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Make A Wish September 5th - September 11th

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Matt1026, May 6, 2009.

  1. cajunfan

    cajunfan <font color=FF99CC>Welcome to the DIS where wishes

    How's the planning going? Are both boys excited? Do you have a good set of maps? My son used to love to go through the maps and determine what he wanted to do!

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  3. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    We have our planner done!!! Thank you Maroo!!! We have our ADR's at Crystal Palace and we actually get to visit with Maroon in person. And we are going to the Sci Fi at DHS. Oh the boys are so excited. We started the countdown calendar so they can not wait until each day they wake up and mark one more day down. No I do not have maps but that is a great ideal. They boys love to look at maps when we travel.
  4. xanphylus

    xanphylus Mouseketeer

    Order the maps on the Disney website. They are really nice and you can let the kids help you pick which things to have put on their very own personalized disney maps!! :cool1: My daughter thought this was the coolest thing ever! They even send you stickers to mark special things on the map. It's nice to sit there and let them dream about all the fun they are about to have! :goodvibes
  5. cajunfan

    cajunfan <font color=FF99CC>Welcome to the DIS where wishes

    Definitely order the Disney Maps online. They are a beautiful keepsake if nothing else!

    If you want to PM me your address (or let me know when you might be down in the store again!), I can get you an extra set of maps. (I am a planning freak, so I always keep extra maps! (I hound all my friend to bring me extra maps home when they go)

  6. jenb1023

    jenb1023 Mouseketeer

    Looking forward to hearing more about your plans for the trip!
  7. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    When I first started this site I was thinking WOW what a wonderful way of getting information about our trip and tips to help plan the best trip EVER for my sons!!! But what I have received far out weighs anything I have ever expected. We have 57 days left before we leave on our trip and the magic has already started. It is so overwhelming how total strangers have cared for me and my family. The advice you have offered and encouragement has been such a blessing. And also thank you for sharing your family and their stories. I know at times it is not easy. They have been such encouragements! Sometimes you feel like you are all alone and then on this site you are able to reach out to someone and guess what they are there to lean on. And the BIG GIVE!! It is so incredible.

    You have all been such a blessing!!!

    I am sorry about being so mushy but I felt like this is something that I need to share.
  8. Corrine 1973

    Corrine 1973 What do you mean I am not a princess, don't you se

    I know exactly what you mean and feel the exact same way!!!!!:hug:
  9. snubie

    snubie Mouseketeer

    Just catching up from the BIG GIVE site.

    The story of the last day of school brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing for his school to do.
  10. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    It was so overwhelming that day. Lucas was just speechless. We are so blessed to be a part of a school who really go the extra mile to support their students. What is so cool is everywhere he goes this summer everyone from his school remembers that and asks when are you going on your Wish Trip. So it has made Lucas feel very special. He says Mom I do not even know these people.
  11. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    We got alittle bit of pixie dust today.:wizard: A friend of mine from Elementary School(yes an old friend) was in Disney this past week and sent cards from Mickey Mouse to the boys. They thought it was so cool:thumbsup2 that Mickey knows they are coming!!! I can not believe it is getting closer. We are getting so excited. Only 50 more days!!!!!:banana:
  12. Figmificent

    Figmificent Member

    I'm subscribing to follow along! So excited for you all, you'll have a wonderful time!
  13. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    It has already been such a wonderful journey and we have not even left town yet. I know it is only going to get better and I just can not wait. It is so wonderful to have a great distraction from Lucas' chemo!!!!

    I hope you enjoy the ride with us!!!! All of the wonderful people on the boards have helped make this an incredible journey.
  14. Eeyores Butterfly

    Eeyores Butterfly <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Hi Matt! I have been following your thread but have not posted yet. I'm glad this is a bright spot for you all. Your family seems very wonderful and I know you will have a blast!
  15. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    Thank you for coming along of these incredible journey with us. We are so looking forward to our trip. At the end of each day we have a calendar and we have begun the final countdown. It is exciting to see we are getting one day closer. It will be so nice to get away and laugh and just have a great time. We are so looking forward to it.:thumbsup2
  16. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    We got an email from our wish volunteer this morning asking about our send off party. :cool1: She wanted to know what we wanted to do. With the dates being still 42 away (yes we are counting) it is making it feel more real. Sometimes it feels like a dream but I believe our dreams are about to come true for my child and my family. :woohoo:
  17. jenb1023

    jenb1023 Mouseketeer

    You absolutely should be counting the days! That makes it so much more fun! I can't remember - are you doing a countdown chain or calendar? That made it a lot more tangible for my DD. You should make a ticker for in your signature too - that always makes me smile when counting down to a trip. Maroo is an expert if you need help with one - she has at least five or so going right now. Looking forward to hearing details about the sendoff party.
  18. cajunfan

    cajunfan <font color=FF99CC>Welcome to the DIS where wishes

    Hi there!

    I will put maps in the mail today (tomorrow at the latest...may need boxes...as my "stash" of them were ruined from the ceiling collapse!...have some at work, but maybe not the size needed)

  19. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    That is a great ideal. I will have to get with Maroo on that. 39 more to go!
  20. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    The boys will be so excited!!! Your ceiling collapsed OH my!!!

    Again Thank you just does seem enough for all you are doing for my family. Thank you already for touching my family.

    We thought of you today. We were in your area today. I wanted to go by the mall and had every intention but the day was so long at the hospital and we were all exhausted so we headed into home. Had intended to be in bed early but I am so addicted to these boards and had not had my daily dose. So here I am.

    Hopefully we can run into you soon at the mall.
  21. Matt1026

    Matt1026 Member

    Well I can not believe it. A year of chemo maybe over.:yay: We will have scans in about 30 days and then have a meeting with the doc and see where he is at. Hopefully it will be over. When we started chemo we promised Lucas a big party to celebrate. We had never dreamed we would be celebrating Disney style.:cheer2: What a way to end this chapter of our lives.

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