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Disney Parks " Disney Time" Sweepstakes- Any Other Winners?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by BridgetR3, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. busymomof4kids

    busymomof4kids New Member

    Congratulations to all the winners so far. :cool1: So exciting!!!
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  3. DisneyArmyFam

    DisneyArmyFam New Member

    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who got that FedEx prank. Geeze! I was so excited, I was at the post office this morning only for them to look at me like I was crazy.lol. I was trying to explain to them I might have won a disney vacation and they needed to look again. OOPPS!:scared:
    Days are numbered keeping my fingers and toes and everything else crossed now!Good Luck:thumbsup2
  4. aiminator

    aiminator New Member

    I wonder the process of selecting winners - is it automated? I like to think there is a method to the madness ;) and was wondering if all the names go into one pool or if the package selection has any influence on being chosen on any given day. I have been changing up the package selection I enter with (and different times of day) thinking that will increase my odds but I know it won't ha ha.

    Good luck everyone :)
  5. hibricc

    hibricc New Member

    Had my own 212 fake-out last week... Sitting at my son's Grade 5 concert, listening to the orchestra, when my cell vibrates. It's my work phone, so who would be calling me in the evening? Let's see - 212... 212?!?

    Ahh, but it's 212-000-3459, not the Ventura exchange. Googled the number, and discovered it's a reported phone scammer, not a friendly Ventura rep delivering the Best News Ever(TM).

    Oh well, maybe today...
  6. meajuly5

    meajuly5 New Member

    So fun! Have a ball! Can't beat that for a first trip
  7. ohainat

    ohainat New Member

    Hi guys!
    I've been lurking the boards during this sweepstakes and finally decided to come out of the closet :laughing: Just wondering, does Disney do anymore annual drawings/sweepstakes type things at any other time during the year to keep a look out for?
    I understand this sweepstakes is something they've done in past January's. I just wonder if they do other Disney trip giveaways throughout the year :)

    We went for the first time to WDW last March. We drove from Iowa! We took a detour to Panama City and camped at St. Andrews on our way there, and then camped at Fort Wilderness. It was such a wonderful, wonderful time. Can't wait to go back! :earsboy:
  8. Tarheel Mom

    Tarheel Mom New Member

    I have been wondering this same thing - how exactly are the winners picked (completely random, geographic, package chosen)? And, like you, I've been alternating the times I enter hoping that will give me a better chance, lol. Can't blame us for trying, right!? :)
  9. audrey2580

    audrey2580 New Member

    Well I don't know about this contest, but in previous ones I have won or have read about it works like this, again YMMV.

    Each entry is given a number in the order they enter. Then a number is randomly chosen (computer generated) and that is the winner.
  10. Tarheel Mom

    Tarheel Mom New Member

    That's kind of how I was thinking.

    Anybody have any idea of how many people are entering each day? I can imagine it's a lot. Seems like the past few days I've run into more error messages regarding the site being busy than earlier in the contest.
  11. mieshie75

    mieshie75 New Member

    I just got an invite to enter a local contest to go to wow to see Kelly rippa entered that too
  12. OhMari

    OhMari WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator Moderator

    Mary from mousesavers.com post sweepstakes that pertain to Disney. You can join her newsletter and she is usually the first to know anything plus she post on the DIS. I saw her answering a bunch of questions this past weekend. She has a website too and that is where I find a lot of Sweepstakes.
  13. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie New Member

    I thought for sure someone would have already posted this today, but since it is not here, I'm giving you the info. :goodvibes

    Wheel of Fortune is giving away two Disney trips a day this week, one DL and one WDW. That's ten trips folks! You have to watch the show this week, get the phrase from the bonus round, then enter at the Wheel of Fortune website.

    Winners won't be notified until mid February or later (rules say they are allowing two weeks to get hold of a potential winner before they move on to the next person).

    Sweeps Advantage has a Disney category on their home page, btw.

    ETA -- After a very bad experience with the people that run the Sweeps Advantage website, I can no longer recommend them. Please be very careful if you decide to use that website.
  14. ksloane

    ksloane New Member

    Yep. I've already got my DVR setup to record them each evening in case I'm not home. Oh, and my understanding is that it's not 1 WDW and 1 DL. The winners get to choose....

    from the rules
  15. sirabe76

    sirabe76 New Member

    What is the link for Mary's page and her sweepstakes updates? How to I sign up for her newsletters?
  16. tracydeech

    tracydeech New Member

    Okay. Went to wheels web site- what is a bonus puzzle solution? ( thx for posting this :)
  17. aprilj313

    aprilj313 God Is Good!

    I didnt know about the wheel if fortune one thanks for posting it i guess i spend too much time in school
  18. aiminator

    aiminator New Member

    pixiedust: pixie dust for us trying to figure it out!! After I started changing up the times I entered I thought... oh gee what if today is the day they pick someone who entered at the time I used to enter at ;)
  19. DisneyArmyFam

    DisneyArmyFam New Member

    ONLY 3 MORE DAYS :eek:

    Come on Disney Magic:tink::tink:
  20. sirabe76

    sirabe76 New Member

    maybe I need to change out what time I have been entering to increase my chances
  21. Stitchfans

    Stitchfans <font color=teal>Tres Charming<font color=red><br>

    As just said, time is running out. We need some magic, some dreams come true. All the luck we can get. Come on, lets get some more winners here! :banana::yay:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::jumping1::jumping1::dancer::jumping3::jumping3::jumping2::jumping2:

    There that should do it!!

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