if he remembered to flush this time.
  4. tink_lover

    tink_lover POLKA PRINCESS

    Oh my gosh, we are having so much fun with our Gilly!! He has been on the advent calendar, ridden on the train around the Christmas tree, hid in Santa's sled, got inside our glass cupboard to hide in a bowl, sat on the stocking holders on the mantel, held onto things the kids were told to put away (and didn't), hidden in the Christmas wreath - that's all I can think of off the top of my head. We love Gilly!
  5. irish_trip_mom

    irish_trip_mom New Member

    There is an old post from one of the DIS boards that I bookmarked. My daughter can't wait each morning to find out what our Elf did that night.

    Stealing from ideas here, he made snow angels in flour on the counter, hung her undies on the Christmas tree (she was MORTIFIED!!). Last night, DH and I fell asleep on the sofas and woke up at 1am, and had to scramble, so he sat in our empty pizza box, with a half eaten piece of pizza. I've also pulled beer bottles out of the recycling for him to have an evening cocktail! With two weeks to go, I need to do some thinking....but my kids would LOVE the peeing green one!
  6. LoriNSC

    LoriNSC New Member

    Lucas has hidden in the christmas stockings (feet sticking out), hidden in the tree, played video games, rolled bathroom in toilet paper, sat in the ice dispenser w/ a cup on the fridge, hung from the ceiling fan, gotten into a pkg of oreos & got the crumbs all over the counter, read a book, sat in dad's recliner watching tv. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. mum4jenn

    mum4jenn <font color=purple>My dd is the love of my life!!<

    How about knocking a cereal box over with him crawling out!!

    Put him in the fridge around something to eat.
  8. Silverbelle990

    Silverbelle990 New Member

    What is elf on the self??? It sounds like fun
  9. zalansky

    zalansky <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sponsors/s

    What does the elf do with McDonalds?
  10. tink_lover

    tink_lover POLKA PRINCESS

    I just got one for my bday - of course it's for the family :) I got the idea from these boards. I think there are many variations, but here's the one we got


    The story that goes along is fun - the elf tells Santa how the kids have been behaving. Every morning, he is in a new place in the house. Our kids are Loving it.
  11. ptmmg

    ptmmg New Member

    Elfie has been found drinking a bottle of syrup with a straw,making snow angels, last night he dressed up like a rock star (I found little costumes at the dollar store ) next week one day he'll dress up like a doctor stethoscope included!! decorate the room room with big styrofoam snowflakes another dollar store find! the biggest hit was peeing green we left a note with elfie saying Even Elves have to pee but they don't always remember to flush. My kids woudn't use that bathroom that day they didnt want Elfie watching them LOL. he brings little treats some nights. And leaves notes one note stated that he was shocked by their room and he wouldn't say anything to Santa becouse he knew they would take care of it. Sure enough the room was cleaned that morning.

    Yesterday he left a note for them to check their email ( mine) and they each had a video from santa not sure of the link but got it on these boards you should have seen their faces when they saw their pictures inside that book. My Older son 17 was on the naughty list for leaving his underwear on the floor and not putting down the toilet seat the youger kids were laughing hysterically.

    I find that on nights he isnt misbehaving just a note is enough.
  12. MouseEarsMickey

    MouseEarsMickey New Member

    This is our first year with Elvin & we are loving every minute of it! Some of our family favorites so far were "wrapping" the kids bedroom doorway, taking a marshmallow bath in the bathroom sink and the day he brought a Snowman Kit!
  13. SnoWhiteRabbit

    SnoWhiteRabbit New Member

    We love this. It's our 2nd year with Candy Cane Jinglemintz (CC for short). We've added a second elf this year. Some of the more creative things we've done include:

    * the elves tossed all the blankets out of the dog crate, climbed inside, hug several christmas ornaments at the top of the crate and tucked themselves in with my christmas pillows

    * creating a blog page -- kids found the elf at my laptop, laptop opened to the blog, telling stories about them and her adventures at our house

    * a "snowball fight" with packing styrofoam

    * we have a small tree decoration on the dining room table. The elves have removed the lights and gotten tangled up together in the strand of lights

    * they've gotten tangled up in curling ribbon i "accidentally" left out!

