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Notre Dame!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Arsenal1982, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 Mouseketeer

    Very impressive win, Go Irish!! I hope the rest of the world learned a lesson tonight.. Don't you ever doubt the Irish again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :worship: :worship::worship:
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  3. karen l

    karen l Mouseketeer

    Very impressive win - wishing the Irish continued success!
  4. ICF

    ICF Mouseketeer

    Great win for the Irish!!

    Hoping to see them 11-0 heading into USC in late November....and then 12-0 when they leave!

  5. jcieutat

    jcieutat Member

    I have to say that they did look impressive last night. The BCS is gonna be one huge mess this year. I think Alabama, Oregon, ND, and possibly Kansas State will go undefeated. I know Alabama will be there in the end but its going to be a controversy for the number two spot. I wish ND would have joined the ACC full time in football, that would have given them more legitimacy. They need to play in a conference championship like the rest.

    GO NOLES >>>------>>
  6. ICF

    ICF Mouseketeer

    ND doesn't need the ACC in football, and they aren't a very good football conference to begin with. They have 2 schools in the whole ACC that have fewer than 3 losses -- FSU & Clemson. ND plays 3 ACC schools this season (Miami, Wake & BC) as it is. For reference, here's a ranking that list them as only the 6th best conference.


    If they joined the ACC full time, they wouldn't be able to play schools like - USC, Oklahoma, Stanford, Michigan or Michigan State most years. They would likely end up playing those difficult out of conference schedules that FSU (Murray State / Savannah State) & Clemson (Ball State/Furman) play.

    The ACC is a great basketball conference - and with the Big East turning into a giant mess and everyone leaving, it was time for the rest of ND's team to find a new home....and they ended up in one of the top Hoops Conferences in the country.
  7. ez

    ez <font color=green>Yoshi Lover<br><font color=deepp

    Go Noles!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Why does a school named after a French Cathedral have an Irish team name/mascot? I take it that the school is heavily Roman Catholic, but do they have a ditzy geography department or somesuch?
  9. ICF

    ICF Mouseketeer

    Are you serious??? I really hope you're just trying to be funny.

    It's not named after a french Cathedral. Notre Dame means, "Our Lady" -- i.e. Mary the mother of Jesus.

    The school is named after her given her importance in the Catholic Church.
  10. Irish9697

    Irish9697 Member

    Notre Dame was founded by a young, French Priest Father Sorin hence the French name. He originally named the school L'Universite de Notre Dame du Lac. Basically, the university of our lady of the lake because of the lakes on campus.

    The Fighting Irish came from the students who went there - many Irish Catholic Immigrants.

    All that being said...GO IRISH!! We will be there next weekend for the Pitt game!!

    I'm class of 97 and my kids hope to be class of 2022 & 2023!
  11. arminnie

    arminnie <font color=blue>Tossed the butter kept the gin<br

    They looked good yesterday but are going to be killed by the BCS computers no matter the rest of the season as the rest of their opponents are wusses. Even USC has two losses (so far).

    Not sure how they would do against Oregon or Bama.
  12. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 Mouseketeer

    Both Wake and Pitt are .500 teams right now, I would hardly consider them "wusses." Additionally, ND has already beaten very difficult teams while others still have to prove themselves (Bama and Oregon). Actually, Bama's schedule thus far has been an outright joke. They haven't even played the best teams in the SEC thus far.. no Georgia, no LSU, no South Carolina, no Florida. That my friends is a JOKE!!!

    There is a good chance neither Oregon or Bama will even be there at the end. Bama has to go into Baton Rouge on Saturday night. And Oregon has 3 difficult games left (USC, Stanford, Oregon State).
  13. Jestocost

    Jestocost DIS Veteran

  14. wilderness01

    wilderness01 Been There, Done That, Going Back!

    Spot on correct.

    GO IRISH :shamrock:
  15. ICF

    ICF Mouseketeer

    As far as the balance of schedules go, lots of bad teams being played....

    Alabama plays Western Carolina (1-8) and Auburn (1-7)
    LSU plays plays Mississippi (5-3) and Arkansas (3-5)
    Kansas State plays TCU (5-3, who's lost 3 of 4) and Baylor (3-4 w/ 4 straight L's)

    Oregon has a tough schedule playing USC, tanford & Oregon State - if they win out, they'll have earned their spot in the title game.

    ND has one losing record team at this point -- BC, and here's hoping they dont pull a repeat of 1993 when they play ND.
  16. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Not trying to be funny at all , and yes, I was serious. Sorry I'm not all hip on the history of that particular college and how "Our Lady" gets translated into meaning one certain figure in Christian mythology.

    Thank you to those that took the time to actually explain the connection between the French history and the Irish immigrants.
  17. Disneychix

    Disneychix Is it summer yet?

    Go Irish!! :dance3:
    We were there for BYU! SOOO FUN!
    We are thinking of driving up again for the Pitt game. Well, I should say-if I said "yes" DH would've already booked a hotel and we'd be ready to go!
    This might be our only chance to witness a 'winning' season so we're taking full advantage of it!! :thumbsup2
  18. Kies99

    Kies99 I Can has Cheezburger???

    Happy for ND, but don't get cocky with Pitt coming up.

    Much as I agree that ND is a better team, Pitt has this VERY annoying habit of having a mediocre/bad year and then pulling off a big upset.

    Just sayin'.......
  19. Arsenal1982

    Arsenal1982 Mouseketeer

    I can get cocky. Its our players that shouldn't, lol.
  20. ICF

    ICF Mouseketeer

    Welcome to #1 -- GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Kitty 34

    Kitty 34 <font color=009999>Hums in her sleep, but never wh

    Next week's game against USC will be BIG!!

    How about that score last night for Baylor beating Kansas State!? That was crazy!!

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