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Free Dining 2013

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by black562, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Hey guys, I thought I'd start a post for the Free Dining 2013 promotion. I have a separate post for the room only discounts so we can discuss each one separately. I hope this can be a drama-free thread as well.

    Think happy thoughts guys.

    Once again the free dining in a nutshell:

    Dates: September 2-25

    Available to book: May 9 (Visa holders should be May 6)

    Values recieve Quick Service (which they can upgrade for $18 a day for adults and $3 a day for children)

    Moderates and Deluxe recieve the regular dining plan.

    Most resort categories are included, at varying degrees of availability. While Little Mermaid rooms appear to be available...expect VERY limited availability for these (many dates are already sold out completely as it is).
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  3. sswally

    sswally New Member

    Thanks. So if I call on the morning of the 6th (dis visa holder) and they say they know nothing, do I press or accept that maybe cardholders don't get it in advance?
  4. plutospalforever

    plutospalforever Statler & Waldorf

    I'm on board! Thanks!!!!:)
  5. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Well, I expect it will be posted here after the first person has had success. The Visa dates can vary and are usually on a Thursday. Of course this promo is on a Thursday so it will happen earlier. The summer promos were Tuesday and visa got in on Thursday, much more than three days.
  6. poohbear13

    poohbear13 Yoda, Jedi Master

    subscribed... and it will happen... positive thoughts. My dates are not until Nov./Dec. so my fingers are crossed for you all for September :thumbsup2
  7. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    I just want to step aside and say that, regardless of what some may say, anything can change until the official announcement. It has happened before and can always happen. So please don't make any permanent changes until the announcement is official. I'd hate to see someone lose money based on a post, even if it is 99%.
  8. poohbear13

    poohbear13 Yoda, Jedi Master

    You and Danny are awesome and many of us would be at a huge loss with out your help! :flower3: Thank you!
  9. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Thanks for that. I like the fun of planning, just hate drama. Hopefully we can have some fun in here.
  10. Blessedwith3boys

    Blessedwith3boys New Member

    Subscribed and can't wait to book free dining on Monday...I hope :cool1:
  11. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    Drama free is perfect...adolescent he said/she said should be left at the playground. I just want to try and save as much money as I can on my trip and I don't care who says it first. Thank you so much for all of the information you supply. We are going in October, so ill be waiting patiently for discounts to be released :)
  12. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    So when's everyone planning to go? I'm planning on September 6-14 and my dining reservations have already been made.
  13. nikkyluvsmickey

    nikkyluvsmickey New Member

    Sept 7th -10th for me and all my ressies are made as well. I can't wait :banana::banana:
  14. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Regardless of what some say,I would never tell anyone to change their flight or anything permanent like that until the information is made official.
  15. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    We're going October 26th until November 2nd. We are planing to spend Halloween night at MK doing the MNSSHP but now that I found out the resorts do fun things on Halloween we may change our party night. We might as well make the most out of Halloween at WDW, right??
  16. boundfordisney

    boundfordisney <font color=magenta>I think my finger prints are s

    Well I went and changed our flights coming down , we did have september 26 as the date but now have changed to the 25 didnt want to loose out on the fd, anyway it just gives us another day at disney and didnt cost very much as far as flight increase, so either way Im good! we arrive on the 25 and depart on October4th have booked rooms at cbr already and dining res are all made! Cant wait!:thumbsup2
  17. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    As long as you are happy to go either way, that's fine. Please PLEASE don't make any permanent changes until after the official announcement. Regardless of what may be said, anything and everything can change. I'm not sure how some would feel come May 9 if something were different, but I think it would probably be a bad day. I've always said to make plans, but never do things like flight changes based solely on this sort of information. We can be 99.9%, but that 0.1% can sometimes come back to bite.

    LOVEMY3KIDDOS New Member

    I'm one of those that are hoping for the extension!! We are going 10/29 or 30...still open because we are driving...until November 10. Can't wait! Are we allowed to post our dining ressies here when we get them? Just for fun to see what we will all be eating? I know on the other thread some people complained. I know if I see a post that doesn't interest me, I just scroll past it...not complain that it is there. (Which by the way takes up more room that could be related to the subject at hand...just sayin') Anyway, can we talk about our food? Or extra activities like parties? It's just fun and passes the time in the waiting game.
  19. Rhody Red

    Rhody Red Counting Down To September!

    We've been booked (and paid in full) for a while, for September 7th to the 14th. I'm hoping that this does happen, because we'll upgrade from ASMo to Caribbean Beach, and also be able to extend to the 17th.

    Fingers & Toes crossed. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!
  20. nikkyluvsmickey

    nikkyluvsmickey New Member

    What resort are u staying at?
  21. mcding2013

    mcding2013 New Member

    :confused3 well I'm booked for aug 28th till sept 4th, flights booked as well along with dining reservations!!!! Just sad about the no fd...but oh we'll my family is still going to have the time of our lives.... Going to Disney baby :yay:
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