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Official 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon Thread - Take 2

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by MoonFaerie, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. My left foot has been bothering me quite a bit following the race. It didn't start until Monday morning - very sore along the outside edge between toes and ankle and radiating to the top and bottom of my foot when at it's worst. I have avoided running and excessive walking (other than a full day in the parks on Monday:)). It's gotten better, but still hurts almost a week later and seems aggravated if I am on my feet a lot.

    Here's my question: At what point do I give up on "this is just race wear and tear that will subside on its own" and have it checked by a doctor? My overall recovery was longer than usual for this race (quads, hamstrings still sore on Wednesday). Hoping this is just a strain that will also feel better soon, but starting to worry.
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  3. VickiHD

    VickiHD Mouseketeer

    Welcome Jenna :wave2:

    I thought I saw you at the MK on Monday...so I went up to this family, and to the person who I thought was you to say Hi and this family thought I was a complete wack-a-do. :rotfl2:

    Which race did you like better?? Tink or Princess ?? Are you going to attend the DL 1/2 ?
  4. RunnerRen

    RunnerRen ~Ren~

    Hey all! I have been playing catch up here on the boards since the race, my internet was super spotty at WDW.

    Anyways, I thought the race was so much fun!! I guess I did not run into the big problems others faced? That being said, I definitely think they should start earlier and add more corrals to help relieve the bottleneck areas and increase safety :0) I loved the expo, yes crowded but I have nothing to compare it to so I was pretty much in heaven from the moment I landed in Orlando til I had to leave! Doubt anything could have made me mad LOL!

    I got so many pics along the course and decided that time wasn't important (first half so no matter what it'd be a PR!) But still managed 2:40:43 which I am happy about!

    Probably won't do Princess next year, but gonna get C2C with Tink and W&D! Hope to see y'all at those races! DH and I will also be at TOT this year! Anybody else planning on that one??
  5. TiggerAllie

    TiggerAllie Mouseketeer

    Jenna Boyd did not start in A. We started in the back of A, and she was standing outside of the corral fencing with the runDisney people just before we crossed the start line. If her bib did not pick up when she crossed the start her net time would be wrong.
  6. jkboyd

    jkboyd Earning My Ears

    We were at animal kingdom on Monday :) Did MK Thursday before Princess. I liked Tink better. I prefer the CA course and I enjoyed all the support throughout the course/city streets. I also liked that it was significantly less humid. I definitely enjoyed getting to meet and take photos with Jeff Galloway and Sean Astin while on the sidelines at Princess.
    I don't know yet about the DL half. I have a lot of local races and I'm working towards a personal goal for the year.
    I wouldn't have looked at you like a wack a do :)
    What are your upcoming races/goals?
  7. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    If it were me I would make a appointment for the foot. DH broke his foot a couple of years ago, thought it was just a sprain. Found out later it had been broken but too late to fix it so he does have some running problems now. Better to get it checked out now.
  8. VickiHD

    VickiHD Mouseketeer

    Thanks !!

    I just completed Tink and Princess I finally got my C2C . Next race is the DL 1/2 and next year Tink again. We do the races at DL since we're in California.
    I only seem to run for the mouse--so until DL I will continue to run and work on my time goals.
  9. cimrk01

    cimrk01 Member

    I think I found a video of you while stalk--searching for Sean Astin on youtube

  10. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    Jenna, you are my hero. Congratulations on getting your coast to coast. I hope to do that next year, with the Tink and another non-Princess race.

    We saw you on the side of the stage as we ran past - I was hoping they let you start in B or C, and I am glad they did. To be honest, we looked up your time before ours because I was hoping you had finished and earned your medal.

    I'm disappointed in the snark I see over where you started. I think your journey to this is inspirational and your Think finishing video was my go-to when I felt like giving up in the weeks before the race.

    These Disney races are not, in my opinion, for the serious runners or for PRing. We all have a local race or 10 we can PR. These races are Disney - magic, dreams, all that stuff we buy into even though we are adults. Pixie dust!

    Jenna and women like her embody what these races are about for me. Reaching a goal that seems impossible. I know I NEVER would have done one half, let alone 4, without my friends and Disney magic. I never would have attempted it. But the welcoming atmosphere allowed me to do the impossible.

    I also think that this race is a natural girls' weekend, and I don't appreciate that snark either. I'm not a "real" runner. So I don't understand those frustrations. But I live in a runner heavy area and the serious runners I know distinguish the fun races from the PR ones. Not one of those ladies who can run laps around me at the track finds fault with making a race like this an experience. On the contrary, they encourage women like me to keep going. I might not be them, but I'm something. And that's enough.

    Jenna, congratulations again and please know you inspire me and many more women like me.
  11. longhorns2

    longhorns2 Mouseketeer

    Yep! That's Amy and Sean with PbRC!
  12. NitroStitch

    NitroStitch Mouseketeer

    Really well said! When I saw Jenna before the race, I got chills watching the video of her finishing Tink and was so excited for her to get her Coast-to-Coast. Only a few years ago, I wasn't a runner and I was very non-athletic, yet I felt welcome at RunDisney races. I'm glad to see that Jenna felt the same, and she's a big inspiration! :cool1:
  13. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    AMEN sister....just got done talking with a friend and said this race was not a PR event but an "I did it" event and fun weekend. Most people I talk to about the race never ask my finish time...just congratulate me on a really big achievement!

    Way to go Jenna....you have inspired many !:yay:
  14. samc

    samc Member

  15. samc

    samc Member

    Me too! If anyone has 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 & 13 mile markers I'd appreciate copies of those please! TIA :)
  16. Tiger Lily 03

    Tiger Lily 03 <font color=green>Famous for my Potato Salad<br><f Moderator

  17. tinkeramy

    tinkeramy Mouseketeer

  18. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    DH (who did the PHM with,e albeit a little grudgingly...) thinks we should do the coast to coast. Since Disneyland half is closed...do we think they will do coast to coast next year ?
  19. sunnygal041

    sunnygal041 Mouseketeer

    Hope so. Gives us 1 year to save up money for travel.
  20. VickiHD

    VickiHD Mouseketeer

    Yes, they have had C2C for years now. Another ideal for 2014 is doing Tink in Jan. Then you could do Princess the following month. For any DL race, I would sign up right when reg. opens ups.
  21. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    Guess I will see you girls there ? Are you gals going over to the princess 2014 threads mentioned earlier ?
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