how do you choose which resort?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by married2mm, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. KuyaJeff

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    Dec 27, 2006
    I have no real "pattern" to choosing resorts since I've only been one other time...and that time was going solo. Having the new dynamic of choosing with another person is like I'm booking my first trip again: it just hasn't been done before.

    First question I asked ourselves was "If money wasn't an obstacle, which resort would we like to stay at?". Since WDW is a place where dreams come true, we took a chance to dream big! Even with pricey options of deluxes, which most people would equate priciness to "better-ness" :laughing:, we still managed to stay towards the lower spectrum and agree that AKL was something that appealed to us. It has that immersive theming Disney is known for, felt mature enough for an adult-only trip, the spontaneousness a kid would love with the animals, and tons of opportunities to spoil ourselves.

    I then asked "Which resort seems the most appealing in each of the three main categories for us?" (Deluxe, Moderate, Values). Again, AKL was up there in the Deluxe section. Moderates were a tie between CBR and CSR. And finally, AoA and POP for the values. :goodvibes

    Then I asked "What can we afford [in this scenario]?" We knew for sure that we were going in January 2013 since both of us are going to school for the spring semester. Also, as college students, the value season just made sense. :teacher: We prepared for the "worst" with just plain ol' rack rates. But we also took into consideration that Disney is known for throwing out promotions out there like XX% off roomsnd free dining, so we calculated those situations. Many Microsoft Xcel spreadsheets were made. :surfweb: The latest promotions threw us off, but with the help of the DIS, we had a sense of what was to come. When it comes down to it, cost is the most important thing. We also thought about "How far can we stretch our budget?" Sometimes the difference between two types of rooms, and even a resort is only a little'll notice at the end of this post how it came in handy.

    "Do they have room categories we can deal with?" As appealing as all the Disney Resorts, some just don't make sense for two adults. We had to throw out AoA because of the suites having too many sleep surfaces, sure we could rotate, but it's not worth it. There were the Standard Mermaid Rooms, but it just didn't feel "right" for two male guests. There's no real need to book a bunk bed at the "Lodge" resorts. Cabins and multiple-room villas were ruled out for the excessive number of sleep surfaces...and that silly thing called affordability. ;)

    Things usually considered by others, but thrown out by us when deciding upon a resort, include:
    "How's the transportation?" We're always winning at WDW if we're not spending money on a rental long waits and crowded buses vs spending for a rental car? Yeah, it's a pretty obvious decision there for us. popcorn::
    "What's the view like outside?" All that we ask is that there's something to actually see outside our window for that small moment we do decide to be conscious in our room and look out the window.
    "What's the food like at the resort?" It doesn't take much to please college guys, but if we need to...we can alwaus use that handy Disney Transportation to find food elsewhere.

    So with everything considered and not considered, we made a choice!
    That choice was a King Room - Water View at Coronado Springs. It had that great feel of a Disney Resort, that affordability we needed, and a room we can deal with.

    But January promotions came out!
    We realized that at the rack rate we could afford for CSR, we could "upgrade" to that dream of AKL for us...with a Pool View, dining and parkhoppers for 7nights/ a lower price!
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  3. kaligal

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    Sep 12, 2009
    I usually go wherever the personal traveling with me wants to go.

    If I'm actually picking, on or off site has to be decided first. Narrows things down. Longer trips, offsite always wins. Shorter trips are a toss up.

    Next is price. How much do I want to spend?

    Finally, I pick something. Then I second guess it. Then I go back and start all over.

    Eventually I get sick of all the thinking and just book something. I almost never think about it again after than, but have been known to switch a couple times.

    I realize this is no help at all, but maybe someone who is wispy-washy about their hotel decisions will feel less alone. :)
  4. sissy_ib

    sissy_ib DIS Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    First trip a few years ago, it was all about staying on property as cheap as possible. ASMusic seamed like the "cutest" of the three All Stars.
    That trip I was hooked and discovered DVC.
    We have stayed at AKV and BLT based on theme/views.
    In February I wont have DVC points to use and am trying to do the trip a little lower budget. I wanted at least a Moderate. I chose CBR because of price with the room only discount. I will be alone and not focused on the parks so things like bed size and bus service/location are not as important this trip.
    Next time we head down will hopefully be during Food and Wine fest and we will try to stay in an Epcot DVC resort since that is where we will spend most of our time.

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