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Need to vent... My heart is breaking

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by mouseketeer_mom, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. deserrai

    deserrai New Member

    I'm so sorry. I would hate to disappoint the kids. Hopefully, the boss will relent, but if not at least you get to reschedule soon.
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  3. gracer9977

    gracer9977 Happiness is Disney

    I hope you get some good news tonight!!! Maybe some Disney magic will pop up and save the day. pixiedust:

    I am glad that you have dates that you can fall back on so at least you don't have to lose the vacation altogether but it does totally suck to be so close and then to have it snatched away!!! :sad:

    I know how hard it is to be stuck in a job. My DH hated his job and had to just suck it up for 3 years (he worked there for 5 years, but the last 3 were awful) but we had a mortgage and kids and I didn't make enough to keep us afloat. We managed to save up just over a year of savings and he quit his job and thankfully found a new one 3 months later but it was a scary few months wondering if he would be able to find a new job.

    I am hoping that you get to go to Disney in 8 days as planned and that your DH can find a new job, at a new company that doesn't pull this kind of grinch behavior!!!
  4. Kdouglas

    Kdouglas New Member

    This is such a heartless thing to do :( I hope his boss let's it slide, but at least you have the option to reschedule!
  5. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    I sincerely hope he starts putting out resumes ASAP. This is an awful way for a company to treat its employees.

    They have deadlines to meet, and if they don't others will? So this company has mismanaged the projects so badly this has to happen? They hadn't noticed the deadlines before? They don't have contracts with their business partners and their business partners can just have "someone else" do what they need? I mean it makes no sense, right? Sounds like a bad company overall.

    So I hope that he starts looking for new employment soon. (of course, that might mess with the rescheduled vacation)
  6. Daisy'sMama

    Daisy'sMama New Member

    I would say it is such a blessing that your husband has a job in this economy. With unemployment where it is, we are thankful to have a house and a car. If you get to reschedule, then that can be a blessing too. Look for the positive and keep your chin up. As far as quitting, I hardly think vacation time is worth sacrificing your ability to pay your mortgage and put food on the table.
  7. disykat

    disykat New Member

    It sounds like you were able to do a change without losing money? That's terrific!

    I was going to join in the go without him advice if the money was going to be lost.

    I don't know what employers are thinking sometimes. Years ago, DH and I almost had to cancel our honeymoon. DH said they acted like even giving him the day of the wedding was asking too much. In the end, he took it anyway (he's union and, although they tried, they really can't take it away.) It set his career back a few years, but was worth it.
  8. Nayan

    Nayan New Member

    I agree. A vacation can be rescheduled but either losing a job or taking one for much less money just because you don't get to take a vacation would be much worse. I've had that discussion with my DH and as much as he might gripe and complain he knows he can't go anywhere else and make as much as he is right now. It stinks you might not be able to go now but if he did quit you might not be able to go again period.
  9. robinb

    robinb New Member

    So, it's a blessing to work for a company that takes advantage of their workers? A company that cancels all vacations for the rest of the year? Should the OP's DH go and give the owner a big wet kiss for being treated so poorly just because he signs the paychecks? The boss is clearly exploiting the workers and threatening them with losing their job if they complain. Shut up and sit down. If being shafted is a "blessing", please spare me any of those kinds of blessings!

    OP, I hope that things work out for your family {{hugs}}.
  10. momof1princess

    momof1princess <font color=darkorchid>i feel like i'm going to ex

    DH and i have this same problem. he quit a job (after 22 years) that was working him to death (72-84 hours per week, 6-7 12 hour shifts each week!) for a job that pays more, but he only gets 40-42 hours per week. of course, now he's complaining that he hates the job, but, there is NOWHERE around here that pays even close to what he's making at his current job, so he'll either have to pray he can transfer to another department, or suck it up.

    OP, i'm so sorry this has happened to you and your family :hug: and i pray your DH brings home good news tonight.
  11. Traveliz

    Traveliz New Member

    I am with you - of course the employee cannot quit his job but there is no reason to be thankful for a boss and job that are exploitive and worse. I have just seen more and more of this lately - and terribly in my age range of almost time to retire but not quite yet. It is so hard to hear be thankful that you have a job...my husband lost his job almost two years ago and went back to work (in his field) in a position that would be considered entry level but hey they are able to get all these people with 30 years experience who have been let go elsewhere and are paying them what he made starting out in 1976 in his field. Oh and pretty much all of these jobs are going to contract worker positions so there is no vacation (ever), no benefits (ever). So annoying and sorry for the hijack there -- I prefer to stay calm about this but every now and again it just gets to me.

