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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by Disneyforus, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. am12pm

    am12pm New Member

    Hello! I've been waiting to hear from the person before me (Bdlbls) and have failed to contact you yet in hopes that I hear from them. I'll be actually arriving on Thursday so I will be in touch to let you know. I was in touch with (amyblbls) who said that she just left the screen name "Bdlbls" on the tub. We shall see...but I will be in touch ottawafamilyof4.
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  3. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    Ok, so sounds like at the minimum you will just ask for the bin with Bdlbls on it, unless you hear from them and you give them your name. Go ahead and share contact with the person after you and if we need to skip kwhite then just prepare to do that.
  4. ottawafamilyof4

    ottawafamilyof4 New Member

    Got am12pm's message and have kwithers's name so we should be good if need to skip.
  5. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    Perfect, thanks for getting it all figured out.:thumbsup2
  6. linn9431

    linn9431 New Member

    Does anyone know what name is on bin 2 right now? I have it this Saturday and cannot get ahold of any before me including daisy'smama. Any info or help from anyone that has had this happen before. What should I tell bc if they do have the bin and my name is not on it?
  7. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    I am going to be quite surprised if the bin is even in storage. I have made multiple attempts to reach the previous DISers who were supposed to be involved with the bin and have had no communication.

    I am afraid that Bin #2 is no longer.:confused:

    But, on the outside chance that someone at least returned the bin, even if they didn't know a name....this is what I would do:

    Go to the bell stand at guest services and say, "I have a red rubbermaid bin with bright green Mickeymouses on it waiting for me in storage, would you be able to get it? " and leave it at that. They may not even confirm your name...that is the only thing you really can do at this point.

    We may need to have someone start a new bin:headache:
    It's such a bummer when this happens...sorry everyone :sad2:
  8. nancy155

    nancy155 New Member

    This is truly sad... I hope the bin is found!

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  9. TheDisney6

    TheDisney6 New Member

    linn9431 Have you tried email messages in addition to PM?:confused3
    Hope it is there......So sad if it is not. :grouphug:
  10. TheDisney6

    TheDisney6 New Member

    Disregard, I did not realize that not everybody has email as a contact option.
    I see now that is prolly not an option for any of the earlier bin #2 peeps.
  11. linn9431

    linn9431 New Member

    Leaving tomorrow for Disney and I'll let all of you know the status of Bin 2. Wish me luck.:)
  12. ambiancetc

    ambiancetc New Member

    Hi! We're staying at WBC from 4/19-5/3 I see that the Green bin might be available for our first week? I'd like to sign up for it. I'll be sure to leave some treats in it for the next guest even though we won't be checking out yet. I'd also like to know which bin I could leave stuff on May 4th. Someone PM me please :)
  13. TheDisney6

    TheDisney6 New Member

    Best of luck with bin #2.:littleangel:
    Have wonderful time and enjoy your vacation!:beach:
  14. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    I just got a PM from DaisysMamma...they had a horrible trip, got side tracked with issues and never picked up the bin...so I have asked her to send me the name that is on the bin and I will PM you with it ASAP.:)

    Maybe you will have retrieved without needing the name ????:thumbsup2
  15. TheDisney6

    TheDisney6 New Member

    Sorry to hear that Daisysmamma had a a less then awesome trip.:o
    Hope they get to go again soon and have a great time.

    Very glad to hear that bin#2 has likely been found.:goodvibes
  16. linn9431

    linn9431 New Member

    Tonight I asked the bellhop if there was a red bin in storage for me and he took me into the area where they keep the luggage and bin 1 was there but no sign of bin 2. so I think it is safe to say that bin 2 no longer exist. :worried:
  17. TheDisney6

    TheDisney6 New Member

    Well shucks, that is a bummer. Thanks so much to linn9431 and Disneyforus for all you did to attempt to locate bin#2 ::yes::

    I say onward and upward. pixiedust:
    I might be able to purchase a bin when I am there, at the very least I will bring a cloth grocery type bag, to put our non-perishables in. I have Mommyofthreeboys (who is on the list after me) info and will leave that for them when we go. And we will restart this puppy!:dogdance:
    Hooray for a new bin/box/bag #2
  18. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    So sorry, but thanks for all the leg work and checking for it.
    We will try and keep it going. If you have the name of the DISer afte you, I would go ahead and package up anything you have left and leave it for them as planned. Don't know if you have a car or are able to purchase a bin, if not...we will get someone to get a new one started.

    Enjoy your trip!!!

    Thanks for your positive perspective! We have lost a few bins on the way, and have managed to restart without too much problem. I purchased that bin last May, so it had a good run!!

    Keep exchanging contact info everyone, and we will get a new bin started ASAP!!
  19. Disneyforus

    Disneyforus Lover of all things Disney

    Sorry I missed your post in all the craziness with the other bin. I have you down for Bin #1 4/19-4/27....when you exchange contact info you might just want to coordinate a face to face exchange with bkoz and keep the bin from going to storage...if you and them are both comfortable with that.

    With your extra items you have after you turn over the bin, there are donation boxes in the lobbies of each of the towers that you can turn in non-perishable items and they are donated to a local shelter.

    HTH, and enjoy your vacation!!:cool1:
  20. ambiancetc

    ambiancetc New Member

    Wonderful thank you! I wouldn't mind a face to face :) I'll be sure to contact everyone well ahead of time!
  21. skylizard

    skylizard New Member

    Can you put me down for bin #2? I'll be checking in 11/15 and out 11/24 :woohoo:

    And there'll be a AAA parking pass for whoever is after me :rolleyes1

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