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If you could live in a scene or ride at WDW...

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by meliss8599, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. NikkiLovesWDW!

    NikkiLovesWDW! "Are you seeing an increase in lateral forces?" "S

    I would live in the Mexican Pavilion for sure! I always spend some time just sitting and looking up at the facade of the windows and think how I would just love that to be a real house so I could live in it!!

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  3. stitcharoo

    stitcharoo Disney Veteran

    Pirates of the Caribbean!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride and movie!
  4. Rhonna

    Rhonna New Member

    California DL:

    Dream Suite above New Orleans Square with balcony overlooking Fantasmic and inner courtyard. Mint Juleps and desserts delivered from Blue Bayou restaurant.

    Food at Blue Bayou restaurant at beginning of PoTC with the swamp, fireflies, old cabin, crickets, etc.

    Florida WDW:

    ToT Hotel (w/o the screaming from the elevators) entrance gardens, balcony, lobby, library, a real room and make the gift shop into another living area/room. Room service from Hollywood Brown Derby.

    Food at Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant.
  5. meliss8599

    meliss8599 New Member

    Bumping this up for a new crowd! :)
  6. carrie1626

    carrie1626 New Member

    I could handle the Lobby of the Grand Floridian as my "home". Grand Piano, giant bouquet of fresh flowers and ALL

    The Canadian pavillion would be awesome too.
  7. Angebee

    Angebee New Member

    Belle's Village once the New Fantasyland section opens up!!! If not there then the Carousel of Progress. I enjoy the earlier two scenes the best.
  8. angelbear425

    angelbear425 New Member

    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow..... (I also like the 2 earlier scenes best.)
  9. MouseEarsForAll

    MouseEarsForAll Oh snap! I get to hold the trophy?!

    Cinderella's Castle, top room please.
  10. starrysky

    starrysky New Member

    Mexico pavilion in the court yard it's so pretty in there
  11. fla4fun

    fla4fun New Member

    I think I would live in the Land pavilion. Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill for eating, Soarin' for entertainment, and the greenhouse to keep busy. All inside with A/C in the summer! :thumbsup2 I'd have my bed in the farmhouse.
  12. Fantasmiss

    Fantasmiss New Member

    I choose to call Cinderella Castle a scene, so I'd live there! :)

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  13. parkhopping

    parkhopping DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    You beat me to it! I haven't even seen it in person yet but I just know I'm going to fall in love with it...it doesn't hurt that BatB is my favorite Disney movie ever ;)

    I think it would also be neat to have an apartment at the Main St. train station. It would be a beautiful view of the Kingdom on one side and the lagoon on the other each morning!
  14. heidijanesmith

    heidijanesmith New Member

    I want to stay in the Hotel in the Tower of Terror ride. ToT is my favorite ride at WDW and I would love to stay there!

    This is WDW blasphemy but I would live at WWoHP!
  15. Bagheera23608

    Bagheera23608 Bagheera23608

    Easy answer would be the Haunted Mansion, but I do love the riverboat at the bottom of the drop on Splash Mtn....
  16. ttintagel

    ttintagel New Member

    The ballroom of the Haunted Mansion. Music, dancing, and cake! What's not to love?
  17. jane2073

    jane2073 New Member

    At DHS near the 50's Prime Time diner there is a gate and some stairs beyond it. The gate has Echo Lake Apts. (or something like that) on it. Every time I walk by I imagine what it would be like to walk through the gate and up the stairs to "home". I love that area!
  18. Angebee

    Angebee New Member

    It's my favorite, too! I keep telling my family I'm going to ditch them to hang around FLE even though I'm their unofficial 'tour guide' next trip. :rolleyes1

    Oh, to live on Main Street!! That just makes me think I'd get up every morning singing "Good Mornin'" from 'Singing in the Rain'. Complete with dancing.
  19. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    Wow i thought i would be the Tim Burton" like person here , but i see im not alone.

    Grave yard haunted mansion......
    Now thats a party
  20. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    So many choices! I think I could live at any of the world showcase pavilions, especially the tea house in the UK by the gardens. There's also a little cottage across the water in Canada when you walk down towards Le Cellier. DF and I got to walk over and pose with it when we were having our engagement photos done and it was beautiful, though a bit small.

    Belle's cottage and Beast's castle would also be top of the list. I've seen the cottage, and can't wait to go in to the castle during the AP Preview on Nov. 3rd!
  21. MrRob

    MrRob New Member

    I certainly wouldn't mind living on Brava Centauri from Horizons.

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