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Castaway Cay 5K First Timer Support Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Wendy&Grumpy, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. MagicRat

    MagicRat Member

    I have always hated running (or my version of it) and was hoping to do CC5K as my goal this past May. I started trying to mix the elliptical with the treadmill (doing Couch to 5K) and was ok on the elliptical, but having a hard time with my legs on the treadmill. Due to fear of injury, I gave up and just stuck with the elliptical. Anyway, after a few months I worked my way up to about an hour on the elliptical and decided "even if I just jog at 4 MPH or so I should be able to do a 5K in 45 mins." So I got back on the treadmill about 2 weeks before the cruise and was able to do almost 4 miles!!! I was very excited and did the CC5K-

    Now for that experience (and this is only my own observations)- even with it being completely flat, the CC5K was much harder than running on the treadmill. I think part of that was adrenaline and I didn't pace myself, but after probably 1.5 miles, I needed to stop to walk a bit. I'm sure some of this had to do with the heat/humidity, although I didn't feel like I was feeling that too badly. Also, even with being able to do the elliptical for an hour and run 4 miles on the treadmill, my legs were really hurting for the rest of the cruise- not debilitating, but enough so that every time I sat down I remembered the CC5K.

    Also, a lot of people said there were a lot of walkers. We had about 40 people my day and I was far and away dead last while not walking all that much. Add to that that I got lost toward the end and added on probably a good quarter mile and I wound up finishing in about 46 minutes (which I didn't think was that bad) but they had already left. I had to get my medal and cert. from guest services :guilty:

    All in all though, it was worth it. I still do the elliptical regularly and will start training for our May cruise CC5K in late March or early April.
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  3. DitkaFan

    DitkaFan Member

    I just finished a work sponsored 5k. I am only on week 3 of my couch to 5k program, but I finished the 5k in just under 40 minutes with a 5 minute warmup walk and then alternating jogging and walking. I wanted to share as I am very proud of myself. Before today, I hadn't "run" a 5k since highschool. I am very much looking forward to my next work sponsored 5k in December and the the Castaway Cay 5k in February :)
  4. capshockeygrl

    capshockeygrl Member

  5. I have to share...
    I'm on week 7 of C25K. Decided to run outside today instead of on the treadmill, since its a balmy 6C today and only going to get colder. I've been running 2.5 miles in 35 mins on the treadmill.
    Today I ran 5K in 36 minutes pushing DS2 (42lbs) in the jogging stroller!
    This is amazing! I'm so glad I have CC5K to motivate me :cool1:
  6. Hollywood Glitter

    Hollywood Glitter Active Member

  7. DenverVal

    DenverVal Active Member

    Running on an elliptical or a treadmill is different than running on the ground; there is less resistance on the machines. The treadmill is closer to pavement than the elliptical, but yes, working out on an elliptical or treadmill is a "step in the right direction". Aim for more than a casual walk effort. I would recommend that you get out and walk or jog a few miles on pavement or trail once or twice a week so you get used to it. Put the kids in a stroller or a wagon, or have them accompany you on their bikes, make it a family activity.

    Walking at 3.5 miles per hour will have you finishing in about 53 minutes. Walking at 4 miles per hour, pretty brisk but still walking, will have you finishing in 46 minutes. If you jog a bit as well, you'll finish in less time. Songs that have a 4 mph beat include Glad You Came (The Wanted), What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction), Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen), Last Friday Night (I like the Glee version) Tonight, Tonight (Hot Chelle Rae), Firework (Katy Perry), Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice), Bust A Move (Glee again), Don't Stop Believin' (Journey), etc. If you have a tween girl, she'll be happy with the choice of music. ;) Well, maybe not all of it.

    If you have a smart phone, download one of the running apps - I use Nike running - and it will keep track of your pace, your route, and your distance. Just have fun. You will finish.
  8. Thanks for the tips! I definitely plan on trying to get out & run. I have a C25K app on my phone and I plan on trying to get thru it. It's a 9 week app & I just happen to have 9 weeks till we leave :) I don't have any good running music so I'm going to download the songs you mentioned and that should help.

