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items to have the characters sign?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jennab05, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    One thing I've read here is to remove the yellow marker. It doesn't stand up well to ageing and will fade more than the other colors.

    How many staterooms do you have? It's my understanding that the limit is 2 items per stateroom. As for putting them in separate bags or together, I don't know.

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  3. Cdnmom2001

    Cdnmom2001 Member

    something similar happened to us in May. We dropped off 2 9" blank vinylmations for all the characters to sign, marked the paper stating all. They came back on the last day,one had all the characters signatures and one only had 5 signatures. We took it back to guest services and they got more on it so they were equal. If they were both the same it wouldn't have made a difference, however it made a difference as two kids, each different, especially when they asked for the same thing. It all got sorted out so in the end it was incredible, best souvenir of our trip
  4. jennab05

    jennab05 Member

    Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I'm thinking about doing the Vinylmation idea. Does anyone know how much the larger ones run at the world of disney store downtown disney? Otherwise I might do the Photo Mat for a frame and buy a photo of my boyfriend and I at formal night. All the ideas are great tho. I really like that Disney offers this option. They can accept the candy you put in the envelope/bag, correct? I like that idea as a small present for them doing autographs.
  5. jennab05

    jennab05 Member

    I'm glad they were able to fix it for you. I think that is such a cute idea to have the vinylmations signed. Did you have one of the silver sharpies to have them sign with or did you use something else for the black?
  6. jennab05

    jennab05 Member

    I was wondering the same thing. I love the idea of a christmas ornament.
  7. ArielRae

    ArielRae 1042 mi from WDW

    I bought the ornament at ACMoore with a 50% off coupon so the ornament only costed 50 cents. It has a shiny coating to it and also is nicely weighted. Not to heavy or to light.

    Here is a link to a picture on esty to what it looks like tho I bought it from AC Moore.

    Has plenty of room on both sides for signatures.
  8. RHreha

    RHreha Earning My Ears

    I did the Photo Mats and the first time they signed really close to the edge so I had the problem with finding a frame to put them in. Next time I used some of the blue painters tape and taped off the edge to keep them from signing so close to the edge and then once I got them back I took the tape off and it was perfect!

    The rule as I was told by Guest Services is that they will sign one item per child in the stateroom or one item per stateroom with no children. If they have time they will do an additional item as I gave them 3 5x7 photo mats and 1 8x10 so each of my kids have one for themselves and I have one for the family. Both cruises I got all 4 items signed.

    I put them in a large padded mailing envelope with a ziploc baggy of Markers and leave the envelope unsealed.

    After reading lots of information on here a couple other ideas I saw people give for things to sign are ceramic plates and signature bears. I love the ornament idea and we are cruising again in less than 3 weeks!! Yay!!
  9. nhgirl

    nhgirl Member

    I didn't bring anything on board for them to sign. I wished I had once I was on the ship. We bought a picture at Shutters of my daughter with Mickey. When we went to the Character Breakfast we had it with us, so we had Mickey sign it. One night when my daughter went to Kid's Club they were coloring Disney pillow cases with fabric markers. We brought hers to Guest Services the next day and a couple of days later it was back in our stateroom signed by many of the characters.
  10. budamacdvcr

    budamacdvcr DIS Dad #737

  11. tessasmom

    tessasmom Member

    I found "rimless" glass frames at Michael's that worked great! It's basically a piece of glass that has clips that you can barely see. All of the signatures show perfectly!! Plus, the frame was pretty inexpensive...better than going the custom route, IMO. :)
  12. vleeth

    vleeth I heart Disney

    Just curious if you put candy in with your things to be signed? I've read that people who put in treats sometimes get more characters.
  13. Bear3412

    Bear3412 Mouseketeer

    We just did this with photo mats on the Fantasy 10/20. I struggled with what size and whether portrait or landscape for some time. I decided on two mats for a 6 X 8, one portrait, one landscape. I also was concerned about the edges for the frame. I asked about this and whether I should apply tape so the signatures would stay away from the edges. They agreed no tape. They just wrote "stay away 1/2 inch from edges." You would think the signers would know this, but......

    I placed ours in the large DCL store bag with lots of candy and sharpies. No way mine was going to fit in a Ziploc. I believe mine are 11 X 14.
    They counted the sharpies, and we got them all back. They said you always get your pens back.:confused3 I also had the stiff foam board that shipped with the mats to give the bag rigidity. They taped the bag up and that was it. I requested all signatures.

    I want a character landscape photo in one, the Aquaduck photo portrait in another. We'll see. ;)

    I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They actually were consistent with the color per character on each mat. Amazing. :thumbsup2 Oh, and could you ask for better color distribution?:worship:

  14. JessicasMom

    JessicasMom Working to Travel

    The ziplocks I've used are the "Big Bags"...blue, (XL size is 19" x 24"). I haven't checked the stores to see if they're still the same; I've recycled mine the past two years. Large, sturdy, see-through. I just tape a note on the outside listing the contents and the characters I want, and all has been returned without issue. Of course, I add treats as a token of thanks.
  15. jennab05

    jennab05 Member

    that looks awesome! also, what types of candy do you bring? I want to put some candy with it but not sure as to what they'd like/enjoy?
  16. jennab05

    jennab05 Member

    I forgot who said it but someone previously mentioned that if your stateroom doesn't have any children then you can have one item per stateroom signed... I'm going with my mom and dad and my boyfriend and I (both 20) so we don't have "kids" exactly but do you think they'd be willing to have something signed for me and my boyfriend separately because we don't live together and would like our own thing(s) signed. :confused3
  17. Bear3412

    Bear3412 Mouseketeer

    My understanding is it is two items per stateroom period, regardless of how much real estate your reservation encompasses, and how many bodies are in said area. So those with multiple cabins, will have an advantage. YMMV :goodvibes
  18. SnipsNSnails

    SnipsNSnails Mouseketeer

    I ordered pillowcases from Etsy that will be personalized with their name, ship name and sail date and has a Disney ship embroidered on it. I am so excited about this!

    If you have done pillowcases before, did you put cardboard in them to keep the pens from bleeding through? Or would that make them too big? I'm getting fabric pens for them to sign with.
  19. billyandjj

    billyandjj Member

    I have the Animated Characters book....is it too ambitious to think they would open the pages to the correct characters and sign?
  20. Cdnmom2001

    Cdnmom2001 Member

    we sent a multi pack of colours(white vinylmations) and they turned out incredible. Tink used lime green, other colours, were blue, red, black, green,burgundy and maybe one or two more colours Its my kids favourite thing item to have in their rooms, I wish I had one too lol
  21. tessa67

    tessa67 Member

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