"Let's REDO the Magic!" A Girls ONLY September 2010 PTR (Update TR started- Page 5)

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  1. Belle_princess

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Hello! I'm so glad you are here!

    Before I start this PTR, I want to give you a quick recap of my past Disney Trips and what caused this to be a REDO trip for my friend and me.

    My first trip was with my family in 1992. I was 13 and very highly easily influenced! My mom and dad took my brother and myself down to Disney. We met up with another family who had been my family's friends for ages. It was a fun trip. My first time at Disney.


    My dad, my brother, and myself (no laughing at the hat, please!) on Main Street.


    My mom, my brother, and me in front of the Haunted Mansion!


    My dad and me in the Teacups ride.

    What I remember: MK was awesome, I got to see animators working on a Disney movie at the MGM Studios, getting character autographs, and seeing the Grand Floridian. Yes, I remember MUCH more, but those stood out to me. From the moment I returned home, I wanted to be an animator. I practiced drawing all the time!!! I also became a certified Disney FREAK! :thumbsup2

    From the time I discovered my local Disney Store, I wanted to work there. The moment I turned 16, I was there asking for a job. Nope. . .sorry. . .you had to be 18. :eek: Darn. Guess what. . . two years later, the day before I turned 18, I was at the Disney Store filling out paperwork! I was going to be a Disney Cast Member!:banana:

    I worked there on and off as I went to college. It was fun, and they always worked around my schedule. However, I did tend to put my paycheck right back into Disney Corp's pocket! :rolleyes1

    In 2002, I graduated college. I had planned to go on a trip to Disney with a friend of mine, but she wasn't able to save the money. For a while, I thought I was out of luck. I suddenly realized that I could easily do WDW alone. My parents weren't too ok with that, but they were going to let me go anyway. Ok, so I called Disney and set up a room at All-Star Movies (complete with CM discount!) and bought airline tickets. I was ready to go.

    As fate would have it, I happened to be talking to a long time friend, Diana, who had moved away. As we talked, I told her my plan to go to Disney alone. She said that was said I was going alone. I made the joke, "what, you want to come?" She paused and said "sure!" Well, yes, it did all work out. Since I was still a CM, I had some free park passes that Diana could use to get in the parks. (As a CM, I got in free). With the discount on the room, the price was wonderful, and then Diana said we'd split it. . .perfect! Diana bought plane tickets. We met up at Orlando Airport after not seeing each other in 6 years! Totally awesome!

    For our trip, I made a few ADRs, but not too many. I didn't want to spend all my money on Food (this was prior to the dinning plan). We tried a few sit downs, but ultimately spent our money on souvies!



    We loved eating at the Castle!!


    We fell in love with Rockin Rollercoaster. It was new for both of us, and we managed to ride it 6 times during our stay! :cloud9:

    That trip was so awesome, I was hooked. Disney World was THE place to go for me! Plus, I learned going on your own (or with a friend) is much better because you can do as you please!! :laughing:

    Later, I found out a friend of mine (who I met at the Disney Store) was taking her family to Disney World in August. I longed to go back. Rhonda offered me a place with her family on their vacation. I could still get in the parks for free, and I could get a discount on the room. I decided to go! :cloud9: Can you say SPOILED???? Wow! Twice in one year!

    I started to plan with Rhonda. I was over there several nights for dinner as we planned together. Rhonda and her husband wanted to eat at a lot of restaurants- not all cheap! I was concerned. I didn't really have a bunch of money left to use. I wasn't sure dinning was the way I wanted to spend it all, but I went along with them. We had several ADRs for our trip. We also stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. I had never stayed there and was totally hooked! Incredible!


    (I'll post more pictures if I have time.)

    It was on this trip to WDW that I learned that eating at WDW is the BEST! We ate at Liberty Tree Tavern, Cinderella's Castle, Marrakesh, 50's Prime Time, Hollywood and Vine, Brown Derby, California Grill. . .I could go on and on. I learned the food at Disney was just as good as the rides or the shows! Again, I was hooked.