    * the two snapped the wishbone we were saving

    Some of the usual ideas we've done:
    * watching a new holiday dvd, remote in hand, popcorn all over
    * scattering all our christmas story books all over, ad then laid on their stomachs reading one of the books
    * hiding in the freezer
    * baking brownies & flour snow angels
    * toilet paper and ceiling fan adventures
    * riding around in a barbie car
    * hanging upside down inside our chimney
    * hiding in the wine cabinet, drinking a juice box with a straw

    That's all I can think of right now, but I will post more if I can think of any.
    Have fun!!
  14. SnoWhiteRabbit

    SnoWhiteRabbit New Member

    Oh yeah, and we havent done this one yet, but we are going to use our elves' faces on "ELF YOURSELF." This should be very funny! My kids love this site!

    I think I am also going to send them outside and have them make repairs on my kids' scooters -- I bought new wheels and handle grips for their scooters as Christmas gifts, but I thought it would be funny to leave a bunch of tools around and have their scooters tuned up by Santa's elves! LOL - They do make toys so maybe they can repair them, too ;)

    Have fun!
  15. Kat77

    Kat77 <font color=blue>Now if I could just remember how

    Tonight my elves are going to be found with printed directions to a Christmas Lights display and my van keys! I guess we will have to take them out to see it since I do not want elves driving my van!
    I'm going to attempt making elf slippers this week for the kids. THAT should be hilarious if it works out.
    I mentioned this before but here goes- Outline the toilet with holiday lights! Someone is bound to venture out in the middle of the night :rotfl:
    When all else fails leave a present! Hit Target, Dollar Tree or Big Lots for Elf hats, silly socks and candy coal. I have a stash put away the busy/lazy nights.
  16. libinatorsmom

    libinatorsmom New Member

    Our elf has been into lots of trouble and just fun too

    Last night he but 5 boxes of candy canes all over the living room and on the christmas tree

    He cut out about 100 paper snow flakes and decorated the living room with them

    Decorated the tree with DD's undies

    Made a race track out of can food and was in the barbie car racing barbie

    caught watching a movie and eating popcorn

    Did a Frankie Card find - printed 9 Frankie cards and they were hidden all over the house he left her a gift when she found them all

    Set up the Prep and Landing Set from the ABC printables page

    Printed out somd Dinsey coloring pages and was found coloring - left spots for DD

    Found hiding in her coat with a new scarf wraped around him

    Ate all of DD's Furit Roll ups

    I will admit I am runing out of ideas.... EEEEKKKK
  17. marlaine

    marlaine New Member

    Thanks to everyone! My DS really got a kick out of the underwear on the tree too! One morning we awoke to Twinkle on pillows on the chair at the kitchen table with an empty McDonalds Happy Meal bag--he ate all the nuggets and fries, but he left some Juice and the toy!
    I forgot about peeing green--thanks for the reminder!
    This has been so much fun for my son (and me too)!
    All these ideas are great!;)
  18. KNJWDW

    KNJWDW New Member

    We have done a lot of the things already mentioned. But these two come to mind:

    One time, Bob was found wearing Ken's suit and having a party with the other Barbies that were dressed in their fancy gowns. Ken was sitting back in the corner sulking!

    The other night, he made a Mr. Potato head and they have become fast friends. The next day we found the two of them arm-in-arm watching Prep & Landing.

    Our kids leave him a treat every night. Our golden retriever loves that! We have caught him twice now, eating the cookies. Our whole family seems to be getting in on the fun!:banana:

  19. CC12005

    CC12005 New Member

    I have never heard of this before. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to get our own little Elf!
  20. ssmith010

    ssmith010 New Member

    We are having alot of fun with Jingles. My DD favorite was the underwear on the tree. We also did the snow angel, snowball fight with cotton balls, wathing a christmas show while eating popcorn. She was very messy. Now she is having a tea party with Santa and friends. Tomorrow she is going to leave a small decorated tree in DD room. The elf loves her Gingerbread Tent that we got at target. She sleeps in a stocking. This is a wonderful family tradition. Thanks to everyone for sharing all the great ideas.
  21. lukenick1

    lukenick1 New Member

    subbing for ideas

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