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Discussion in 'Creative DISigns' started by Dee Hill, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. mduncan1

    mduncan1 New Member

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  3. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk New Member

    Apologies Dee, I did mark it as already requested and in red, so had assumed no-one would take it upon themselves to do, as I have with all the rest in that particular thread which have been kindly done by yourselves and others.

    I'll remove, thanks.

  4. yajaira74

    yajaira74 New Member

    EDITED REPOST: (I think I may have been missed, hopefully I didn't miss it :)
    Hoping you can make me these 3 invites for our 1st cruise:

    (1) Princess Invite For Analis Rozo to celebrate her 21st birthday on May 23, 2013 on the Disney Dream 3-night Bahamas Cruise.
    (2) Pirate Minnie Invite for Abigail on May 23, 2013 on the Disney Dream 3-night Bahamas Cruise.
    (3) Disney Cruise Characters for Andrea on May 23, 2013 on the Disney Dream 3-night Bahamas Cruise.

    Thank you,
    Yajaira (Very Excited Mom)
  5. honkytonkmama

    honkytonkmama New Member

    You rock so much!!!! Thank you!
  6. rosermama

    rosermama New Member

    Dee per your request I have updated the links. I am super sorry about all the back and forth on this and hope that I haven't been too much trouble.

    I was wondering if you could make me something that has Mickey on it and is for a 1st visit to WDW for Hudson.

    Like this one:

    But maybe change it to say: I just heard the great news and am so excited to hear you are coming to Walt Disney World for your 1st visit and to celebrate your 8th birthday! I am really looking forward to seeing you! You are going to have a blast!

    Also can I get a return visit/ Happy Birthday for Hailey with the princesses
    Like this one:

    But change it to her 5th Birthday
  7. Allaboutamouse

    Allaboutamouse New Member

    Hi Dee! I am in the middle of planning a return trip for this September. Can you do a binder and spine cover whenever you get a minute? I would like the blue design with the Castle in the background and all the characters surrounding. I would need it to read:

    The Brown Family Vacation
    September 2013
    Walt Disney World

    Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    Let me know if anything needs changed.
  9. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    Purple didn't look good on the mixed character one, so I stuck with blue. Let me know if anything needs changed.
  10. inda2681

    inda2681 New Member

    Those are lovely Dee. Thanks a lot for your time! :goodvibes
  11. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

  12. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    Let me know if anything needs changed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    I got it this time! :) Let me know if anything needs changed.

  14. Allaboutamouse

    Allaboutamouse New Member

    Wow! Thanks for doing this so fast!!! Looks perfect! Hope you don't mind if I come back closer to our trip for some letters. You did some for a good friend and they were very cute! :) Have a good week!
  15. MnNsmom

    MnNsmom New Member

    Hi Dee, your work is awesome. I have a few requests if you have the time. We don't leave until June, so no rush.

    I'm planning to do 5x7 autograph books for my boys and was hoping you would make their covers, as well as a couple coupons.

    I am a newb, so I cannot post links yet, but the first one is one the first page of your autograph covers on pb. It's called 'generic tyler.' Could you please change Tyler to Matthew?

    The next one is also the next one on your photobucket. Could you please change Danish to Nolan and DL paris to Disney World?

    If you have the time, I would love to have coupons for a treat at Goofy's candy for Matthew and Nolan.

  16. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. :) There are a lot of letters and many of them I have to make from scratch. My plan is to start working on some tomorrow. I will post them as I complete them. I can't work on all of yours all at once, because it is going to take me a long time. I know this is a little inconvenient for you. I am sorry, but I am afraid I will forget to post something if I wait to post them all at once. Thank you for giving me until September. Hopefully, it won't take me that long. :goodvibes
  17. cadisneyagent

    cadisneyagent Lives at Disneyland and vacations at Disneyworld

    No rush because we aren't going until sept 8
    But it is my mom and son's first time to WDW. We are doing a lot.
    Stephen Hayes is his name. We go to Disneyland all the time so something more WDW would be great. I have a huge list don't feel obligated to do it all.

    Autograph book cover

    Cover for our photo album "Hayes Family First Trip" for this one Some how have the date we are going too Sept 8-21, 2013

    Announcement to him that he will be going to Disney from Sept 9-21

    Sept 9 we are doing the Fanasmic dinner

    Sept 10 8:05 am Tusker House

    Sept 11 Agent P inviting him to do the Epcot missions. We are doing Le Cellier that night but I know he won't care about that place.

    Sept 12 8:00 pm Spirit of Aloha Dinner (Can I get a second one for my mom Betty for
    this one, it is really for her, it was her favorite show at DL, long time ago)

    Sept 13 t-rex 5 pm (he also loves arcades and we are doing Disney Quest that day?)

    Sept 14 Mickey BBQ 6:30

    Sept 16 Chrystal Palace 8:35 am

    Sept 16 Pirate League (I loved the mickey pirate one you did for another mom) 3:00 pm

    Sept 16 Pirate and Pals fireworks (I forgot to write down the time, I know we are doing alot that day. This one if Captain hook and smee can be on it, and comment about how my son will be in a captain hooks outfit would be great!)

    Sept 17 Garden Grill 6 pm (can chip and dale be on it and can I get one, I LOVE THEM my name is Rachel)

    Ok I think that is it.

    Thank You SOOOO MUCH
  18. mom2kaj

    mom2kaj New Member

    Love them! Thank you so much! Could you make a couple minor changes if possible. On the mixed characters do you think a darker pink (magentaish color) would look good for both the border and the writing? It might accent the pink in the sky; just looking for something a little more girly as my daughter loves pink or purple. Also can I change the size on these myself? I'm thinking I might just do a 5X7 book instead of 8x8. Thanks again!
  19. Lazor460

    Lazor460 New Member

    Hi Dee!!
    No problem at all! I really apprciate all of your time you donate! Whenever you get them done is fine! I know there is alot, I didnt expect them right away. I just like to plan ahead :) I really appreciate you keeping me informed!

    Leslie :goodvibes
  20. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    I am able to make the changes, but need for you to be certain as to what you want before I make changes. I worked for several hours on the Mickey cover and several more hours on the Lilo and Stitch one. I was able to convert the other 2 in about an hour total. My autograph covers are standard 5x7, but you requested 8x8. You cannot size them down and keep the proportions correct. Please let me know what changes you want once you are certain about those changes.
  21. Dee Hill

    Dee Hill New Member

    Welcome to the DISboard! :) I will start working on these soon. Since there are so many, I will post them as I finish them, not in one large post. Also, since you are new I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the no double post rule. Don't worry,you haven't broken it. :) Just please don't duplicate your request(s) on another thread. If you want another DISigner to make something you mentioned above, please update this post and post a reply here to let me know. (I generally don't go back to the orginal post once I read it.) Then make the request on the other DISigner's thread.

    First three requests: do you have specific characters/themes you want? How large is the photo album?

    I may take me a while to get all the letters done. :goodvibes
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