    In 2008, DH wanted to do something incredible for my 30th birthday. He decided to take me to Disney World. He loves cartoons, but waiting in the line or dealing with lots of people isn't his strong point. Well, my birthday is in November, so we decided to brave the crowds and go to Disney during my Thanksgiving break. :eek: OOPS! The place was packed!!! It was a madhouse. DH did the best he could, but he just isn't patient enough for WDW. He complained A LOT and he only found one ride that made him act like a kid (RnRC!) The rest of time, he was miserable. I tried to do things he would like and not push him too hard, but we did finally snap and got into a fight. He did make an effort after that, but the trip just wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

    We stayed at CSR which was wonderful. DH loved that. He also had a few things he liked:LeCellier, RnRC, Casey's Corn Nuggets, the Poly,and cookies and milk at bedtime! It wasn't all bad, but he just wasn't drawn in!:scared1:



    However, my husband aside (which was difficult), I had an awesome trip. I got to see the parks ready for Christmas. I got to do and eat things I'd never tried before. It was just DH that brought me down- he didn't understand my love Disney, nor my need to photograph everything. He was just a bummer which made my trip less magical.


    Now, that leads me to this trip. First, let me introduce the cast.

    Of course, you know me, Kristin.


    Disney Freak and avid Disney Planner. Favorite Disney characters: Belle, Stitch, and Mickey. Also a foodie, baker, and crazy photographer (although still learning!)

    Here is my friend, Nikki


    Crazy chick! Fantastic Musician and Awesome Woman of God! She is crazy, too! :upsidedow Umm. . .Did I mention she is crazy???

    She loves Wall-E and Finding Nemo's Dory (whom she named her dog after).
    Here is DORY!!

    She said she used to go to Disney with her family many times when she was younger. Last year, her life turned upside down, and she had to deal with many sad things. Her brother and his family were going to Disney World and they had invited his (and Nikki's) parents. At the last minute, Nikki was added on to their vacation and got to go with 3 days to prep! She fell in love with Disney again. When she returned, I had her over for dinner, and we started talking about Disney World. I got a scrapbook out that had some of my previous trips' pictures in it. Our conversation became more and more involved and detailed. DH sitting there made a comment that Nikki and I needed to go to Disney together! :scared1: We laughed it off and continued our discussion.

    Just this last March, DH bought a little sports car he wants to rebuild. That's fine, but I decided I wanted to splurge a little on myself, too. In deciding what to do with the money, I thought about Disney. I talked to Nikki, and we decided we could go only if the offered Free Dinning this year.

    So we waited. Nikki kept on with her life, and I lived on the DIS hoping to hear something about FD! :surfweb: In the mean time, Nikki and I decided where we wanted to eat and what things we wanted to do. When the 180 day mark rolled around, I made ADRs- just in case. Finally, there it was-the FD announcement! :cloud9: Nikki and I were going! I booked the trip a week ago, and we are ready to go!

    Now, it is a matter of saving the money to pay off the trip, and planning. Since I have a little more time, I told Nikki I'd plan and make the arrangements. All she had to do was offer her selections from time to time, and we'd have a great trip!

    So. . . that is where we are! I have so much more to tell you all, but it will have to wait for another post!

    Chapter list:
    Recap and Introduction- you are here
    Nitty Gritty
    Animal Kingdom MUST DO list

    Hollywood Studios MUST DO list
    Epcot MUST DO list
    Magic Kingdom MUST DO list
    Double Digits
    Only 90 Days
    68 Days!
    Changes, Additions, Purchases and 60 days!!
    7 weeks left. . .49 days
    40 days. . .
    One month. . .WOW
    Ok, Ok. . .I missed 20, so here's 17 days until we are home!
    10 MORE DAYS!
    9 days . . .
    8 more days. . . .
    We leave when??? 7 days!
    Packing Panic and 6 days
    Lost my job. . .five days until Disney
    Double post and 4 days left. . .
    3 days, 3 days, 3 DAYS!!!!!!!
    2 days. . .more like 1.5!

    See you real soon!
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  3. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Moderator, can you move this to the PTR page? I just noticed it is under the general Trip Report page. Sorry.
  4. tink1957

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    May 18, 2008
    Great start, it sounds like it's going to be a fun trip. Free Dining is the best, we've been twice during Free Dining & Food & Wine Fest...it's just too good to pass up (although I had to pass this year as we're going in May).

    I can't wait to read about your plans, where are you staying?
  5. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Thanks for joining! It will be a fun trip! I'll put up another post with the basic information!
  6. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Here is the basic start information:
    Cast: You've met us! (See my LONG post above)
    Dates: September 21-September 29
    Resort: All-Star Music- neither one of us has stayed there, and we are both musicians. . .perfect for us!
    Tickets: 9 day Park Hopper- I love Hoppers! Plus, we have picked several EPCOT restaurants we want to try, so hopping is a must for us!
    Dining: Yes, Free Dining, but since we are staying at a Value, we decided to upgrade from the Quick Service Dining to the Regular Dining package! Table service, here we come (and, boy, do we come!!!)

