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[b]june 1, 2013 magic med 7 day[/b]

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by valbob89, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. JustAnnieNotHazel

    JustAnnieNotHazel Are we there yet?

    I know what other people have done is buy two and then cut one of the pockets off and attach onto bottom of the other one. :)
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  3. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member

    Here is my Flicker account link
    I've also put them out on VistaPrint under an account established for our group
    e-mail: jmedcruise@yahoo.com
    password: June1,2013
    remove all from cart, select images from account portfoliodo, NOT save pay info
  4. MickeyWatch

    MickeyWatch New Member

    My daughter is turning 13 the first day of the cruise. She will love having some new friends to hang out with on the cruise.
  5. ramadden13

    ramadden13 New Member

    Hello! New user here. I was searching for just this kind of online meeting place for cruisers and am happy to find this thread. My family and I will be doing this cruise and we're all very excited.

    My name is Ryan, and I am 23. I am cruising with my sister, 20, and parents, 53. This will be the family's 5th Disney cruise, and we can't wait to experience Europe this way.

    I am very pleased to meet all of you and hope your cruise planning is going well! ~ Ryan
  6. heathervincent

    heathervincent New Member

    Welcome Ryan!
  7. JustAnnieNotHazel

    JustAnnieNotHazel Are we there yet?

    Welcome Ryan :)

    Just a reminder to let everyone know that is taking part in the Fish Extender exchange and you haven't seen the post on Facebook, I've put together the spreadsheet, but as we are currently at 25 cabins I'm going to wait a little bit longer before splitting into groups as we may need to adjust the size of groups if no one else signs up. But then saying that we still have plenty of time until the cut off :)

    Also, so far we have 5 cabins signed up for the Secret Mickey gift exchange so that will definitely go ahead, please feel free to pm if you would like to take part. The details are a couple of pages back :)
  8. Evad

    Evad Our Greatest Natural Resource Is The Minds Of Our

    Thank you very much Val!! :thumbsup2

    I did go to the Vistaprint site but maybe it's just me but I couldn't find a way there to save the pics.
  9. Evad

    Evad Our Greatest Natural Resource Is The Minds Of Our

    Welcome Ryan!! Glad you found us! :thumbsup2
  10. ramadden13

    ramadden13 New Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! I signed my family up for excursions last night, but if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to listen.

    Also if there are any people with college or young adult cruisers in their party my sister and I would love to connect.
  11. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member

    What were you trying to do on the Vistaprint site? I'll be happy to try and help. Feel free to send me an e-mail. Where are you located? We could also talk on the phone or by Skype, if need be.

  12. F2superstar

    F2superstar New Member


    You could buy two and cut one of the pockets and sew it on, but the pockets on the Ikea ones are quite deep and roomy, I'm sure they would suffice.

  13. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member


    out on flicker and vistaprints
  14. ramadden13

    ramadden13 New Member

    Today my mom, sister, and I decided to do the EBTA instead of flying over to Barcelona. We love sea days so the rather bland itinerary isn't a problem for us. Anyone else doing this option or done an EBTA before and can comment on it? I really need to set down the time to read through this whole thread, feel like I'm jumping very late into the party.
  15. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 New Member

    Hi there :goodvibes

    Is anyone on this cruise also traveling with a preschool age girl? My DD is 4 and we would love to meet someone briefly on the first sea day (even just to say hi) so that she can "know" a friend in the Club. princess: Maybe we can arrange an introduction of the kids while waiting in line for a character on the 1st sea day?
  16. goofs

    goofs New Member

    Oddly enough, my db went to ikea and he picked me 2 up. Im going to see what i can do with it :)
  17. F2superstar

    F2superstar New Member

    That's great.
  18. MickeyWatch

    MickeyWatch New Member

    Is anyone else doing the Adventures By Disney Med Cruise add on for this trip? My daughter and I got the last two spots when we booked last week.
  19. MickeyWatch

    MickeyWatch New Member

    I just booked this cruise and the ABD add on. My daughter and I did the ABD Backstage Magic tour in LA/Disneyland this past summer. It was fantastic and it was one of the reasons that we are going on our second Disney Med cruise so that we can experience the ABD portion of the trip.
  20. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member

    We are signed-up for the ABD too. Look forward to meeting you Val & Bob
  21. WVMD

    WVMD <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I didn't think it was worth the cost... I love ABD, but didn't think that the value was there for what was offered.... I thought that the signature level excursions that we did last time on the Med were more than adequate...


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