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Notre Dame!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Arsenal1982, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Princess Dolly

    Princess Dolly <font color=green>Unfortunately it encroached the

    Oh yes. So near death with all this power.
    The BCS has a vested interest that you guys do good at some point otherwise it is an even bigger laughingstock then it already is. Near death my ***.
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  3. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 Active Member

    We have an amazing fan base with a network that spans the globe. We bring the money. But that doesn't translate to on field results, as the past 24 years have shown.
  4. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 Active Member

    Very hard to argue with the teams that comprise the Top 14. As determined by the NCAA coaches and the computer rankings, which take into account strength of schedule. I will trust their "subjectivity" over yours any day.
  5. ICF

    ICF Active Member

    If that's the biggest "lie" told to a recruit by a college coach on a recruiting visit, then the kid is lucky. I don't doubt similar stories could be told by recruits after talking to the likes of Meyer, Saben, Kiffin and the rest.

    I mean, it's not like a coach from Oklahoma (47%), S. Carolina (55%), Florida State (57%), USC (57%) or KState (58%) telling a recruit they could come to school and actually graduate with a decent degree -- since roughly half the football players at those schools never earn a degree. Notre Dame graduated 97%.


    That graduation rate by itself makes Notre Dame different than many other schools. At ND -- you are almost assured of not only playing football, but that you'll also earn a very good degree -- in case the football career doesn't work out.
  6. FireDancer

    FireDancer DIS Veteran

    The high graduation rate is great but that is down to the students and their desire, not the school. If a student decides to make their school work and classes as big of a priority as their extracurriculars (which is all football is) they will be a successful student that graduates. If they blow off classes or do the minimum and then drop out they will do that too.

    I worked a 48/hour per week job and took a full case load (18 credit hours one semester) and graduated with honors in 3 years. That wasn't the school's hard work, it was mine. You can juggle two time consuming activities at once if you want whether that second one is a child, a job, or an extracurricular activity like football.

    As for the BCS, how well a school travels or the fan base shouldn't matter. It is an athletic competition and the selections should be based on merit. Rankings are not really a good way to decide either but since that is what we have the way it should work is the conference champions from BSC conferences get in and then the remaining highest ranking teams that didn't win those conferences. No at large team should ever be selected unless they are the highest ranking team at large team left after the champsions...full stop.

    Of course that isn't what happens but that doesn't make it right either.
  7. doxdogy

    doxdogy <font color=0000CC>Owned by doxies!<br><font color

    I am a die hard ND fan. I jokingly tell people that if you are Catholic it is written in the Baptismal Vows that you will cheer for ND football. :rotfl:

    I think it is great that they are headed to the BCS game. I just wish my dad was here to share in the excitement. I am sure he is smiling in heaven. :)
  8. Callie

    Callie Always Dreaming of Disney Magic

    IUSB has 8000 plus students
  9. ICF

    ICF Active Member

    I picked up the wrong # from the site I used. I should have used 4500 -- which is the # of fulltime students. The 8000 # includes nearly 4000 part timers.
  10. DopeyDame

    DopeyDame Active Member

    I can't believe I just saw this thread! GO IRISH!

    Ding Ding Ding! And THIS is what makes ND a great University and a great football program. (No, not the only great one, I'll readily concede, but there are faaaaaar too few schools who take the student part of student-athlete seriously for their football players.) For the first time, a school is ranked #1 in the BCS and #1 in NCAA football graduation rate (They are also #1 for NCAA graduation rate for male athletes, female athletes, and African American athletes). That's pretty darn impressive. And makes us Domers extraordinarily proud of our school.

    The knock on ND for the last two decades has been that you can't limit your recruiting pool to 'smart kids' and also be successful on the football field. ND has refused to buy into that load of BS and has continued to strive for excellent in all areas. This year is a shining example that you can, indeed, recruit smart kids, make them take real classes, expect them to succeed, and also win some games.

  11. wilderness01

    wilderness01 Been There, Done That, Going Back!

    Nice post. We are proud. We are ND! GO IRISH.

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