    Question: We are flying Air Tran. I've never flown with them, but Nikki says she doesn't like them. I didn't know that when I selected flights! Hope they aren't too bad!:confused:Anyone know?

    I don't want to give the whole itinerary here, so let me just say this:
    we are planning to stop and smell the roses (or look for hidden Mickeys). Since both of us have been to WDW a few times, we are going to try to see and do some things that we've never done before. (list to come)

    Those are the basics right now. I'll add more soon!
  7. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hello again! Nikki and I have our itinerary set as of now. I don't know if there will be changes or not, but this is what we have right now:

    Tuesday 9-21
    *Catch an early flight from Dallas to Orlando
    *ME to ASMu for check in
    *EPCOT for the afternoon
    *Tepan Edo at 7:10pm (1 TS)
    *We might catch IllumiNations tonight

    Nikki will be spending the night at my house Monday night, so we can catch the early flight on Tuesday. I don't know if DH will take us to the airport or not. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Tepan Edo is new for both Nikki and me. It was her top choice as to where she wanted to eat.

    Wednesday 9-22
    *Chefs de France 7:20pm (1 TS)
    *IllumiNations again?

    All day at EPCOT. We might take a break. . . but it might just be in an air-condition area of the park. I'll do a list of must-do rides later. WE will spend lots of time in the World Showcase. I'm thinking of doing the "Candy Around the World!" We will definitely be doing LOTs of shopping and photography. (The photography is mostly for me- DH didn't understand my need to take so many pictures when we went in '08, so I'm making up for it!!!)

    Chefs de France was one of my two top dinner picks! It is new to both Nikki and me! I'm very excited to try this. Recently, I've gotten very into food, so this will be a nice treat to try some authentic French food! :woohoo:

    Thursday 9-23
    *Hollywood Studios
    *Sci-Fi Drive In 5:50pm
    *Fantasmic at 8pm

    Another full park day- just at Hollywood Studios. Maybe a break at a show or something, but not out of the park. Shopping, here, too.

    Friday 9-24
    *Breakfast at O'hanna's 9:20am
    *Magic Kingdom
    *Spectro at 8 and Wishes at 9

    Magic Kingdom, finally!!! The only full day we have here. That's ok. . .we will be back several times! Nikki says we will be going to every shop on Main Street! We might ride the horse drawn trolley up Main Street because neither of us has done that!! Our plan is not to be rushed. .we will do what we can when we can!

    O'hanna's has been elusive for me my last few trips. I've wanted to eat there since I saw Lilo and Stitch. I HAVE to meet Sttich. It is one of my missions this trip! This will be a first for Nikki and myself!

    Saturday 9-25
    *Animal Kingdom
    *Dinner at LeCellier at 8:55pm.

    Animal Kingdom today. Nikki wants to walk to the trails. She said she's never done them. I did them with DH in '08, but they are really neat. I want to go to Rafiki's planet watch as I've never done that!

    This was the only opening I could find at LeCellier. Yes, it is five minutes before the park closes, but how awesome will that be? I think by the time we are finished, we will be walking out of an empty park! :woohoo: What fun! This restaurant is new for Nikki, but I've eaten there once. This will be fun!

    Sunday 9-26
    *Magic Kingdom
    *Keys to the Kingdom Tour
    *Dinner at Tutto Italia at 6:55pm

    We will be at the Magic Kingdom for the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. I haven't decided which time we will take the tour yet. Neither Nikki or I have done this, so it will be an adventure. I have a friend from college who gives these tours, and she said she will be happy to give ours whenever I decide on the time. How exciting. It is a 4 hour tour with lunch. That will give us an afternoon with nothing planned- we can stay at the Magic Kingdom, go view some resorts, go to Downtown Disney. . .whatever we like.

    Yes, another dinner at EPCOT (do you see why we needed hoppers!) We have an ADR at Tutto Italia at 6:55. I figure after that we can chill or just view another resort. . .whatever. This is kind of the 'down' day for us. We'll take it easy and really enjoy ourselves!