    And for the OP I am so sorry you are going through this. I definitely think if my husband did anything differently it would have been to look for work while he still had a job and leave the postion before losing it. I sincerely hope everything works out for you.

  12. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse New Member

    I definitely would not do that :eek: In this day and age, a lot of people swallow their feelings/pride and do whatever it takes to keep a pay check coming in, especially with a family to support and bills coming in.

    There is always someone waiting to take your place that will be willing for almost *anything* to get a paycheck.

    Used to, this may have been an option, *now* hardly ever an option :sad2:
  13. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse New Member

    In this economy? Yes, I know a lot of families that are just so thankful to have a paycheck and feel blessed to have a job. I know some also that would love to have one - most never even think of the *luxury* of a vacation - just want to keep their house, and feed their kids.

    If you can be choosey about your work conditions, that is great, but most people now just can't. :goodvibes

    A lot of them are working longer hours, and yes, if they complain they may be on the next list to be let go - sadly, this is the age we are in right now. :sad2:
  14. leftaslide

    leftaslide NW GA. DDC #751

    If this was scheduled with his work, I really don't see how they can take that way. He needs to talk to a HR manager.
  15. mouseketeer_mom

    mouseketeer_mom New Member

    OP here with an update and some responses...

    Out trip for Thanksgivng Day is a no go... DH called him one last time this evening and the answer remained the same. Of course, his boss was interupted by the phone call as he was deeply engrossed discussing the airplane he just purchased for personal use versus the helicopter he bought last year (no lie, you can't make that stuff up) so, to be fair, maybe the boss wasn't in the best mood.

    The economy, frankly, sucks! Although DH is by no means making a killing where he is, we are doing okay and really can't afford to jepardize that right now. Who can???

    DH works for a small/shmedium company... no HR personnell to complain to and the boss owns the company as a sole proprietor... if he has crappy business practices, I can only hope that those left working for him won't be blindsided by his short comings (won't be DH, cause he's out of there ASAP and not just because of this issue)

    Yeah, the boss is definitely a very selfish.... (I don't think I can say it on the Dis)

    As awful as this is... there are some bright points...

    My kids are more understanding and mature than I gave them credit for. They were heart broken. But, each of them has gone to their Dad, hugged him, told him that they understood and loved him for all that he does for them. WOW, it brought tears to my eyes.

    Contrary to DH Boss's perspective, we realized that family comes first. It's not a family vaction (for us, not judging here) without DH.

    Lastly, we told the kids that would be going sometime between Christmas and the end of the school year... beyond that, they asked to be surprised!!!! I love those kids!

    Givie me a couple of days to mourn the loss of Christmas in Disney and I will hopefully, start to feel some excitement over our Frebruary trip.
  16. Krystalynn

    Krystalynn New Member

    Your children sound very sweet! Good for them! It really does suck, I would take plenty of time to mourn too :( At least you know you will be back at Disney soon enough!
  17. disykat

    disykat New Member

    You still haven't said how much money you're losing, if any.

    I don't think any of us would want to leave a family member at home, only suggesting that it might make sense to just take the kids if you're out the money anyway.
  18. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Mousketeer_mom, I admire your optimism.
    Here's hoping some positive karma is on it's way for you and your family. :-)
  19. Marionnette

    Marionnette <font color=deeppink>Wishing On A Star<br><font co

    You are blessed to have such great kids. I hope that your rescheduled trip is even more magical than the one that you will be missing.
  20. mouseketeer_mom

    mouseketeer_mom New Member

    Thanks for asking... We wont lose any money through Disney as we are just rescheduling the whole trip. We had reservations to stay in Orlando the night before check-in and I haven't checked on moving that reservation yet, but I will. All my ADR will be cancelled in plenty of time.

    Thank you! I know it probably makes me a bad person but I'm a lttle bitter at the moment so don't mind me if I'm trying to send some negative Karma to .... Well, nevermind...
  21. gracer9977

    gracer9977 Happiness is Disney

    You have every right to be bitter and to mourn your trip (can't believe he was talking about his personal private airplane when he was in the middle of crushing one of his employees dreams!!! :furious: All I can say is Karma really is a (you know what) and I have seen it come back around on people and some day soon it will catch up with him!! :stir:

    I am so glad that your kids were so understanding, and that is so awesome that they gave your DH hugs and told him they loved and appreciated him! :love:

    I am so glad that you are all going to be able to go as a family and that you didn't lose out on any money. I am sorry that it is not the trip that you were planning for though!!

    Hugs to you!!!! :hug:

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