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POP Century~Unofficially the Grooviest FAQ Thread #7~Sept 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Janet B, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    Awesome!! :cheer2: Here's to safe travels and a wonderful trip!! :cool1:
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  3. bamadismom

    bamadismom Earning My Ears

    We (me, dh and ds2) are headed to POP in 10 days for our first trip! First of all I want to say this thread has been awesome to gain information from. I have been lurking for about a month and decided to go ahead and register. We were going to let ds2 sleep in the other full bed with bed rails but I didn't see that option only for a pack n play when I done online check in today. Does POP offer bed rails? And also we will be there for DS 2nd birthday so I was trying to add that to celebrations and then do room request (50s lakeview) but I got an error message telling me neither of those could be added. I booked through a travel agent but she told me to do online check in and submit my requests then. Thanks for all the help!
  4. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    The best way to submit requests is to call CRO and have them added to your reservation. As you are finding out, adding requests during online check-in is troublesome.

    When you physically check in, you can ask for housekeeping to deliver bed rails.
  5. Suelala

    Suelala Member

    FINALLY! It is time for Disney! Flying tomorrow, and can't wait!!!:dance3:
  6. bamadismom

    bamadismom Earning My Ears

    Thank you!
  7. mickey1968

    mickey1968 Member

    Anybody that is still packing to come be sure to throw in some long pants and sweatshirts. The temps are coming back up during the day but the nights are very chilly.

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  8. Point well taken! :thumbsup2 Will be out past midnight for MVMCP on 11/12 so packing zip up pants, fleece jackets and gloves just in case. Thanks for the advice!

    Now if I could only convince my DS to wear something to cover his legs... 59 degrees here in the mornings and he is still wearing shorts to school everyday...
  9. Sandi

    Sandi <font color=red>A proud Spartans fan!

    59 degrees is a heat wave! My DD is wearing shorts and skirts when our days are starting at 35 degrees now. Sounds like he'll be fine at WDW in the evenings.
  10. 3Leafs

    3Leafs Mouseketeer

    It's in the 30's here and my ds still wears shorts. Kids.....
  11. Redarrow5150

    Redarrow5150 Mouseketeer

    Was very happy with Pop! We've stayed at CS and CBR but Pop (IMO) was the best by far.
  12. lovbeinmom

    lovbeinmom Member

    On the Magical Express headed toward POP!!! Flight was on time leaving and early into MCO....Southwest is awesome!! Ready for bed to get started tomorrow! I'll check in over the next couple days.
  13. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    :woohoo: A first timer! Remember to ask for your first visit and birthday celebration pins from the CM at check in. :goodvibes Have a magical trip!!

    :banana: Hope you are flying the friendly skies now!! Have a wonderful trip!!

    There is my DD too!!! Kids .....geesh ...:upsidedow

    POP Rocks!! :thumbsup2

    :yay: Enjoy!! :dance3: If you do get a chance would love to hear from you in Disney, but if not, after is good too!! :cool1:
  14. lovbeinmom

    lovbeinmom Member

    Good Morning Popsters....

    Arrived at Pop last night about 12:30am.
    Check In was smooth....did not have any room requests. We are pref pool view building 5, 3rd floor. Very quite at night but this morning I can hear toilets flush and people talking .... no big deal. Bed is not comfortable and small but it is only a few nights. Since we arrived so last we are just chillin today here at Pop. Later this evening we may head over to the putt-putt then have dinner at Wolf Gang Express.

    I'll POP back later....
  15. hpfan100

    hpfan100 Mouseketeer

    totally agree about those beds..hard stuff. Hope you have fun exploring POP and the neighbor AoA too!
  16. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    :wave: Thanks for checking in!! :) Beds are hard (but we like that!) ...btw keep the bathroom door closed at night, t helps against the noise.

    Chillin', a game of golf, and rounding it out at WPE tonight sounds perfect!! We love WPE. :thumbsup2

    Enjoy! :cool1:
  17. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink Mouseketeer

    Hey there Neighbor!! We're in bldg 5 right now too! We're not pool view though. We're ground floor facing away. So far it has been very quiet andI love the location!!
    Not sure what to think though when I walked in tonite and the CM said to me "Well Hello there! Weren't you here not that long ago? Welcome Back!"
    Better Yet, DD attempted to go to our 'old' room at one point! I guess this is a sign we spend a little too much time here?? LOL!

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  18. Only 7 days until we're 1st time PoPpers! :yay::yay::yay::yay:

    Thinking through our schedule and need some guidance from the experienced PoPpers out there: We've got a 9:25am ADR @ 1900 Park Fare the day we check-out. Thinking that we'll just pack the car and check-out on our way to breakfast.

    Here's the question: What time should we leave PoP to drive to GF, self-park and get to our morning ADR with time to spare? Any other advice always appreciated. TIA!
  19. Janet B

    Janet B Mouseketeer

    :rotfl2: Too funny!! Although it IS nice to be remembered!! And it's a riot that your DD was heading to the prior room you had!!

    And it can never be said that one spends TOO much time at Disney!

    :wave2: It's a good plan to check out and pack up the car before heading over to the GF. Keep in mind that self parking at the GF is further away from the resort (the closer parking is reserved for guests at the resort).

    Are you planning to go to MK that day?? If so, I would park at Ticket & Transportation and take the monorail to GF. If not, probably leave POP around 8:30 am .... you will arrive early, but you may be able to be seated in advance of your ADR time, or you can just relax in the lobby area...:)
  20. lovbeinmom

    lovbeinmom Member

    Howdy....I now wish we would have requested ground floor but I was scared of snakes in my room...lol...too much reading online!

    Back again....must be nice! Are you s Florida local?
  21. Thank you for the advice, Janet! :flower3: We're not going to MK that day since we plan to pick oranges at Showcase of Citrus before hitting the road home. We'll prepare to leave POP by 8:30am. We're looking forward to spending some time checking out GF... Maybe they'll even have a few early Christmas decorations for us to see. Thanks again!
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