    Monday 9-27
    * park (I have HS on the schedule, but we really can go wherever we want to!)
    *Dinner at BOMA at 6:55pm

    I don't know which park we will want to go to. We might even split the day and try to get in things we've missed. I'm kinda leaving this day open to whatever we want to do.

    Boma is on my other top dinner choice. I've wanted to eat here, but DH and I skipped this ADR in favor of not having to rush somewhere for dinner. I think this will lots of fun! Zebra Domes. . .here I come! This is new for both of us.

    Tuesday 9-28
    *Downtown Disney- shop till we drop
    *Yak and Yeti at 3:00pm
    *break to change into costume
    *Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!

    Another easy day. We will shop at Downtown Disney- I hope we get to all the shops we want to!!!

    Then travel over to AK (anyone have ideas on the best way to do this) for lunch/dinner at Yak and Yeti. This is new to both of us, too! Then we will head back to ASMu for a little break to change our clothes and put on our costumes.

    Then it is over to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! This is new for both of us!!! We've never done it! We are so excited!!! I have no idea what we will do- we will just meander around and see who and what we can. I definitely want to see Hallowishes and the Boo to You Parade! This will be great! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    Wednesday 9-29
    *Breakfast at Kona Cafe at 8:20AM
    *Do whatever last minute things we want to do.
    *Take a late flight back home

    This day is relatively unplanned. We will check out, got eat breakfast and then off to do whatever we need to do on the last day. Fairly simple.

    Ok, there you have it. Our intinerary. I can hardly believe looking at it that this trip will be happening. . .and with a fellow Disney lover as well! :cloud9: I'm so excited!!!!

    Must do lists for each park coming soon!
  8. jeremysdisneymom

    jeremysdisneymom DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2008

    I'm here for the fun. It looks like you have some really great plans.:thumbsup2 I am so glad you are going to the halloween party. You will love it. We went last year and had a ball. The parade is phenomenal. We ended up watching it both times.

    You will love :love: O'hana's for breakfast. That is our favorite breakfast on property. The food is delicious. I wish I had some of the guava juice right now.

    Can't wait to read more of your plans!

  9. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008

    Yea!!! Erika is here!!! Thanks, Erika. As you know, I've not been to either the halloween party or O'hanna's. I'm very much looking forward to both of these!!!!!!

    Getting to do a girls trip to Disney will be so much fun!!! At least she will "get" Disney where my DH didn't! :laughing:

    Hopefully, I can get an update up today!!!
  10. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hello! :)

    Nikki and I decided we must do things on this trip we haven't done before. Many things I've done she hasn't and vice versa, but there will be experiences that are new to each of us and to both of us! I've indicated in the list below (and will on following lists) what things are new to who.

    I'm starting my list of lists with the Animal Kingdom MUST DO list

    Animal Kingdom
    *Eat at Flame Tree BBQ (Nikki says it is the very best!)
    *Expedition Everest as many times as possible
    *Finding Nemo show (I've never seen it!)
    *Primevil Whirl (Nikki says it is fun- I've never ridden it!)
    *Dinosaur (Nikki's request)
    *Boneyard (I've never been- Nikki says it is even fun for adults!)
    *Maybe go to Restaurantasarus
    *Festival of the Lion King (Nikki hasn't seen this)
    *Rafiki's Planet Watch (I've never been)
    *Tough to be a Bug
    *Discovery Island Trail (I don't know if either of us has done this)
    *Flights of Wonder (new to both of us)
    * Maharajah Jungle Trek
    *Kali River Rapids
    *Eat at Yak and Yeti (new to both of us!)

    So there is our Animal Kingdom list! :scared1: Now that I look at it, I'm not sure we have enough time at AK. We have one day, and when the park closes, we head to EPCOT for dinner. I hope that is enough time, but I know that AK is extremely hot and will wear you out in no time! Oh well. We have an extra day in the schedule where we can do what we want. Maybe we can spend a little more time at AK!

    Hopefully, I will get another update up today, but I'm not sure how busy I will be at work! :rolleyes1
  11. jeremysdisneymom

    jeremysdisneymom DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2008
    It looks like you have some good plans for AK. I think you can do a lot at that park in one day. I finally rode Primeval Whirl this last trip as DS begged one of us to. Oh my, it is not a fast ride in my opinion but it can surely jerk you to death. Be sure to go before you eat!

  12. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Ok. . sorry for the delay! It was a terribly busy week! Phew! :scared1:

    Here we go again!

