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If you could live in a scene or ride at WDW...

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by meliss8599, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Zippa D Doodah

    Zippa D Doodah <font color=red>Suffering from Fairy Alienation.

    I'd like to live in the old west town that you zip by on BTMRR

    I'd love to live in the old Hollywood world depicted on Hollywood Blvd at DHS
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  3. padlock

    padlock Active Member

    The space scene from Horizons.
  4. I would like to set up an apartment on Main St. I think that would be cool. If they told me I couldn't do that then I would have to set up shop somewhere in Epcot, maybe above then American Adventure, nice view of the park, good restaurants all around, I think I would like that.
  5. Lizziejane

    Lizziejane <font color=darkorchid>Funny how everyone is diffe

    The Liberty Belle for me!
  6. brendrek

    brendrek DIS Lurker Extraordinaire

    I would pick the final scene in Carosel of Progress. I love that cheesey 90's version of the present/future.
  7. buckylarue

    buckylarue Can't decide who's Statler and who's Waldorf...

    I could see living in any of the houses seen in the Carousel of Progress. (When I was a kid, I remember going to Disneyland and asking my parents if we could move into the Monsanto House of the Future. I thought it would be great to live in that modern, convenient home, then just roll out the front door and be in the park. Guess that's why I bought into DVC!:rotfl:)
  8. Can I live in an inner courtyard/Bay Lake view room at the Wilderness Lodge forever?
  9. Scraper

    Scraper Active Member

    I want to live in that little cottage behind LeCellers.
    as far as a ride I would like to live on EE in the cave with the yeti.What a view.:goodvibes
  10. Disneyaunt4

    Disneyaunt4 <font color=red>I wonder what they put in that wax

    I can't believe I am the first one to say the Haunted Mansion. It would be like Halloween everyday,that is so me:cool1:
  11. Uncleromulus

    Uncleromulus <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    I agree with the OP. That setting looks so inviting!!!
  12. mikoiv

    mikoiv Active Member

    Cindy's Suite in the castle first choice
    Holywood Hotel second choice
  13. Robo

    Robo Attention: There's a '71 Castle in the Hub with it

    "The Hollywood that never was, and always will be."
  14. MissStitch626

    MissStitch626 Active Member

    I agree with the farmhouse scene of Living with the Land, I love that house! As for a ride I could happily sit on Soarin forever
  15. patty57

    patty57 Active Member

    I'm with Monorail Driver...an apartment on Main Street. I'm always so happy when I walk down Main Street. :goodvibes
  16. Heidijs

    Heidijs Active Member

    Okay I haven't been there since 1982 but if I remember correctly, the swiss family tree house was cool!!!! So I'll pick that. I actually rented that movie at the library the other day for my DD4 to watch over the holidays. I want to tell her we're going to see that house at Disneyworld :P
  17. shasess

    shasess My Disney Princess!!!

    ...it would be during Mickey's PhilharMagic when Aladdin and Jasmin are singing to each other while riding on the magic carpet.....that scene just takes my breath away..........:love:
  18. PSUGuy

    PSUGuy Bill From PA

    Too late for this, but I'd live in the Adventurer's Club in a heartbeat.

    Bill From PA
  19. dkostel

    dkostel <font color=red>Future owner at CRV? VCR? I don't

    I'd love to live in Walt's Epcot. The city that you can only see from the TTA.
  20. lbklyn

    lbklyn Active Member

    The Haunted Mansion or Soarin (if they let me off every now and then to use the ladies room).
  21. meliss8599

    meliss8599 Active Member

    Oh, how could I forget that ride?! I am definitely an old soul at heart so, yes, any one of those scenes would be wonderful to live in. I love history. And that 90's scene brings back wonderful childhood memories. The clothing and the hairstyles are great. Aren't they tight rolling their jeans in that one LOL?

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