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Just off the Fantacy...Jan 19th

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by LBrandy, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Mythreeboysandme

    Mythreeboysandme New Member

    We just got off the Fantasy yesterday. My kids went on the Aquaduck lots of times. The longest wait was maybe 10 minutes and that was because of a shift change. They had shows running at 3, 6:15 & 8:15 I believe. The 'Believe' show was our favourite.
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  3. Mythreeboysandme

    Mythreeboysandme New Member

    We just got off the Fantasy yesterday. I would highly recommend the Doubloon Sail and Snorkel in St Thomas. We did this with my 7 &10 year old boys. We all loved it!
  4. FabFivePA

    FabFivePA New Member

    THANKS! That's exactly the one we have booked. I have heard a lot about rough seas and people getting sick. How was the trip back and forth?
    Oh, and they did have float-able stuff for the kids to help them snorkel around like noodles or a life preserver?? Thanks again!
  5. kmaria

    kmaria New Member

    :eek: now that you mention being able to hear snoring...

    we will be on the fantasy in december - i've never cruised before. i'm a light sleeper and snoring really bothers me...

    i guess i'll pack earplugs :worried:

    is there generally a lot of noise from surrounding cabins? i'd also hate to disturb anyone surrounding us if the walls are thin. plus, i'm gonna be on my honeymoon! ;) :laughing:

    but seriously, I tend to be super sensitive about disturbing others in general, but I will go pretty crazy if we're next to cabin of loud snorers/able to hear a lot of noise in general.
  6. LBrandy

    LBrandy New Member

    I found this my 9th cruise first on Disney VERY noisey,people running up an down the halls(an not just kids)Iam not a very light sleeper,I live right beside train tracks,trains go day an night ,they dont wake me.But this cruise I had about 4 hrs of sleep a night .It was nice to get back home to the trains..lol
  7. kmaria

    kmaria New Member

    Ah... earplugs it is!!! :thumbsup2
  8. bengals01

    bengals01 New Member

    what were the liqour and cigarette limitations for st thomas and San Juan.
  9. RobyneBardens

    RobyneBardens New Member

    I am in the process of booking our first cruise for Feb 2014 Eastern Carib...traveling from Toronto so any suggestions you have regarding flights, transfers, hotels before cruise etc I would be very great full. I have 2 boys, 4 and 5, who adore the beach so was thinking of just doing beach days at the ports....thoughts? So excited!!!
  10. Mrs Green

    Mrs Green Member

    Which week? My family is booked for the Feb 8th eastern. It's our first cruise so I have no advice! We are probably going to stay at the hyatt at mco and take Disney transportation just to make things easy, since we will be traveling with our 5 year old daughter and 9 month old son. We are also thinking beach excursions. Magen's bay tops my list currently. May not even leave the ship in st. Maarten. I spend time every day thinking about the cruise, because I am so excited!
  11. Mythreeboysandme

    Mythreeboysandme New Member

    We are from the same area and just got back on Saturday. I would definitely say to leave from Buffalo. Sooooo much cheaper for flights. We paid $800 return for a family of 4. We also stated at the Raddison at the Port the night before and loved it.
  12. LBrandy

    LBrandy New Member

    Sorry I cant help you with that.we are Canadian an its just to much bother to bring liqour back,an Iam picky with my smokes an take enough with me,an dont buy them either
  13. sbag

    sbag New Member

    Mythreeboysandme, how long was this excursion? Did you get any time on the beach with this excursion? Also, did you get a late or main dining?

  14. RobyneBardens

    RobyneBardens New Member

    Either the 8th or 22nd...just finalizing plans!,, I am obsessed with this trip and its a year away!!!:). I would love to hear how your planning goes and if I hear of any great flights I will let you know! So does the Disney transfer pick you up at airport and drop you off the Hyatt?
  15. RobyneBardens

    RobyneBardens New Member

    Thanks!! I will definitely be looking into buffalo flights. Did you take the Disney transfer to hotel??
  16. LBrandy

    LBrandy New Member

    We are from Ontario as well just alittle farther south,when ever I can we fly out of Detriot,its cheaper.We took the Disney transfer an enjoyed it,as this was our first time,it gets you in the Disney spirit.An there are all kinds of hotels around the Orlando airport ,we stay at the Embassy ,they had transfers from the airport an back,a cocktail party an night Free drinks an snacks,an they had a full hot breakfast included.An after dinner we wanted to go to Wal-Mart for a few pre cruise things,the shuttle driver took us ther an came back to pick us up,for tips.As for the beachs we knew we where going to have a beach day on Castaway Cays,so that was it for beach day,but there are some really nice beaches in St.Thomas.
  17. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    :rotfl2: :lmao: :rotfl2:
  18. ps17

    ps17 New Member

    Regarding Shutters multiple cabins policy: We just got done with Christmas cruise. Throughout the cruise, we used cards from both of our family's cabins to scan and take pictures.

    On disembarkation eve, when we were going through the pcitures, on the pricing sheet it stated that for the "purchase all pictures and DVD" option, that it was only a per stateroom thing - so if we wanted pictures keyed to both cabins and cards, we would essentially have to purchase two packages.

    DW complained about this policy while we were purchasing and said "if we would have known this, we would have only scanned a single card throughout the cruise". The salesperson did balk at this and initially said that we would have to get two packages, but upon just a little "continued persuasive pixiedusting", DW was able to get them to sell us both cabins' packages all as a single package.
  19. sdjen

    sdjen New Member

    Hello fellow 2-8-14 cruiser!

    We did an eastern last year. If you want a really fun beach day in St Maarten - i would highly recommend Le Galion beach. You can get a taxi there without booking a disney excursion. There are chairs, umbrellas there that I think were about $10 for the day. There are restrooms and a beach cafe for food. This beach is perfect for little ones and no nudity either. It is in a cove so super calm. My 6 year old could probably walk out over 100 ft. and still not be in over her head.

    I would also say that staying at the Hyatt MCO will be very easy and convenient, especially with a little one!
  20. Mrs Green

    Mrs Green Member

    Hello and Thanks sdjen! Any advice is welcome here :)
  21. Mrs Green

    Mrs Green Member

    I too am obsessed! My understanding is the Disney transfer does work as you described. We are from Chicago so I don't know that any flight deals will correspond. Good luck deciding on a week. If you do decide the 8th we've already got a great, friendly meet thread going!

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