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Big Announcement Coming

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by parkhopping, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. SFreelove

    SFreelove New Member

    I think it's pretty safe to say it's probably going to be CarsLand at HS!! :)
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  3. dcibrando

    dcibrando New Member

    and/or DTD - maybe both ;)
  4. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic New Member

    Define "safe"?
  5. MrsDuck

    MrsDuck New Member

    Wasn't there a rumor not too long ago that CarsLand was going in at DHS that was "totally happening" according to many blogs? Ultimately, nothing was announced...
  6. bgraham34

    bgraham34 Wilderness Lodger

    I would not get my hopes up for any big news. It could just be an announcement to talk about Magicbands.
  7. Cogswel_Cogs

    Cogswel_Cogs New Member

    I never understood the allure of a Carsland.

    If I was Disney I would have more considered opennig a Monster INc. Land.
    You'd' have more ability to interact _ Castmembers etc.

    There a number of things you could have made(laugh floor etc)

    Real monsters in the our world

    Door travel ride virtual where you are being chased and enter doorways to escape, being virtual they could have the ride change each time depending what doors you go through.
  8. jamarmiller

    jamarmiller New Member

    Marvel Land coming to Hong Kong !
  9. the who #3

    the who #3 New Member

    i love hs but agree that it can use something new. ;) toy story is such a big hit that no one can get near it. they need another one of those. maybe a roller coster that is not cork/screw. or a new water flume ride. wow, that would be a great addition.:goodvibes

    i wonder how much unused land wdw has at hs???:scratchin
  10. mcd2745

    mcd2745 You're only young once, but you have your whole li

    Pretty much zero.
  11. CelticHattress

    CelticHattress New Member

    To bad they can't close and remodel the meet and greet area across from
    TSM to create a second TSM. Kinda like the dual flying dumbos in the new Fantasyland. Two rides would free up a lot of traffic plus it would easier to move a meet and greet.

  12. Q-man

    Q-man New Member

    They could remove the south half of the parking lot and build a replacement lot in the area between the present north half lot and Victory Way and build on the present south half of the parking lot. That would also require moving the present main parking entrance.

    EDIT- Looking at it closer, just moving the DHS entrance road and toll plaza frees up plenty of space to expand.

  13. USS Disney

    USS Disney Military Mouse

    WHAT?! Carsland is absolutely amazing! Every little thing immerses you in the world of Cars. It is by far the best "themed" land in California. Tons of interaction available as full size Lightning Mcqueen, Mater, the firetruck and even the Hot Rods from the first movie, all drive out and pose for pictures. Moving Big eye windshields and everything.

    This land is worth a Trip to DLR all by itslef. And you may have to spend your whole trip there to ride anything due to its insane popularity! I don't know if they will build it in Florida though because it was reportedly the most expensive land Disney has ever done. I think they will leave it unique to DLR.

    Maybe WDW could do an Incredibles ride?! I loved that movie and think an indiana jones type ride where Syndromes robot is chasing you throughout the city as the incredibles try to stop it, would be FANTASTIC!
  14. tlkgt76

    tlkgt76 "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

    Carsland is one of the major reasons I would like to travel to California for our next trip. It sounded super fun to me!
  15. darby01_2007

    darby01_2007 Hskpg Coordinator

    DTD is going to have a major transformation coming! Disney Springs
  16. Disneytwinsmom

    Disneytwinsmom New Member

    My son who is 4 wouldlove Carsland! We are planning on going to Disneyland when he is 6, just to see that!
  17. mssong85

    mssong85 New Member

    I wish! :thumbsup2 I just made my daughter an Ortensia shirt for our upcoming trip even though we know there will be nothing there.
  18. AmyB2006

    AmyB2006 I'd rather be in Disney!

    Agreed. I don't think they would build a duplicate at WDW (or similar even) for this very reason.

    They'd be better off to build something themed with Toy Story or Monsters like pp mentioned. I vote for Toy Story. The kids LOVE TS. LOL
  19. rteetz

    rteetz New Member

    I completely agree each park needs to have there own unique things therefor putting Carsland at WDW would not be fair to Disneyland so i think they need to build something completely different. I would love to see another Pixar movie such as Monsters Inc. or Toy story. Toy story was such a hit for disney I'm surprised they haven't built a whole section on that yet.
  20. Taramcc73

    Taramcc73 New Member

    I heard StarWars Land is coming...this is why they cancelled Pixar Parade and Disney Channel Rocks to make more room for it. Also, DTD of course with Disney Springs!
  21. DanBoris

    DanBoris New Member

    If WDW people decide to take a trip to Disneyland the majority of them would probably just trade a WDW trip for a Disneyland one so in the end Disney Company still gets thier money no matter which park they go to.

    Star Wars land is still just a rumor.

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