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Free Dining 2013

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by black562, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Lazor460

    Lazor460 Member

    yeah!! ok great thanks for sharing the info! :-)
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  3. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    And this thread explodes from this point forward.... popcorn::
  4. babydoll65

    babydoll65 please stand clear of the doors, por favor manteng

    Same here,my mom's the only one but at 70 years old I can't push her too far. Most of the people I work with don't understand why I'm so into disney. They think I should go other places but there is no other place I care about. Anyway, I can still visit Japan,Germany and Italy without leaving the US. Well, have to go do the grocery shopping. Catch up later:wizard:
  5. kcwiak

    kcwiak Member

    The Avi's make it difficult sometimes! LOL. I looked again at TP and the highest I saw was 4.9 on 9/28 during our stay and that day is slotted for DTD. Even so, 4.9 is not bad at all. SO excited! :banana:
  6. mcurran

    mcurran Off to neverland!

    Good morning Joe and Pluto - thanks for all of the updates. If the general release date is confirmed for 5/9 as expected from all the chatter, do you know if the Disney Visa release date is confirmed now too? Is it 5/6?
  7. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    It wasn't the release date that was confirmed, but the fact that it is on for September. TAs have been receiving their materials. What Pluto was trying to say was, the pieces that have to fall in place are falling in place.

    1. Disney decides the dates and puts it into their system on the back end.
    2. Disney sends the information out to the TAs a week or so prior to launch.
    3. Launch
  8. mcurran

    mcurran Off to neverland!

    Thanks Joe!
  9. kcwiak

    kcwiak Member

    WOOHOO! OK, then I have a question for ya'll. Now that we were planning on spending ~4200 on 10 days paying for DDP, if I wanted to upgrade to a Mod or Dlx, which would you suggest? I want ease of travel between parks (we usually stay at Pop because of the dedicated buses) and something the kids will enjoy. I was thinking AKL but that nakes me pay 500 more so that seems silly but I am not sold on the Mods. Anyone have awesome experiences with any Mods?

    Your suggestions.......go! :cutie:
  10. JoanneDisFan

    JoanneDisFan Member

    Last trip we upgraded to a mod. It was nice to have a sit down restaurant on site, but honestly we never got around to eating there. The pool was nice, and so was the hot tub. But honestly I'm quite happy with my Value resorts. If I ever upgrade again I would go to Dlx, but have a hard time paying that much $.
  11. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Love love love Port Orleans Riverside, but the buses can be on the slow side. For whatever reason, the higher up you go in resorts, the sower the buses can be. Regardless, they have two sinks in the bathroom, and the rooms are larger. Now the deluxe rooms are fantastic, if you don't mind paying the price, and you can walk to Epcot from those resorts, or ride the monorail from the magic kingdom resorts, so transportation to some places become much easier.
  12. plutospalforever

    plutospalforever Statler & Waldorf

    Ya know, I have had such great experiences at the Values, that I have never wanted to try a mod. Afraid I would be disappointed for the money. But, if I had the money would jump right to a delux. Poly has always been my dream. As a kid we stayed at Contemporary and am sentimentally attached. I was doing some recent pricing at AKL and was surprised it was more affordable than other deluxes. Do love the idea of mono resort for convenience. Good luck with your decision!!!:goodvibes
  13. Thanks for another confirmation. Got to admit I was hoping Pluto was going to say that Joe was right but that they were going to include end of August as well. I know it was a longshot of hope, but what can you do. Happy for the September travellers but we're going the last week of August. With 2 kids who are now Disney adults, it will be no DDP and no buffets this trip. I guess on the bright side we will have more park time since we will have less time spent in TS restaurants.
  14. Leeanne

    Leeanne Loving Life as a Princess with my Prince Charming

    So now that the confirmation has been leaked all we are waiting to hear now is the official DVisa date! I vote it be Thursday, May 2. Do I have a second?
  15. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend Mouseketeer

    We have stayed all levels value, mod and deluxe. All Star Sports, CBR, POFQ, WL and Contemporary. My favorite was WL. However, I still enjoy the values just as much as the deluxes. Maybe I just haven't picked the right deluxe yet?
  16. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    That would be nice, except there is no Thursday, May 4. :confused3
  17. Soupy5

    Soupy5 WDW is my happy place!

    Thank you for this info! Also, I love your predicted FD dates! We will be there Dec. 15-21 and we're planning a large group trip. With FD, we will all be able to stay on site together. Fingers crossed :)
  18. draybook

    draybook Earning My Ears

    We were originally booked for like October 7-15th or somewhere around there. Then I figured that with Disney cutting back on Free Dining, we'd be better off moving back to September, since the chances of FD are much better in September. Looks like I made a good call on that one.

    We are now booked for September 20-27th, staying at POFQ. This will be our second time staying there and we love it! We've done 5 other trips total, 2 stays were at Pop Century, and 2 were off-site during Cheer championships :cheer2: in March. Our first trip was off-site because I didn't do my homework and didn't know about Free Dining (Sept 2008).
  19. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Be sure to have a backup resort, since French quarter is one of the smaller ones.
  20. Leeanne

    Leeanne Loving Life as a Princess with my Prince Charming

    And that is what happens ladies and gentlemen when you DON'T flip your calendar to the new month! I went back an edited the post. Oiy vay, it's going to be another Monday.
    So Black do I have a second for Thursday, May 2?? :-D
  21. Kat016

    Kat016 Mouseketeer

    Lmao...that is something I would do!!!
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