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Hate this new website!!!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Coconuts, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Ntrain

    Ntrain Member

    I was able to book for Dec 2013. Is a split stay, we are doing 2 nights at WDW, then DCL then back to WDW for 5 nights. I was able to book the first stay, then had issues when I was trying to book the 2nd stay.
    After playing with it for a while apparently you can not do check out on Dec 31. If I change the date to the 30th or Jan 1st I'm able to add it to the shopping cart. Not sure, we just need to decide which day to leave. I'm new to this WDW, first time back in 10yrs.
    Other issue I had was, had a CC saved in my profile, went to do the check out, it asked for CC info. So I entered again and asked me if I wanted to save it, so I did and re-saved the same info:confused3

    But other than that the reservation is linked to my profile. I know a lot of you guys the issue is with reservations done on the old website but decided to post this just to have it out there.

    I'll try later booking the 2nd stay later. I literally spent like an hour and a half playing around with the site.
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  3. wdw4rfam

    wdw4rfam Active Member

    Its terrible. I had to call in my payment today because although I see my reservation, there is no link to pay or balance. Have 2 Adr's linked, but the other 8, I can pull them up and see that the details, but it wont save them:confused3 Sooooo glad I printed all of my ADR's on the old site before it switched. The phone wait times are aweful because EVERONE has to call to do simple things that should be done online. I feel real bad for all of you making ADR's:faint:Cant imagine the wait times at 7am when EVERYONE has to call them in. They better get this thing worked out soon or the phone CM's are going to go on strike:rotfl2:
  4. magicwishes

    magicwishes Member

    We have a family of 5 including an infant. It won't let me book a room with an occupancy of 4 even though I could on the previous web site. Unless they are changing the policy for infants, it's the web site. SOOO frusturating!
  5. CanadianGuy

    CanadianGuy <font color=green><br><br><font color=blue>Me and Moderator

    Yup. I've been STRONGLY recommending that nobody book with or make payments with the new website (even if it seems that those things are working) ... I just think it's completely untrustworthy.

    The issue you had is known and again -- I advocate you call.
  6. nyrebecca

    nyrebecca Active Member

    Can see my reservation, wanted to check the price...but of course can't do that with the new site it seems! Argh !
  7. mum2four

    mum2four Active Member

    Yep, I'm having the same problem. It's a glitch with the new website, so you need to call to book. I emailed Disney to make sure it wasn't a change in policy, and received a response confirming that an infant under age 3 is not counted against occupancy.
  8. El Perro

    El Perro Member

    The website is broken and should never have gone live.

    Warning: Nerd rage follows!

    Whomever is in charge of software dev and infrastructure there is an idiot. How do you let something with this many bugs go live? Have these guys ever heard of "quality control"?

    The fact that nobody's old reservations aren't linked to the new accounts is beyond absurd. Was it too much to have the new website simply access the old data stores? If not, was migrating the data really that complicated for these tools? Did they even consider that this might be an extremely negative user experience (obviously not or else it wouldn't be this way).

    Now their call centers are getting crushed with callers and the CC reps are having to spend thousands of hours fixing things instead of booking reservations and adding to revenue. The amount of time and money being spent to fix this thing has to be astronomical. If they actually kept metrics on this they would be appalled and heads would roll. Clearly they do not, as this isn't the first time they've borked a simple website migration.

    This reeks of a "code and load" mentality over there. Nice going there, geniuses.

    /nerdrage off
  9. magicwishes

    magicwishes Member

    Thanks! I was going to wait to call until 1/3. I was hoping it wasn't a change in policy that could hose us in the future.
  10. WDWPooh

    WDWPooh Member


    I cant load my resort, and the only way to see my dining is to go to the 'my intinerary' and go to my date...then they are all there. I have been making payments by automated phone. When I listened to the resort details it had me as quick service when I have dining. I called CM, who no doubt was just as frustrated as I was, and probably crazy with the same phone calls because of site. Apparently the phone system reads their codes wrong and all is fine. She gave me a tech #. So I called, he said my resort info was safe and they were working on it. With a $6000 trip..not being able to see anything or have a site cooperate stinks.
  11. padawans

    padawans Active Member

    When I try to make ADR's it tells me the restaraunt is no longer in business "as of" some weird date. Sometimes it's 2009. If I go the restaraunt page I can make a reservation, but not for a specific time. It just shows lunch or dinner. We like to eat dinner around 8pm, and all I get is 6-7 pm times showing up. It's very weird.
  12. So far so good for making/cancelling ADRs from here in Canada?? I am so sorry for everyone else that is stuck with this seemingly useless website. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  13. tiki23

    tiki23 <font color=darkorchid>Able to leap a double strol

    ^^ THIS!^^ :headache:
  14. tiki23

    tiki23 <font color=darkorchid>Able to leap a double strol

    Yep; I wouldn't book or pay for a thing on the site right now. Call or wait until at least a few of the bugs have been worked out.

    Disney has a history of horrendous web site changes but this one takes the cake!! :badpc:
  15. RachelTori

    RachelTori <font color=red>AKL Jambo Wildbunch<br><img src=ht

    Add me to the list of new website haters! :headache:

    I honestly can't believe how a company as large and as powerful as Disney would have such an incompetent IT department! :sad2:
  16. lmc318

    lmc318 I have dreams like you, no really! Just much less

    Also not a fan. I was on yesterday and it was dead slow. Soooo frustrating. :mad:Today is better, but I don't like the new setup, especially how they have you "booking" packages instead of just being able to compare them. I know, nuance, but still. As for the free dining banner, I heard they are making an announcement tonight on NY Rockin Eve, so maybe someone just put it up there too early and didn't link it up right????? Fingers crossed!!!
  17. LSUDis

    LSUDis Active Member

    I can't even get into it. I enter my username and password; then, it sends me to a page where my info. is there, but I have to choose 2 questions for password hints. I then click the "Terms" okay.

    But....the "Next" button on the bottom never lights up to be "clickable."

    Am I the only one with this problem?
  18. arcticdisneylovers

    arcticdisneylovers Active Member

    I can't even get on to the site:(
  19. I went on to price another vacation for next Christmas. I already have one booked for this summer. Every time I wanted to check out a package, it threatened to erase my currently booked vacation. Before I hardly clicked on anything a survey popped up. I clicked yes to take it because they need to know what a mess it is. After taking a very long survey, I finally got back to the website and gave up in frustration. My husband linked in under his account and it was the old website! We got the info we wanted. Finally!
  20. poly princess

    poly princess Member

    My husband and have had loads of problems with the website :confused: .
    I called Disney to see what was up. She said they were making major changes to the website. They were working to get up and running correctly.
  21. Claire&TheBoys

    Claire&TheBoys The Queen of the Castle!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one with issues. I thought maybe it was my computer or web browser. I've been trying to check availability for dining reservations and every screen kept freezing up.

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