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Port Orleans Riverside FAQ thread --- 2012, Part Three --- NOW FULL / CLOSED

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Indy Denise

    Indy Denise Member


    Thank You, Andre!!!!I am so excited ! I can't wait to stay at POR again ( did the Orleans side once )
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  3. Sherrkel

    Sherrkel Disney World Dreamer . . . Wish I Could Be At My H

    I've ordered cases of bottled water in the past from a local Orlando service like Garden Grocer; not sure what the current price is, and there are delivery fees. I've also read about people ordering cases from places like Walmart and having them delivered to the resort c/o your reservation # (but I think they ask to keep it to minimum order). There is also the Hess station at DTD (across the street) that I've read people take the boat, pick up water (and other items) and lug them back to boat to their rooms. Sounds like a hassle to me, but if it saves $, I guess it's worth it!
  4. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    I don't think they would go back after recently refurbing the regular mansion rooms and spend even more refurbing them yet again and taking buildings down again to make any of them Royal. It just doesn't seem likely. So I say not going to happen.

    Another ill informed TA!!!

    Spoke to supervisor the other day, Andre we have some info to share with you. May have to set a day or time to contact you with some time to spare.
  5. lucifie

    lucifie Mouseketeer

    It sounds like even with delivery fees it would be less expensive to have it delivered. $16 is outrageous - not that I'm surprised since it's Disney. We're driving, so we're bringing our own stuff and last week I paid $6-something for 48 8 oz bottles of Deer Park
  6. Stan Solo

    Stan Solo I don't know what to put here. Tag fairies can you

    I've done both Walmart and Hess.

    Walmart was cheaper and the delivery fee is free if you make a minimum order not sure if it was $50 or $75. We ordered water, granola bars, pop tarts, sun block and some MioEnergy drinks that we can't get in Canada and I wanted to bring back with me. I would suggest ordering 7-8 days before your check in day.

    With Hess we planed to go to DTD anyways on our first day so we took the boat had lunch/supper, shopped and explored. Before heading back to POR we walked to the Hess station bought a case of water, some fruit, chips, milk and Twinkie's (it was the first time my DD15 ever had a Twinkie and probably her last). To carry everything back to POR I brought a few cloth grocery bags and just kept them in my backpack while at DTD. The walk from the Hess station to the bus stop is not long at all. Then you just take the bus back to POR.

    It was just the two of us and one case of water (24) for the room for only a week was more the enough for us. We brought refillable stainless steel bottles with us to the park and each morning I would fill them with ice and bottled water then just refill them at the parks with ice and water when we stopped to eat or get a snack.

    I actually enjoyed going to Hess and looking around but if you have small children then I would go with Walmart or Garden Grocer.
  7. We ordered a case of water from Walmart.com in August and shipped it to POP. At that time it was $3.48 per case and $.97 to ship ($.97 per item). It was SO worth it!!

    Question regarding bell services at POR: can I call from my room and ask someone to drop that off in my room after check in or do I need to lug it back myself? Its been so long since I stayed here that I don't remember if they offer traditional bell services.

  8. cheryterese

    cheryterese Mouseketeer

    Thank you to you, and to the others, for the options! We really just need the water, so I'm not sure which way we will do it. $16 for a case seems outrageous though!!
  9. cheryterese

    cheryterese Mouseketeer

    Walmart sounds like the easiest and cheapest. Do they deliver it to the front desk and we pick it up there?
  10. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    Wow......... Stan!!!!! Long time my friend. Wow I actually missed you on her my friend!
  11. Hopefully the POR regulars cans answer procedure for this resort.

    However, at POP it was a bit of an issue. Normally when a case of water is delivered to POP, it goes to the luggage room. For whatever reason, Walmart actually put my case of water in a big brown box, so it went to the POP mail room, like a parcel would. When I checked in, they knew I had a package since the desk clerk offered to get it for me. I declined since our room was not yet ready, and I knew what it was. Once our room was ready, NO ONE could find it. They were looking in the luggage room with the other wrapped cases of water. Eventually it was found, but I had to lug it back to my room myself. (No easy feat seeing it was in a HUGE box).
  12. Stan Solo

    Stan Solo I don't know what to put here. Tag fairies can you

    I luged it back myself if they had traditional bell services they did not offer it to me and it was not a light package. The guy from the front desk that brought it to me could hardly lift it and was worn out when he arrived. I have to hand it to the little guy made it thought. I have no idea how far he had to walk with it but it took him forever. I will bring an empty suitcase on wheeles next time.
  13. Missytara

    Missytara I'm all ears!

    No packages go to the front desk.

    All packages go to Guest Services. They are located to the right hand side of the entrance. You will see Guest Services CM's located at that area.
  14. Missytara

    Missytara I'm all ears!

    Moderates and deluxes have guest services who handle packages; values do not. If you have it delivered to the room, it is standard to tip the CM.
  15. cheryterese

    cheryterese Mouseketeer

    Thank you. Just to be clear, I ask Walmart to deliver to Guest Services at POR and then we can pick it up there anytime that day? I'm not going to order anything for delivery if we have to be present to accept it. We need to get to Epcot ASAP, lol!! Do we tip Guest Services when we pick it up from them?

    And another tipping question. We will be putting the Magical Express tags on our 5 checked bags. Who do we tip for these - Magical Express or the person who brings them to our room or both? I'm confused about how the tagged baggage works. I'm thinking we don't pick it up from baggage claim but Magical Express does and delivers it to the room sometime that day and we may or may not be there?
  16. Fantastic! Thank you!! :goodvibes
  17. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    PMs replied to.
  18. You will never see the ME delivery people to tip them. However, if the ME bus driver stores bags under the bus for you (carry ons, stroller etc) it is customary to tip him/her.
  19. Stan Solo

    Stan Solo I don't know what to put here. Tag fairies can you

    You don't have to be present to receive your parcel just be sure to have your reservation number on the address. I would order 7 days before you arrive.

    We've only gone twice but both times we were out of the room having fun when the bags were placed in our room and never saw who brought our bags. It was just magic!
  20. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Postal and package deliveries (including groceries) all go to the incoming mail storage room at the resort, which in POR's case is actually behind the front-desk area (but also accessible from Bell Services, as the backstage offices are located between the check-in lobby and the bell services area).

    Deliveries are normally kept in the mail room until someone comes to collect them, except when something is marked as needing refrigeration in which case that will be handled accordingly. When you collect, they'll bring your package out to the front desk for you - but if it's very big/heavy then you could ask them if they can get Bell Services to deliver it to your room (you'd need to be there in the room, and you should tip the CM who brings it).

    I was talking to the mailroom supervisor last year, and she asked me to pass a message on that it makes their life much easier if people limit such deliveries to one case of bottles per shipping box. Walmart had been starting to send two cases of bottles in one outer box, and that was becoming difficult to handle. No problems with however much you want to order, but just ask the shippers to limit how much goes into each outer package.

  21. disneytraceyl

    disneytraceyl Loving All Things Disney

    We are staying here for this trip. I am very nervous. We have really not stayed at this hotel before.
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