    Hollywood Studios MUST DO list
    *American Idol (Nikki's choice, but neither of us has done it!)
    *Toy Story Mania (oh, yeah!!! As many times as we can!)
    *Rockin' Rollercoaster (as many times as humanly possible!!)
    *Tower of Terror
    *Star Tours (if it is open. . .I think it will be closed, though)
    *Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground (I don't think Nikki's ever been!)
    *Animation Academy (woo-hoo! :woohoo: drawing Disney characters, here we come!)
    *Backlot Tour (I know it has changed tons since I rode it in '92)
    *Little Mermaid (neither of us has seen this. . .isn't it sad??)
    *Beauty and the Beast! :cloud9:
    *Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show (I don't think Nikki has seen this either!)
    *Muppets 3-D (if the refurb is done by the time we go!)
    *American Film Institute Showcase (looks cool!)
    *Great Movie Ride (if the wait is low!)
    *One Man's Dream (I want to watch the movie about Walt!)
    *Sci-Fi Drive in (a new one for both of us!)

    I think that is it! I love HS for the Rockin Rollercoaster among other things!

    Oh, yes. . .lots of shopping here just because I think they stores have a lot of character!!!

    More to come. . .
  13. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't updated my PTR in so long. I've been so busy I haven't even had time to think!! :faint:

    Now, I'm back and still just as excited as ever for my trip!!!! Sometimes, I can hardly believe that Nikki and I will be at Disney World together having SOOOOOO MUCH fun! :cool1:

    One quick bit of news: last week was Nikki's birthday. I made her a count down packet for our trip! It was a pack of 4x6 cards. Each one had the number of days left and a Disney pictures (from my old Disney-a-Day calendars). On the back of each card is a Disney trivia question to get Nikki excited for the trip! Not that it is that hard to get her excited! :laughing: She really liked it! She thought I was crazy though, and she told my husband so! However, on Sunday when I saw her at church, she told me the trivia question for the day and its answer! :rotfl: I can't be THAT crazy!!

    On to the PTR!!!

    EPCOT Must do list!
    *the Whole World Showcase- obviously!!!
    *The Sea with Nemo and Friends (I rode this back in '92 when it was still just the Living Seas)
    *Mission Space
    *Spaceship Earth
    *Test Track
    *Innoventions (I haven't been in these in a long time. Plus, I want to try Sum of all Thrills where you create your own rollercoaster!)
    *Captain EO (I haven't told Nikki that the HISTA is closed. I want to see EO again!!!)
    *Soarin' (I've not ridden the Disney Wordl Version- only at Disneyland! I know they are the same, but it is the principle of the thing)
    *Living with the Land- (I haven't ridden this in years!!!)
    *Journey to Imagination (Nikki loves Figment- even if the new one isn't as good as it used to be!!!)
    *Maelstrom (I've never ridden this!!!)
    *Cool Station- I'll try anything but Beverly!
    *Tangerine Cafe in Morraco (neither of us have eaten here!)
    *Les Chefs de France
    *Tepan Edo
    *Tutto Italia
    **Buy a Mask in Italy (This is something I've done of almost all of my trips! They are just so cool!)
    **Maybe sample or just buy candy in each of the World Showcase Countries! I think that will be fun. If nothing else, I can always take it home and try it at home to bring back that Disney Magic feeling!:wizard:

    WOW! That's a lot!! However, we do have one full day and several partial days at EPCOT due to coming for dinner many nights!

    Of course there will be TONS of shopping! Mouse Gears is always fun! I love all the World Showcase shops as well. I might try the Pick a Pearl in Japan because it would be something new to try!!

    Oh, and LOTS of PHOTOGRAPHY! I think Epcot's WS is second only to the Castle as to the number of fantastic shots you can take!!!! I don't care if I already have "that" picture of Italy or Germany. I'm taking it again and more!!! Hee hee!
  14. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    We've not flown Air Tran in years (since 2000 I believe it was). I booked them for our upcoming September trip because it was a total fare of $398 for my DH and I together. I'm already regretting it as they have changed our return flight twice already and with the second change it is no longer a NONSTOP flight. This is not sitting well with me as I HATE flying to begin with and to have to go up then down then up and then down again is not pleasing me. It will be the last time I book Air Tran.
  15. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Oh, that's scarey. I'm trying to check my flight now, but am having some trouble. I booked ours through Disney Travel Company. Would they email me if my flight information changed? I'm scared. :scared1: I hope it all goes well!

