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Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread, New for 2012 (thread now FULL and CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 10, 2012.

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  1. taylor3297

    taylor3297 New Member

    If depends if POFQ is one of the mods at which they are staying.

    We went during Pop Warner week, but stayed at the Poly. So we didn't really notice them.
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  3. DisBamaGirl

    DisBamaGirl New Member

    That was what I was wondering. I didn't know if they normally stay at POFQ or not. How were the crowds during Pop Warner week?
  4. jalpert

    jalpert New Member

    Quick question. We have only been to WDW once and stayed at CSR. Had we know parking was so easy, we probably would have rented a car.

    We want to rent a car this time around, but we're ready for a change. How is the parking at POFQ? Can I expect to park close to our room, and expect finding a spot not being an issue?

    We are going in the middle of January. I searched this thread but had a hard time sorting through the hits. Thanks.
  5. I guess it would depend upon which building you were in as to how close you are to your car. If it is important to you, then you might want to add a request of a building that has a back to a parking lot. We stayed in Building 4. Although we were facing into the resort and a courtyard, the back of the building faced a parking lot where we parked our van. It was so easy. There were plenty of spaces and this was in June.

    The map at the beginning of this thread should give you an idea of what buildings to request.
  6. taylor3297

    taylor3297 New Member

    Crowds weren't bad at all. Our longest wait was 20 minutes. The Pop Warner kids tend to go the parks in the evenings and when they have been eliminated.
  7. jcammans

    jcammans New Member

    Are there any printers available for use at POFQ? (Just if I needed to print a document - nothing very lengthy)
  8. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    There are no user-accessible printers, you'd need a resort with a business center for that. However if you ask nicely at the front desk they may be able to print out airline boarding pass, etc for you. They are not really meant to load guest documents (e.g. from memory sticks) though, but I guess they could print an email if you forwarded it to them.

  9. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    I like the previous question! It reminded me that I was wondering if any of the resorts had any on-line pc's available.
  10. jalpert

    jalpert New Member

    I guess I am more concerned about the horror stories I've heard from other hotels where people come back at night and can't find a spot etc.

    Is there plenty of parking to the point where I wouldn't have to worry about being stuck without a spot?

  11. NewsiesGoil

    NewsiesGoil New Member

    So excited to be staying at POFQ for my first solo trip! It seems like a great choice because of its size so I feel like it'll be less intimidating. I loved POR but it was huge and I really didn't like POP (way too many people). Looking forward to being able to use the boat to get to DTD again!
  12. Maybe someone else who drives more often to the parks can answer this. We tend to use WDW transportation when we know we are staying until closing. However, we did not have any trouble finding a spot in the lot right behind building 4 when we did venture out with the van.
  13. Kona65

    Kona65 Taking it slow and easy!

    Moving to the front of the line.:cool1:
  14. bzzelady

    bzzelady New Member

    Hello All!

    Booked an impromptu trip to POFQ August 9th-18th in 2 garden view rooms.
    Looking forward to returning as this is our favorite moderate resort!
  15. ncc1701

    ncc1701 Scotty I need Warp 10 to WDW

    We haven't had a car on our last few trips but never had any problem with parking before. Based on the cars in the lots our last few trips I don't think parking will be an issue in January.Plus it is such a compact resort that if there is no parking near your building it isn't a big deal if you park a lot or 2 away.
  16. Hootch

    Hootch New Member

    every trip and have never had an issue with finding a parking space at any time. We usually go in June which is a heavier time. We usually drive to the water parks, Epcot, DHS and DAK unless we are pairing them up with the MK. Since we usually take midday breaks we're in and out of the parking lot 10-20 times a trip - easily - with no problems.
  17. DisBamaGirl

    DisBamaGirl New Member

    Thanks for the info! We've never gone to the world at that time of year so I wasn't sure what to expect. Twenty minute waits so fantastic! :banana:
  18. cigar95

    cigar95 DIS weakest link

    I'm wondering where the dividing line comes between "Standard View" and "Garden View".

    If it's a nice view of trees and courtyard, but with a little bit of parking lot off to the left, for example, does that typically get classed as "Standard" or "Garden"?

    In other words, sometimes it's an obvious parking lot view, sometimes there's obviously no parking lot in sight, but how do they classify the rooms that might be one or the other?
  19. BridgetR3

    BridgetR3 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Not sure where the dividing line would be but we have a standard view just last month and it was a corner room on building 4. We were on the opposite side of the parking lot so we could not see the cars at all. We did have a view of the ferns beside the stairwell/elevator shaft on one side and the cobblestone path with a grassy area behind it for the other side. It wasn't a garden but it was very nice!
  20. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    POFQ - online check is tomorrow. Single digits after the 4th of July. WDW here we come......:banana:
  21. momto28weeker+1

    momto28weeker+1 New Member

    I feel ready but am already worrying about forgetting something. I know, they have everything there...lol
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