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Not a fan of the automatic tip charging.

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Cavepaint, May 14, 2012.

  1. Bear3412

    Bear3412 Active Member

    WELCOME :goodvibes
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  3. cathicool

    cathicool Disney...On My Mind and In My Heart!

    I don't mind this new system, we typically give extra when the service is outstanding. We have a special needs child and usually the wait staff does an amazing job so they get extra from us. Honestly, I think it works out the same in the end!
  4. annichan

    annichan There's a platypus controlling me, he's underneath

    Absolutely! They're the best! :thumbsup2:rotfl2:

    But about the tipping: Yes, I can see how the tips might have been less while the Magic was in Europe. Here in Germany, for example, we do customarily tip, too, but it is just so much less than in the States. When tipping in a restaurant, it is pretty customary to just add a euro or two (or three if you're being generous) on top of the cost of a meal for two. This is not to be rude, it's just the culture.

    On our Med cruise, we already knew all about American tipping standards as well as DCL tipping guidelines so we had planned accordingly - but I guess that many other Europeans, at least those who hadn't found a place like these boards to inform themselves, may have tipped a lot less.
  5. Disney automatically added tips to our on-board account on our last Disney Magic cruise (Oct. 2011) and it was not a big deal. It saved me a trip to guest services and was much easier than tipping with cash. We have never had poor service on a Disney cruise (our Th is coming up) and have never had to reduce the suggested tip amount. We added cash to the printed slips to reward exceptional service. Not a big deal at all and it gets blown way out of proportion. This is the first time that we have tipped this way, and it was much easier. In the past, we have used cash only . It is my opinion, that this is a better way for Disney to handle tipping. I would rather have them automatically add tips to accounts, than raise prices because a bunch of cruisers are stiffing the employees in the tipped positions.

    FINNZUP Always planning the next Disney Vacation

    A perspective shared on another thread about auto-tipping was interesting to me (Yes.. at first I too was like... HMMMM, I don't LIKE that! No one likes to be 'forced' to do something!).

    It was explained on thread: When the tipping is 'automatic' the 'non-cash' tipping gets directly deposited into the cast members bank account. As their tips are such a major part of their salary, a direct deposit approach will help the cast member get those funds to the family members they are supporting in their own home. I started to think... (as I have paid each in cash before)... they have all that cash on board, how does it get to their family? Well, the direct deposit will solve that.

    Not sure if it's exactly true (as noted above) but it seems to make sense.

    We leave on the Dream (cruise #2) in just 2 weeks. I'll be posting my tips automatically.

    : )
  7. Jackson's grammie

    Jackson's grammie Active Member

    We go on cruises to relax and enjoy. Auto tipping is great - one less thing to be concerned with. I do not understand why people are so hung up about something that makes life easier. If you are a "really good tipper" than adjust the tip at the end of the cruise like the rest of us. One of the things to keep in mind it is very difficult for the CM's to go to the bank and deposit the "cash" tips. Most are saving every cent to sent home to family or getting a nest egg.
  8. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    When tips are charged, the CM gets a check every 2 weeks along with an accounting showing the tips that were charged. He/she can then compare that accounting to the tip coupons he/she got if desired. He/she can then send the check directly to the home country or put it away safely (if they are going home soon). With cash tips, the CM can take them to their "office" and deposit the cash into their account or can keep the cash for their own limited onboard needs. They do pay to do their personal laundry, purchase toiletries and other small items, etc. as well as making occasional trips to Wal-mart or wherever.

    I personally spoke to two of our favorite servers--both told me that charged tips were easier for them and that they always got more than enough cash for their onboard needs. Based on that, I have charged my tips. Obviously, other CMs may feel differently, but what these two found best was also easiest for me...so it became my "system."
  9. GeneMachine

    GeneMachine Member

    For us, it was one less thing to think about on the Med cruise, and one less thing to think about on our 5-day this past week. I don't get why people are so offended by this; it's not a novel concept. If you don't like the service, go change the amounts. I think otherwise, it gives people an opportunity to nit-pick and bean count about their service.
  10. MinnesotaMouseketeers

    MinnesotaMouseketeers Active Member

    I agree 100% with sissy, I would never leave a tip for less than the recommended amount without stating why when filling out the survey at the end of the cruise. Unless it was something outrageous I don't think it will get the CM in trouble but will become a learning experience for that person. We only tipped less once in all the cruises we have taken and wrote why in the survey. All the other times we went above and beyond the recommended amount.

    And I like the new policy, I hope DCL doesn't change it. Hopefully it will cut down on the cheapskates that will use any excuse to not tip (flame away, it's my opinion. I know there are people like that out there).
  11. elcasar

    elcasar Member

    is the automatic tip amount of $12/day the same for kids and infants?
  12. OrcaPotter

    OrcaPotter Lucky to be local to the Mouse

    Personally, they should just include the automatic tip with your fare. It's irksome that with the premium DCL charges, that they cannot pay their staff better as it is. The purpose of a tip is to be an extra incentive for excellent service. Seeing how we always charge our tips to our onboard account and we've never had cause to lower the minimum, I'm sure my family would appreciate not having to make a trip to GS. However, most of the excellent service my family received on our first DCL trip in January came from people who don't directly receive tips from guests. Our servers and room hosts were "average". We weren't compelled to tip them more.

    Eh, by the time I cruise again, it'll be the norm--so I'll just make sure I have the suggested amount in my account by the time I sail. Hopefully I won't have cause to visit GS to lower or eliminate the tips.
  13. sissy_ib

    sissy_ib DIS Veteran

    Yes. They require just as much, if not more work for the staff.
  14. Disneyhenry

    Disneyhenry Active Member

    I am with you, if we can remove it we will. We sailed on the Dream in Sep 2011, we didnt use the server but one night, the service was so bad we refused to return and just had fast food or room service the rest of our sruise. I am not a huge fan of the restaurants so IDK if I will even use them much for our 14 night trip coming up. I loved our room steward (is that what they are called?) anyways gave him a big tip. I just dont want to tip on something I dont use.
  15. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    If you are eating anywhere on the ship besides dinner you are using the MDR staff. They work in the quick serve locations (as well as other places, not just food service) also.

  16. Keurigirl

    Keurigirl let's all sing like the birdies sing

    I did not read this whole thread, but please, please note that your room stewards and your dining hosts do NOT receive any salary from Disney at all. What we tip them as guests IS their salary. It's what they live on. Just so you know.
  17. robin19871

    robin19871 Active Member

    I personally like that it is added.. As a former waitress in college I know that I worked for my tips and not the $2.90 an hour that I received. If the service is sooo bad that you feel the need to complain and have them reduced then I would do so.. However, waitstaff are human and sometimes things are out of their control. I remember times where the kitchen was out of control and food was just not coming out.. The kitchen staff still got their wages but yet the person waiting on you were penalized.. If a wait person was nasty to you then that is a whole different story.. However, I know that things being slower than we all like are sometimes out of our control.. (This is coming from a person that is pretty impatient)
  18. MisterOJ

    MisterOJ Member

    Just to play devil's advocate... if a person is eating all their meals from the quick serve locations, why tip in that situation?

    I've never heard of tipping fast food workers.
  19. On a cruise your "fast food" workers are the MDR staff. Your tips are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  20. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    Thank you :thumbsup2

  21. elcasar

    elcasar Member

    seriously? how is that even legal? :confused3

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