    Thanks for the information.
  16. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    Yes, you will get an email if your flights change (we booked ours through Priceline and we've received two emails).
  17. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hello again! I have a few minutes today, so I thought I'd do my Magic Kingdom list for you all!

    Magic Kingdom MUST DOs
    *MNSSHP- this is new for both Nikki and I, and we are both so excited! :hyper:
    *Hug my Castle! :flower3:yes. . .it is MY castle!!
    *Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (I've never done this!)
    *Space Mountain
    *Jungle Cruise (I really want to do this at night!!!)
    *Pirates of the Caribbean- as many times as possible!pirate:
    *Disney World Railroad- Nikki has never ridden it! (however, I think it is going to be down because of the Toontown refurb!)
    *Splash Mountain
    *Big Thunder- afternoon and evening if possible! Both are fun!
    *Tom Sawyer Island- new to both of us!
    *Haunted Mansion- over and over and over. . .
    *Small World (if isn't closed. . .however, I'm 99.95% sure it will be closed!)
    *Peter Pan (I think this is new for Nikki)
    *Mickey's Philharmagic (I also think this is new for Nikki)
    *Toontown-whatever parts might still be opened!
    *Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
    *Tomorrowland Speedway (new to both of us, I think)
    **Casey's for Corndog Nuggets. . .Yummy!:cloud9: (and I don't like corndogs!!)
    **Pinocchio's Village Haus- Nikki said she'd like to eat here
    **Starlite Cafe
    ** Get Dole Whips :cloud9: (new for Nikki!)

    I haven't scheduled it, but we plan on doing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour because it would be new for us both, and it would be something we've never done before.

    Nikki and I agreed we have to hit every store on Main Street! :woohoo: DH never liked the shopping part, but Nikki and I will see ALL there is to see in the shops!!! :dance3:

    We are also going to try to scope out things that are 'new' to us. I found an old list of trivia challenges from the 100 years of Magic celebration all about MK. I hope to investigate some of these and find the answers.

    LOTS of photography- I love me some castle photography!! Plus, I just love all the details, and I just want to have enough pictures of MK that I can "go back" when I want to by just looking at my pictures!

    Still more to come!
  18. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Sep 16, 2008
    I love Girls Only Trips!! I have been on 2 of them now, with a 3rd coming up and it is so much fun going to Disney with Friends!!!!!

    AN empty EPCOT sounds absolutely delightful you will have so much fun with that!!!!

    Hmmmm...how can it be your castle, if its MY castle...going to have to figure that one out LOL!!!!

    Loving your itineraries...you guys are going to have such a great trip!!!

    MNSHHP is so much fun!! That party is one of the things I'm looking forward to the most with my fall trip!!!
  19. Belle_princess

    Belle_princess DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hi Jen!!! :waving: I'm so glad to see you!

    I guess I've done one Girls' Trip to WDW before, but this one has a special something to it. First of all, DH actually agreed to Nikki and I going (he reminds me it was his idea!) He is usually very possessive (for lack of a better term) of me. He wants me around all the time. I was reluctant to even bring up the idea of a Girls' trip to him. However, when I did, he was totally fine with it. (I think he is just glad he doesn't have to go!!! :rotfl: ) Also, Nikki is about as much of a Disney Freak as I am, so being at WDW with someone who knows as much about Disney and is as crazy as I am will be totally awesome! :thumbsup2

    I hope EPCOT is empty. I think IllumiNations is at 9, so it depends how long we stay to eat and how long everyone else stays after IllumiNations.

    Hmm. . .very good point. I guess we could share. . .:hug: It can be your castle when you are there and mine when I'm there and it can be shared between the two us when neither of us is there!

    I'm so glad you've come to join my PTR and hopefully a TR!!
  20. ipodluvr287

    ipodluvr287 DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2009
    Take a bus to either Saratoga Springs or Old Key West (they are closest to DTD) and then take a bus to AK. :)

    Btw, I love your PTR! Can't wait to hear more! :)
  21. jeremysdisneymom

    jeremysdisneymom DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2008

    You have some great lists for Epcot and Magic Kingdom! :thumbsup2 You are going to have such an awesome time.

    :yay: I am so excited that you are doing the Halloween party. I :love: it. We had a blast there last year!

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip.


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