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If you could live in a scene or ride at WDW...

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by meliss8599, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. brerdawg

    brerdawg Disney Commando

    Either Pirates of the Caribbean or Splash Mountain (if I could be animated).

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  3. Ilivetogo

    Ilivetogo <font color=royalblue>I really DO want to live the

    I would love to live here ... in this little "apartment" upstairs across from POC. It's very "tropical" looking and casual. That's why I took the picture!!

  4. I completely agree w/ you - I also love the Land boat ride and I've always wanted to design a nursery inspired by Peter Pan's flight - I'd paint a mural of the night sky and write "second star to the right and straight on til morning" and have little painted trails of pixie dust. I never had that kind of time, though while preparing for my babies. Maybe for my Grandchildren...
  5. DougK

    DougK Member

    I'd love to live in the final scene in Carousel of Progress. Forget about the 90's feel or the clothing or the talking oven, I just think it projects such a nice, warm family Christmas-ey feeling.
  6. Disney4nonah

    Disney4nonah Member

    Swiss family Robinson’s tree house I've wanted to do dishes in that big shell since i was a little girl....of course in that world spiders wouldn't exist.

    I would live in THE LAND - it's got everything I need to "live on"...Good Thread....:cool1:
  7. Disney4nonah

    Disney4nonah Member

    LOVE IT....oooo now i'm going to search and take a pic next time of my perfect spot.... YAY
  8. famsen

    famsen Mouseketeer

    I would love to live in the Haunted Mansion! :love::hmghost:
    I actually fantasize about it as I ride through.
  9. Lynn5700

    Lynn5700 <font color=darkorchid>WOO HOO I will be there<br>

    MK- The Castle, HM, or Pirates

    Epcot- Italy, Germany, and France

    DHS- TOT!!
  10. Ty_Ty

    Ty_Ty Peter Pan Fan!

    Peter Pan's Flight. My favorite ride, and I know it like the back of my hand. I know so many little things people don't know too.:goodvibes;)
  11. Zippa D Doodah

    Zippa D Doodah <font color=red>Suffering from Fairy Alienation.

    Well you can't just hang that out there without providing details! :laughing:
  12. meliss8599

    meliss8599 Mouseketeer

    Right?! Spill!
  13. claryche

    claryche Mouseketeer

    TOT, with Minnie's house being my vacation home.
  14. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk DIS Veteran

    Dumbo! You can't beat the view!
  15. Ty_Ty

    Ty_Ty Peter Pan Fan!

    I'll say this, a CM friend taught me where a very small hidden mickey is, so I now know where every hidden mickey is in the ride and queue. I also know what time Big Ben says, and if I remember correctly it's 9:06pm. I also know what the book is in the Nursery, but I'd like to keep that one a secret. ;)
  16. cousinbb

    cousinbb Burn the Bridge of Retreat

    I would live in Everest -my ride pick-
    For the scene that I would live in, Spaceship Earth where the American Indians are. :goodvibes
  17. aurorae

    aurorae Mouseketeer

    re TOT, it would get really old really fast listening to people scream all day long.
  18. zhazhazsu

    zhazhazsu Mouseketeer

    The turn of the century scene in Carousel of Progress. I love vintage stuff and it just gives me the warm fuzzies.
  19. mickeyluv'r

    mickeyluv'r DIS Veteran

    My first thought for some reason was, 'Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me!', as long as I was one of the happy pirates.

    I suppose the SFR would be one of the more practical places to live on property as it has most needed amenities, or Living with the Land, as it has food.

    I notice nobody has said Norway. :)

    Another sort of secret spot would be the hidden apartment behind Tusker house. They don't really let guests behind there much any more, but I used to love eating in that courtyard.

    I would think the castle would be nice.

    Oooh, or could I maybe stay a weekend in the GF gingerbread house? I could live on gingerbread and chocolate for a few days!
  20. omghidanielle

    omghidanielle Mouseketeer


    Echo Lake!
  21. jking6

    jking6 Mouseketeer

    I vote main st. It is so wonderful to just watch people walk by and see things they have never seen before. Everybody's eyes light up when they enter and they are still smiling when they leave. Can not wait till I come home again for Christmas.

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