    We did a 5k walk for a charity last month, and with only walking while keeping my 9 yr old son & 10 yr old niece with me, I was finished in just under an hour. My goal is to try & do the 5k in 45 mins or less :)
  9. Bareacuda

    Bareacuda Active Member

    Hubby and I did the CC5K last September. Fun.. yes... Hot !! Oh Yeah !

    This wasn't our first 5k, our first CC5K. Hubby has Parkinson's and walked almost all of it, we walked abit faster when he could,
    done in 1 hr.1min. Im so proud of him!
    And we had our own pep squad, DD and DSIL at the end, along with 3 Castmembers walking with us the last half of the run.

    If we can do it...anyone can !!!

  10. That's awesome!! I do have to say, I'm glad we are cruising in Jan & it hopefully shouldn't be too hot :)
  11. DitkaFan

    DitkaFan Member

  12. Kimbo71

    Kimbo71 Member

    Trying the C25K program in order to run the CC 5K in Feb. I finished week 3, & had a setback because I was soooo very sick last week. Think I'll try week 3 again next week. :cool1:
  13. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Best thing I did for myself was to repeat C25K weeks as needed. Week 4, especially, was something I had to repeat. And now I'm doing the program again, but this time with *distance* instead of just time. (I'm doing the free one on coolrunning)

    They are definitely different! I've started to use "altitude" on the machine. On the Precor at my gym I put it on .5 so there's a little bit more going on than just running flat. (or, as I've read, running on a flat treadmill is almost like running slightly downhill on pavement)

    But despite not going outside to run very often, when I do, my legs get used to the feeling fairly quickly. It's definitely more taxing, but it's OK.

    Just noticed you were talking about the elliptical. While I did the elliptical for quite awhile before feeling comfortable and safe to try to run on the treadmill, and while I do often use the elliptical on my days off of running AND to keep my heart/lungs in shape, I'm not sure if I consider it to be training for running. I'm sure it will help with the cardio system, but your legs might feel the run a bit more if you don't get the running time in. But, you know...DH was 3 weeks into his C25K program and we did a 5K at my university's Homecoming...took him just under an hour, but he did it! And that's without the elliptical, and just 3 weeks of the program, though he does *walk* a lot.

    Honestly I'm more worried about possible problems with *heat* on the Cay than I am about the pavement! (thank goodness I'm going in Feb)
  14. honeymo78

    honeymo78 Don't dream it, be it

    This sounds like me. Next week I'll be repeating week 3. Hopefully I'll still make it through intone for our Jan 10 cruise.
  15. tn4mickey

    tn4mickey Member

    DH and I are planning to do our first 5k on CC during podcast cruise 4.0. We started going to the gym in June and generally trying to get more fit. I've enjoyed reading this thread as it's given me courage to try this race. I'm not very concerned with time though would like to finish in 45 minutes or less. We live about 2 miles from Furman University (beautiful campus btw) and ran/walked the 5k course they have marked off last weekend. I had to walk a good bit and held up DH, I'm sure, but we finished in 40 minutes (the course has many hills eek!!) but it gave me more confidence that we'll be able to do this. Thanks for all the input!
  16. Hollywood Glitter

    Hollywood Glitter Active Member

    Thank you for the inspiration!:thumbsup2
  17. SurfBug79

    SurfBug79 Member

    I am all about doing the Run Disney races, too! Good luck to you! ;) To qualify for the coast to coast, I believe both of the races have to be a half or full marathon. :thumbsup2
  18. Just thought I'd let you all know that since you answered my elliptical questions, you have all inspired me to get out and run! Have only done 2 days so far on my C25K program, but I'm optimistic. Hopefully I will be running my first 5K in January :goodvibes
  19. MatthewsMommy

    MatthewsMommy Member

    Are you on the 2/16 Fantasy? I'm on that cruise as well and still thinking about doing the CC5K.

    I'm running on the treadmill and am down to an 11 min mile. Running my first 5K this Sat!
  20. Missypyxi

    Missypyxi Member

    Nope! 2/14 Dream! I just started running 2 months ago and I'm down to an 11:30 mile now. So excited to run on the island for my first 5k!
  21. LessMouse

    LessMouse Member

    Hey neighbor

    I too live in the upstate (Spartanburg). Ever thought about about doing the Greenville mud run ? It's about the distance of 5k. I personally find running boring at times. So I do the obstacle runs to keep things more interesting .

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