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Confirmed- Lights Cars Action Closing

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by disneyma, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. disneyma

    disneyma Can't wait to get back to DVC and Disney....

    Heard from a fellow CM that all cast members related to this attraction have been pink slipped. They will be turning this attractions into Star Wars Land
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  3. darnheather

    darnheather New Member

    Saw this in Paris and really liked it, was looking forward to seeing it again. Will keep hoping until I see something official.
  4. twebber55

    twebber55 New Member

    works for me hope its true...only issue is if it goes back there its in a different place than star tours
  5. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 New Member

    The term pink slip here makes this sound shady. Technicians/Costuming/Operational CMs would be reabsorbed into Disney and would not lose their jobs. Many of the stunt performers are trained elsewhere on property and would also maintain their employment. The only people who would be potentially fired are Performers who are not trained anywhere else on property, Disney would buy them out of their contracts.

    This is also not standard Disney practice, they typically have a leader announcement first for those affected by a closing and then would announce it to the hourly cast.

    Just announcement seems inconsistent with Disney's procedures.
  6. DPCummerbund

    DPCummerbund New Member

    Whatever Disney decides to do with their Star Wars IP at WDW, I sure hope it's very large in scale - if not a 5th gate, than at least a large land. I just don't see how the closing of one attraction would make room for this.
  7. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    This has been rumored for awhile now, although the rumor is that Carsland will be taking that spot:confused3
  8. Minerva Mouse

    Minerva Mouse <font color=deeppink>You miss 100% of the shots yo

    Well, if it is true, I say bummer. This isn't really an attraction I visit over and over again, but it's an attraction worthy of visiting. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, I prefer the smell of burning rubber, lol.
  9. DHS needs major attention asap so this is great news if true. Its a very boring place with only a few attractions there worth the time.
  10. Gumbo4x4

    Gumbo4x4 <font color=blue>Note to the ladies who forgot to

    This - enjoyed LMA and have ZERO interest in anything Star Wars. Just gives me another excuse to possibly skip this park completely next trip.
  11. momof2n2

    momof2n2 New Member

  12. Mickeywdw1254

    Mickeywdw1254 New Member

    Be ready for lockedoutlogic to call you out and tell you that you don't know what you are taking about. I do believe that some changes might be coming to LMA or the backlot tour in the form of expanded Star Wars land or a variation of Cars land but unless you are relatives of Iger or Staggs some on here will just tell you that you are wrong while not contributing anything useful themselves.
  13. Echo7Solo

    Echo7Solo New Member

    I know I would love Star Wars land, my kids would love Star Wars land. If other people will "skip the park" then that just makes room for the more people who would want to see more Star Wars.

    Disney doesn't do many things wrong. If somebody doesn't want to see a Star Wars land or an Avatar land thent hey should move on and allow other people to enjoy. I'm not a huge Avatar fan but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and might even change my outlook on the film after see what Disney can do with it.

    Bottom line is regardless of what they do Disney will put the most effort into it and make it enjoyable for everybody in my home.
  14. lthiesfeld07

    lthiesfeld07 New Member

    I would rather have Star Wars Land than CarsLand. Keep CarsLand in Disneyland! :)

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  15. beer dave

    beer dave There are 10 kinds of people in the world-- those

    My sentiments exactly.
  16. laceyinwonderland

    laceyinwonderland New Member

    I wonder how fast it would happen if it did. We've never seen LMA, so should we make it a must do in november?
  17. anthony2k7

    anthony2k7 New Member

    I'm starting to worry about the future of Muppets 3D and everything else in that area. If they're going for a big project and it is Star wars land then that little area is surely in the way to link Star tours up with the new stuff.
  18. twebber55

    twebber55 New Member

    very true...good point
  19. amyp00

    amyp00 New Member

    I know my husband and son will be the first ones to visit anything Star Wars related...It is very popular and I can only imagine Disney will make it something magical..
  20. anthony2k7

    anthony2k7 New Member

    unless its the new york streets that are under threat - suppose it could be as it doesnt exactly help keep people in the park or make any money other than for the Osborne Family Spectacle does it?
  21. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    Star Wars will bring in mobs like nothing seen in a while. At least like nothing at WDW.

    I think that this would be a great decision. Just please keep the Muppets!

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