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January 2009. . . Calling all Snowbirds ~ Part V

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by Momof2Disneyboys, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Oh yes..in the middle of July when its 100million degrees outside with 100% humidity and I can't even walk to my mailbox without having to take a shower afterwards....yes then I miss being a Northern Loon!
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  3. Momof2Disneyboys

    Momof2Disneyboys New Member

    Speaking of weather. . . Do you CBR Snowbirds want to have an alternate meeting place incase of inclement weather??? What do you think Wendy?

    MAGGIED New Member

    Shelly... this is my first visit to CBR so I am in unfamiliar waters.... I asked my boys if they wanted to come for the Snowbird meet and they looked at me like I was crazy.... except DH.... he said he might come.... I would be surprised if he did... I think the teenagers want to go around and explore the resort....

    Is there someplace where there are umbrella or a covered area.... what about by the pool.... like I said... I really don't know the set up of the resort... time to start looking at a map....

    speaking of the resort.... my guys really don't care about Nemo fashioned curtains and bed linens.... so other than that what changes have been made to the rooms? I ask because I really like the location of Trinidad north on the map but I know those rooms haven't been done.....
  5. sharadoc

    sharadoc Visiting Disney World since 1986, happily driving

    2 weeks from today ....

    I will be standing in line picking up my lunch to carry over to a table at Sleepy Hollow so I can meet my Snowbird friends before the parade!!! :banana:

    In the meantime - panic!!!!!
  6. Momof2Disneyboys

    Momof2Disneyboys New Member

    Well I'm not sure where would be a good place to meet if it is raining. Maybe the best bet would be the food court. We could get a table and chat a bit!

    The new rooms have the Nemo border and bedspread. That's it as far as Nemo is concerned. The curtains are a wavy ocean blue. The carpet is new, the beds are new, the furniture is new, the TV is new and flat screen I believe. So if you don't mind the older bedspread and some older carpet, you would probably be good in Trinidad North.
  7. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Amen to the PANIC part LOL!!!!!! I'm hoping to be able to make the parade...I'll have to see what is going on that day in my itinerary...it amazes me that I don't have this all memorized by now LOL
  8. Momto2PrncChrmgs

    Momto2PrncChrmgs New Member

    Just checking in...went to the Dr for exam and blood tests. When we got to the lab we "encouraged" then to use a vein finder...Their reply to my hubby, "Oh Andy we don't ever use those." I told them-you get one try then you get it. This will not be a fishing expedition. THEY GOT IT!! I was so relieved. We waited around town, ran some errands, ate at McD's, went back to the Dr-No results yet. But then Andy just called, they called him at work and everything came back 100% NORMAL!!! YEAH!!!

    Thanks for all the encouragement, hugs and prayers. You guys are the best support system!!

    (And we forgot the take the blanket for his lovie but he did get a present at WalMart-a CARS race set)! Gotta spoil the baby! He was great!
  9. trixiequilts

    trixiequilts New Member

  10. Momof2Disneyboys

    Momof2Disneyboys New Member

    That is great news! :goodvibes
  11. 2 WEEKS! :cool1: :banana: :yay: :woohoo: :dance3:
    I am so there! Can't wait!

    Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! Jenny, PLEASE can you come? Then we could go ride Haunted Mansion after together! PLEASE! :thumbsup2
  12. Mndisneygirl

    Mndisneygirl New Member

    HOORAY!!Thank goodness - Isn't it amazing what a few prayers and hugs from the snowbirds can do?
    I was just at Target on my lunch break (as I often am) and found some great stuff in the dollar section. Little reed diffuser/airfreshener things, a dishwashing wand/sponge that you put soap in, (I'm so bringing that to wash out mugs in our room!) I got my journal, shout wipes, stick-up air freshners,...

    I have been able to cross some stuff off my list - even though I keep adding other things to it! I did make my puppy his appointment for shots so that will be done before we go. Usually they will clip his nails too. My mom (who's keeping him while we're gone) will appreciate that!! :laughing:
  13. Dancegrl624

    Dancegrl624 New Member

    Back from work. It was not busy at all. I guess everyone is all shopped out! We got flip flops and bathing suits today (I bought myself an orange pair and a white pair of flops)! It made me even more excited for the trip! I made a trip to Home Depot and snatched up a bunch of Mickey Heads. I decided that I'm going to attempt to scrapbook. I'm going to need some help from my mom for sure. She's very crafty and makes wonderful scrapbooks. Then, I headed over to AC Moore just to check out the scrapbook stuff. I'm going to spend WAY too much money on this stuff. They had the cutest Disney paper and stickers. The ideas for pages just started flowing through my brain!!!! I figure that if I make a scrapbook, I'll be less sad about being home. I get to re-live all the memories that we made and we'll have it forever.

    YEA for single digits!!! :banana: :cool1: :banana: :cool1: Remember when we all celebrated double digits?!

    That is wonderful news. I'm glad that everything is ok.
  14. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Are you promising me a ride on Haunted Mansion after the parade...cuz you know I don't mess around when it comes to the Haunted Mansion and I would do about anything to get myself on that ride again and again...you have to promise Kim!!!!!!!

    Glad to hear the great news about Keaton!!!!
  15. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    I bought flip flops on Ebay last night with priority shipping so I'm hoping they will get here way before I have to leave!! They were cute Minnie Mouse...I'm thinking I'm going to wear those to my pedicure appointment at the GF spa that way I can show off my pretty toes LOL
  16. Dancegrl624

    Dancegrl624 New Member

    Are the hours for DTD posted anywhere? I can't seem to find them on the disney website.
  17. DisneyLifer87

    DisneyLifer87 New Member

    :banana: 5 days! But no countdown to DIS meets because you're all meeting when I'm gone!

    My alarm clock this morning was beat out by the chirpping sound of a smoke detector. Looks like I need a new 9volt. :upsidedow

    MAGGIED New Member

    YEAH!!!! That is wonderful news!!!
  19. Mndisneygirl

    Mndisneygirl New Member

    We discussed that somewhere on Part IV and I think that the stores were open until 10 (?). The restaurants and bars were much later. I remember thinking I was good because there's no way we'd be there that late.
  20. CrystalCastle

    CrystalCastle New Member

    It's almost time!!! :banana: I'm soooo not ready for this trip. I haven't packed, I have no idea what hours the parks are open, etc. Life has just been crazy busy lately. No matter, I'm going to Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. sarbah77

    sarbah77 New Member

    Hey, I'll be there the same time as you! We leave in a hair over 72 hours (WAHOO!!!! OMG I AM COUNTING IN HOURS NOW!!!)!

    You'll have fun! What's your number, in case I can cheer for you?! :cheer2: I'll be there, to cheer on my runner and everyone else... :cheer2:
    .... I should find a noisemaker!

    I don't WANT to have to work three more days!!

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